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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (348 comments in total)
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erotavlas: Wow its always Samsung vs Apple? Why not mention the Sony Xperia XZ Premium?? A true smartphone camera, which IMO trumps both these for less money.

Here are some points in favour of Sony Xperia XZ Premium - features that beat both Apple and Samsung latest phones.

- Sony has a 19MP camera which can record more detail and allow more cropping.
- Sony camera app gives users full manual control if needed
- Sony records at 960fps (Apple and Samsung only 240fps)
- Sony has an amazing 4K HDR display ~807ppi pixel density
- Sony has a 13MP front facing camera
- Sony has a head phone jack and can play High Resolution Audio
- Sony has the least bloatware - is closer to stock Android than Samsung
- Sony has dedicated camera button - take a picture without having to unlock the phone or launch the app, a must have IMO for a camera phone.

And iPhone X is not the first to have an HDR display, Sony beat them to it in more ways than one by making a 4K HDR display.

Don't forget to mention the XZ Premium's heavy handed image processing... abysmal low light IQ and average video quality... One has to keep these 3 factors in mind whilst mentioning the XZs & Premium...

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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (348 comments in total)
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ArchiDeos: None of the above.. IMHO, Sony Xperia XZ Premium is my bet. A little bit of small in screen size, but I can live with that. More features and less $ to spent.

Don't drool over the XZ Premium... 1 2\3 sensor is good, but unfortunately Sony is useless at extracting its maximum potential... Image quality is uninspiring... Very very average at best... Video quality is good, but not at Samsung or LG's level... And low light... forget about it altogether... make sure you carry your tripod everywhere and maybe then you'll get some decent images....

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panchorancho: I believe this new GoPro is implementing the new on-sensor die process that allow for faster nanosecond readouts through a variable process. This should boost noise sensitivity allowing for a multi-spectral image in low-light applications! Sony must be scratching their heads falling behind to compete in the action cam market!

That sounds great only in theory... the reality is that they're more than likely using Sony's IMX377 sensor. If you think GoPro is cutting edge in low light & stabilization (optical or electronic) think again...

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Sdaniella: bigger brother to 1"Sensor Sony RX0 ... 24mm ff.equiv fov f/4 (f/12.5)

wish RX1/10/100 series offered multiple exposure modes, too

wider 24mm ff.equiv fov lens for FF RX1R/II ... (not longish 35mm ... poor optically)

Wider 24 mm lens... Couldn't agree more. Considering its housing a 42 MP sensor , do we really need that nonchalant 35 mm lens?!

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Dr_Jon: It has the same numbers for HFR "Sensor Readout Number of effective pixels" as the RX100V (the RX10 III had the numbers as per the RX100 IV) so I'm pretty confident it has the sensor stack from the RX100V.

I could be mistaken, but I think this is a 6th generation 1" sensor. As Sony says - 20.1 MP6. So 1 gen ahead of the sensor found in the RX100 V.

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cosinaphile: while a 28.07 sqmm sensor is still pretty small.. sony is at least using a camera level sensor.
its exceeds by a healthy amount the smaller sensor 15.52 sqmm used by many other makers [you know who you are] unfortunately they are cramming an extra 7 mp reducing the sensor size advantage significantly

so a 12mp sensor spread across 15.52mp is about 1.3 mp per sqmm

whereas 19 mp across 28.07 sqmm comes to about 1.48 mp per sqmm advantage? almost nothing

the great 1 1.7 enthusiast compacts had 10 or 12 mp across 43 sq mm

the fuji imperfect but awesome x30 [ 2\3 type 58 sqmm ]
is 12 strong mp across 58 sq mm... one of the best sensor compromises of all imho
i a robust metal body with a old school manual helicoid zoom [ with af] and the finest evf ever in this class of camera

i want a cellphone without a tiny sensor
or a better sized sensor with not too many mp crammed on it

The Microsoft Lumia 950 packed a 1/2.4 20 MP sensor - And that produced class leading images across the board. At the end of the day it depends upon the quality of the sensor and the level of technology it incorporates. A small example... Huawei uses a 1/2.9 sensor in the P9, P10, Honor 8 & 9 and that produces exceptional image quality - so size isn't everything... everything only gets smaller and better... Other than TV's & phone screens , I don't know what else gets bigger and better.

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (530 comments in total)
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emfor: Some good news from Canon ...
after the 6DII desaster.

All these naysayers act like they're in demand pros... The 6D II is a fine camera... except for the lack of 4K video.

