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On article Serious speed: Sony a9 real world samples gallery (466 comments in total)
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RubberDials: It takes 36 SECONDS to clear a full buffer, not 3 minutes.

Max Yurev timed it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ztcf_6sp-Kg 4.00 minutes in.

36 Seconds for a full buffer of 241raw at 24mp to clear completely.

No other camera in existence can even shoot 20fps FF raw at 24mp so the result is academic anyway.

The D5 & 1DX II are in a leage of their own. Sony is trying to gate crash this party with extraordinary marketing hype. 20 FPS sounds good on paper... but if the IQ of these test samples is representative of the final product - then Sony's hopes of cashing in on this lucrative market will be done and dusted before they ever got started. DXO throws out some vague numbers , which you blindly believe... Not one practical / real world test provided to substantiate their baseless allegations. This camera will more likely be popular with enthusiasts - not pros.

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On article Serious speed: Sony a9 real world samples gallery (466 comments in total)
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maljo@inreach.com: Terrific images!

If it was a sports oriented point and shoot camera then I'd definitely agree with you. The images are bland... hardly any fine detail... and focus is okay but nothing we haven't seen generations before... Considering all the tech marketing hype... this is quite a let down.

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Josh Leavitt: Would have been awesome in 2009

And aside from the omission of 4K video - you don't think this is a great camera for 2017...? I'm wondering whether even 18 - 20X optical zoom was available back in 2009. Canon's IQ especially in this segment of camera's , is the best.

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Fujica: This is the camera that does not provide me anything better then my phone. For $399,- I can buy myself a smartphone that can do more then taking images.

This is nothing more then a showcase camera to let people know that Canon did not yet abandoned this market. Even though this is a dead horse.

* "40x zoom with a crappy sensor still makes lousy moonshots" *

The sensor is good... Probably the equivilent of the XZs / Premium minus the DRAM... So what if its small... You still get respectable IQ all the way up to the highest sensitvity... and besides you're buying this for the 40X zoom... Plus the sensor is still bigger than pretty much every smartphone sensor on the market... with the exception of say a Pixel & Nexus.

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h2k: Great, it's a no brainer - no buy.

For one-handed usage I want a 4.7", but with the best camera. S8 are impractical.

4.7" is a relic of a bygone era...... 5.7 - 6.2 will probably be the mainstay for some years to come. No company wants to regress... everything only gets bigger and better. If 4.7" is your idea of visual perfection, then stick with Apple... because Samsung, LG, Sony and all the Chinese companies will never embrace such a small screen size.

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On article Huawei P10 scores highly in DxOMark Mobile testing (52 comments in total)
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SergioMO: LG G6 wins ! Take a look ... http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_p10_vs_lg_g6_shootout-review-1585p3.php

The LG G6 is definitely one step ahead of the P10 .... Superior low light images and better detail even in daylight. Unfortunately the P10 is practically the same as the P9 as far as IQ is concerned... maybe a fraction worse extremely critically speaking...

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On article Nikon D5600 review: making connectivity a snap? (346 comments in total)
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AKH: Many really good images. Great camera.

In terms of sheer bang for your buck - agreed, the D5600 is the better option. But there is a clear difference in image quality - especially low light IQ - even using the comparison tool here or over at imaging resource - its clear that the A6500 is the king... both in JPEG and to a lesser extent in RAW... followed closely by the X-T 2. I used to think that the D7200 offered some of the best IQ for an APS-C cam - but alas that perception was short lived...

Regarding lenses... doesn't the 35 mm F1.8 OSS , 16–70 mm F4 ZA OSS & 18–200 mm F3.5–6.3 OSS pretty much take care of all ones basic requirements...?

This notion that Nikon's midrange tier AF is that good is more hype rather than fact... If I'm not mistaken this 39 point module dates back to 2009 / 10 and was considered mediocre more often than not...

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On article Nikon D5600 review: making connectivity a snap? (346 comments in total)
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AKH: Many really good images. Great camera.

But when you do a comparison with the cutting edge A6500 & the X-T 2 you see the difference between class leaders and run of the mill annual refreshments...

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(unknown member): no 4k display,
only 4gb ram,
no radio,
no 5000 mah battery
no 512 gb storage
camera should be 20 mp with 4k 60fps

Fail of the year

It should more likely be 6 - 8 GB RAM... 3500 & 4000 mah battery respectively for the two models... and the camera seriously needs a change... at least 16 MP with a slightly larger sensor ( 1⁄2" sensor springs to mind) so that pixel size increases to around 1.6 microns... Everything else about the phone is okay...

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On article Buying a second lens: what lens should I buy next? (295 comments in total)
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Aroart: Just a little info.. I tested the Sony rx10m3 against Canon 70-200 2.8 v2 with an 80d and the Sony blew it away in clarity... No, I am not a Sony fan boy... Just want to let people know if your not a pro you just might want to get the Sony and not worry about spending $ on lenses... Dave Dougdale even tested it against a zeiss lense and the rx10m3 was sharpers...

@ Aroart - Sir, the Sony RX10 III uses Carl Zeiss optics... As is clearly marked on the camera itself --- So the question of being sharper than a Zeiss lens isn't really pertinent... Unless offcourse you were comparing it to a Distagon or Apo Planar......?!
Whether it would actually "blow away" an 80D or most modern day APS-C cameras is highly doubtful / debatable... The only thing its got going for it is its longer than most zoom range compressed into its fairly compact body...

