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Darkroom manager and yearbook editor in college, continued with photography as a hobby and occasionally in my job.


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As a backpacker I have to consider before every trip whether to bring my telephoto. A 2-pound 600mm would be an option worth considering. And I'm poor so the price is appealing. I guess I'm the target consumer for these lenses. :-)

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It doesn't look like it would take 30 minutes. You just have to add two fields to the picture's IPTC photo metadata: "Web Statement of Rights" and "Licensor URL." My question is, how do I add these two fields? Adobe Bridge CC 2020 doesn't have these fields.

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azinheira: My Favorite : 6th Place — Kunkovice´s Green by Radoslav Cernicky

But all great photos. Congrats to all Photographers

I like that two of the photos were done with telephoto lenses.

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That's why I haven't upgraded from my a7 Mk I to a II, III, or IV! Not because I'm poor as dirt. :-)

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If I were to count how many of my best pictures were taken with which camera, my RX100 Mark I would likely be tops. I bought two, one for me and one for my girlfriend. It was so easy to carry, pull out of my pocket, and point and shoot with one hand. With the HDR mode it took decent pictures. On the other hand, it could shoot one frame every ten seconds in HDR mode. And the view screen was impossible in bright sunlight. My a7 is a better camera but is more work to get out and set up.

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Was the lake that still or did you use an app that combines multiple photos to get the perfect reflection?

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Could these pictures have been taken ten years ago? Five years ago? My first-generation Sony a7 and 70-300mm focus too slowly for most birds. If a bird is in a tree then it's hard to get it to focus on the bird vs. the branches. And 300mm is too short, you need at least a 600mm lens. Having the right gear is important with birds.

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tdkehoe: I'll pay $1 to everyone likes this comment!

Just kidding. :-) :-) :-)

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I'll pay $1 to everyone likes this comment!

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The Norwegians have a saying, "There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes." Maybe we can adapt that, "There is no bad weather, only the wrong lens." :-)

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bert01: Very nice. How about doing a followup on how well the camera can focus on a distant bird with some leaves in front of it?

It'll be a while until AI can recognize birds, according to xkcd:

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I want to see bird watching pictures. If it can auto focus on a bird in tree branches I'll be amazed.

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Peak freak: I call it 'Instadamage'.
We have similar problems in New Zealand (which somewhat confusingly is the 'title image', not Jackson Hole). Basically, our tourism industry has done a very good job at advertising NZ to the world, but put little thought into infrastructure and how to manage the influx of people.
A few years back I put together a photo location / adventure guide book on NZ's scenic South Island. I think it would have sold well, but I bailed out of the idea. Part of it was selfish, I didn't want to give away all my secrets to 'just anybody', but I also identified the risk of damage to sensitive areas, not that it stopped that happening of course.
I have just got back from a couple of nights in a busy mountain hut. Most of us had conflicted feelings about wanting less of a crowd, but being a part of the crowd too.

They're using a mountain in New Zealand and claiming it's in Wyoming? That mountain doesn't look like the Grand Tetons, and the glaciers are too big.

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Which camera is lighter? For backpacking I chose the a7 Mark I.

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The Bangladesh photo would be good with a real camera, that clearly captured all the faces. I can barely see the individual faces.

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Did Davidson have to pay the National Park Service for copying their statue? The one in New York harbor?

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I'm so happy not to be married to her!

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John Koch: Where is the pointy peak that appears at 1:12? Does it have a name? Pardon my ignorance, O Canada.

My complaint (most DPR remarks are complaints, EH?) is that Florian Nick used his slider and 4-axis gadget so well that there is no point in buying one! No one will attain his success.

Time lapse in remote wilderness is a very serious challenge. Not only does one need to worry about bears. The risk is that the spouse will think you are (like S. Carolina's governor, now congressman) up to something else!

Truth be told, time lapse involves heaps of trial and error. Laypersons cannot imagine. They'll think is all bogus or easy CGI. But, no, it's lots of work.

When passing six weeks in the woods, imagine the hygiene challenge. Hopefully, the waters were warm enough to enable Nick to wash and return home smelling better than a bear.

Maybe Mt Assiniboine in Banff?

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On article How I built a large-format (8x10) video camera (225 comments in total)

The super short depth of field is beautiful! When I was your age I was lusting for Playboy's centerfolds. Not the models, the 1928 8x10 Deardorff they used! :-) The models were arranged to fit into the short depth of field. The camera was named Fred.

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On article Best cameras for landscapes in 2020 (1125 comments in total)

The Sony a7R III may be better for landscapes that you have to hike to, as it's lighter than the Nikon.

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