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (530 comments in total)
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kewlguy: Canon knows how to make people stick with its sucking sensors! The 85 is very interesting

Other than you, who says the sensors suck...? If your statement were even remotely true than 95% of the images coming out of Canon cameras would in turn "suck" ... And we both know thats far from true.

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On article Should you upgrade to a Nikon D850? (663 comments in total)
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Imager of: What about compared to iPhone 7plus?

:) ..... In the first place who in their right mind would compare this camera to the likes of an iPhone ... ?! :)

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On article Should you upgrade to a Nikon D850? (663 comments in total)
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Imager of: What about compared to iPhone 7plus?

It may just about equal the IQ of the 7 Plus... But hold your horses... the iPhone 8 is going to blow this sucker away...

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George Veltchev: Expect a big come back from Canon ... in 5 years from now ;)

Hopefully you'll go out any buy this Nikon... if for nothing else, at least to help contribute towards Nikon's success.. financially speaking... Until then Canon will continue to hammer them in sales...

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Microsoft's Lumia 950 / XL is pretty much still the undisputed king of mobile camera's. Even 2 years after its release, nothing comes close to replicating that level of photographic perfection. Foliage rendition, Dynamic range and low light IQ sets it a class apart from any of the flagships on offer today.

BTW: This Nokia 8 is a huge disappointment as far as its camera prowess is concerned... (IMHO)

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Checat: Yhm... So after great success of 6dm2... in 2020 6dm3 will have same sensor, still no 4K and updated af from 90d?

Rub your magic lantern... all your questions will be answered.

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Slapstick Noir: 6DmkII is already delayed - by 5 years. What's new?!
No one would notice. 95% of Canon users are conditioned to buy outdated crap.
So the "high demand" could very much be a real thing.

If nothing else at least one thing is for sure... The 6D II is considerably better than the Nikon D750 in low light high ISO performance.

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mailman88: What happens if the 6D mkII bombs or under performs in the marketplace?

Highly unlikely...

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Robert Holloway: I'm sure many Canon users will be happy. Even my iPhone shoots 4k from a year ago. I left Canon 2 years ago after 35+ years of loving the brand. I still love the lenses and use them. But this introduction is exactly why I switched. Very sad :-(

Whats wrong with the 6D II ...?! Other than the 1080 video...?!

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On article OnePlus 5 camera sample gallery (107 comments in total)
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Andrew Jezierski 192: Actually, samples are very good, especially at ISO 125. Watercolour processing in smartphones is our future and we must actept it. I personally shelved Nokia Lumia 925 and prefer using Nokia 808 as a simple phone with outstanding camera. But I know, it is a dead end.

Wait for the Nokia N9 ... its supposed to come packed with a 24 MP half inch sensor coupled with Zeiss optics... if the rumours are to be believed... Unless they go the dual camera way... which is again rumoured to have two 13 MP sensors...

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On article OnePlus 5 camera sample gallery (107 comments in total)

Seems like even the One Plus 3T had superior image quality. The quality from OP5 is abysmal to say the least. They hyped up the camera prowess to such an extent that nothing short of borderline perfection would do. The sky is laced with the after effects of oversharpening... I could have painted the foliage better given a chance... :) the lens doesn't seem to be consistantly sharp throughout the frame... And low light.. well its okay... nothing to write home about... Damn sure cannot compete with S8 / U11 or even good old Moto Z2 Play ...

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On article Sony a9: more speed, less dynamic range (666 comments in total)
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Dr Blackjack: As expected I guess from the company that effectively makes the D5 sensor. The R series sensors have always been about DR, and a lot of high speed cameras sacrifice low ISO DR for high ISO performance and speed. No free lunch as of yet...

Sony made the D5 sensor...?! I thought Nikon was slowly but systematically reducing its dependence on Sony sensors.

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On article Sony a9: more speed, less dynamic range (666 comments in total)
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chshooter: Be it a sports camera or not. People who want to spend big bucks on a flagship camera expect the best technology and quality in every way. Professional cameras are not just meant for sport but have to be reliable powerhouses that handle everything well. Having the camera fall short of the established competition is a dealbreaker. The once famous Sony dynamic range has now dropped below Canon level. Same happened with the a99II which is even worse than its five year old predecessor.

Dynamic range aside... the high ISO capability of this camera is far from "class leading" ... In fact the A7 RII looks a teeny weeny bit better than this sporting enthusiast...

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