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On article Sony Xperia XZ scores 87 in DxOMark Mobile testing (35 comments in total)
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The Name is Bond: Dx0 gave good marks to previous Z Sonys that had flabberghastingly poor IQ that I completely lost confidence in them.

Then they produced their own camera.

Time for dpreview to rethink their 'friendship'?

This 23MP 1/2.3” sensor probably has great potential... Only problem is Sony doesn't know how to exploit it to its maximum potential... sadly I don't think its even been exploited to 50% of its potential under Sony...

Give the same chip to Samsung, Google, Microsoft or even Lenovo owned Motorola and you'll see some stunning IQ

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On article Sony Xperia XZ scores 87 in DxOMark Mobile testing (35 comments in total)
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2eyesee: It really is time for both DXO and DPR to pit smartphone cameras against compact cameras.

DXO need to drop this ridiculous separate scoring system for smartphones and give us a 'real' DXO score. And DPR need to start including smartphones in their standard studio test scene.

Most of the 1/2.3” compact cams have inferior image quality to mid range & high end smartphones utilizing sensors of approximately the same size... Long gone are the days when it was the other way around...

Link | Posted on Dec 24, 2016 at 04:59 UTC

The Mate 9 is behind the iPhone 7 in terms of image quality... Huh... Really... Wonder how many apples were thrown DXO's way for that score...

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Fun 4 all: It has the same size sensor as my phone, but with lower IQ due to the smaller pixel size and smaller F/2.8 lens.
Too bad it can't shoot 4K, 120FPS or 240 FPS video like my phone.

But it does have a giant lens!

You're sure it has lower IQ than your phone...?! If I'm not mistaken it probably uses the same or a variant of the sensor found inside Microsofts Lumia 950 . And that was class leading all the way.

By any chance are you using a Google Pixel or S7 ... Perhaps these are the only two phones are capable of producing better image quality.

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On article Gear of the Year 2016 - Barney's choice: Nikon D500 (217 comments in total)
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ASR45: D500 the beast of 2016. Nothing gets close, well done to Nikon.

marike6 I agree with your assessment regarding lenses. Regarding stabilization... the Sony does come equipped with in built 5-axis stabilization which does go a long way in helping non stabilized lenses...

BUT... you are the man that keeps referring to DXO's scores where image parameters are concerned... And based upon their scores alone the D500 is far from class leading in any category... DPR's gold award is probably more in favor of its AF, build quality and reliability rather than pure image quality...

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On article Gear of the Year 2016 - Barney's choice: Nikon D500 (217 comments in total)
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ASR45: D500 the beast of 2016. Nothing gets close, well done to Nikon.

Doesn't Sony's A6500 equal and exceed the D500 in IQ , AF and hands down in video...?! Mirrorless ILC's are grossly underrated...

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On article Canon EOS M5 real-world sample gallery (240 comments in total)
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Howard: I think these samples confirm what I thought about the M5: it is a good, capable, if unspectacular camera. As a photographic tool it will be sufficient for most purposes, and its main selling point is that it stays within the EOS ecosystem (you can interchange accessories with EOS DSLRs, and use EF lenses with a simple adapter which does not require communication protocol translation, etc.).

Purely by specs, the Sony A6500 is literally 2 generations ahead, but, for most EOS users with significant sunken cost in the system, this is a good entry into MILC.

Two generations "ahead" is pure exaggeration... :) Only video siginificantly exceeds the Canon... IQ for all intents and purposes is pretty much the same... If you honestly believe a $1400 camera will make you a better photograper or enable you to capture better photos... then go ahead and buy the A6500 ... Who knows... Sony could definitely use your business...

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On article Sony Xperia XZ camera review (98 comments in total)

Absolutely atrocious image quality... but pretty much synonymous with all Sony smartphones...

20 MP images look absolutely amazing on phones like Mocrosoft's Lumia 950 / XL ... Its just that Sony's image quality has systematically deteriorated over the years... AND... that useless G lens isn't exactly doing Sony any favors either...

Sony desperately need to fire all people involved with their smartphone camera imaging division and hire anyone else... Since Nikon's laying off 1000 employees - Now would be a opportune moment to capitalize upon it and hire them...!

Even cheap Chinese phone manufacturers put Sony to shame where camera IQ is concerned...!

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On article Nikon D5600 DSLR announced, though not in the US (297 comments in total)
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lensberg: How many more 24 MP cameras does the market need...??!! Nikon's already got about 10 or 11 of them floating around... boring the pants off everybody...

Sony and maybe Panasonic are the only companies that truly innovate and really put forth something exciting nowadays... The rest of the bunch are just same old... same old...

Marike, I agree with your assessment regarding the Nikon 1 - Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Nikon 1 (V 1 / J 1) were introduced around the same time Sony introduced its first RX100 to the world - There's no doubt that they were competitors on many fronts -- But if you look back purely at which model proved to be the predominantly popular camera amongst the masses - then that should leave absolutely no doubt that the RX100 was the undisputed winner... Destroying the J1 / V1 is sheer volume of sales. I'm wondering what Nikon's J6 / V6 models will feature...? Will they finally use Sony's stacked 1" sensors... or will they continue to boycot Sony in the 1" sensor market...? And Nikon seriously need to improve their video specs... Right now they can't even compete with Sony or Panasonic.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (306 comments in total)

I want my Sony RX100 XXX ..... I'm guessing I'll have to wait till 2041 for that bad boy... :)

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