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brycesteiner: The problem with the Microsoft phone isn't the hardware, the software, or even the anemic store. It's the fact they have screwed the customer over and over on perfectly good hardware, if not excellent, that was just released a year or two ago with no updates that were promised to latest OS and have since reversed the decision.

Why would I support them again?

you don't have to support them again. But I prefer win phone over android and iphone - i.e for me it is not supportin them but choice of my likes

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On article Microsoft Lumia 950 camera review (122 comments in total)
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osu9400: As an owner of this camera, I agree with portions of this review and disagree with others.

First of all, there are some inaccuracies. The review states there is no way to force HDR on. That is wrong. HDR can be set to on/off/auto. In the early builds this was the case and HDR was actually called Rich Capture. Microsoft renamed it to HDR to be more standard for people switching from other platforms. Perhaps the reviewer didn't have the latest version of the OS or camera app. The app is seemingly updated each week.

The review states that there is no built-in panorama lens. That is correct and I don't understand why. Previous versions of the OS had great pano lenses to select from.

The 3-LED flash system gives natural skin tones and aides in the ability to "pick the best light" after the photo has been taken.

Using Win10 (not mobile) Photos app you can select a frame from a living image and select best light.

It's becoming a good ecosystem. Large Win10 update coming in June.

and LEDs are better choice vs flash.. wander why micro 4/3 do not have array of LEDs build i

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On article Microsoft Lumia 950 camera review (122 comments in total)
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osu9400: I'm an IT manager at a large company. The most exciting thing about Win10 is that it is one operating system that run on many platforms (phones/laptops/desktop/tablets/xbox/watches/IoT/etc). This will allow developers to truly write an app once and have it run on all these devices. This has long been the dream of computer science. As a consumer you won't have to buy an app for each device - the app you own will run cross platform and become responsive to your screen size. Think of how some websites have desktop and mobile versions. This is the idea for apps. As an example, if this works, I'll be able to replace $40,000 Cisco teleconf units (that users hate) with an XboxOne running a Skype for Business app!

About the phone, if you read the rumors, Microsoft will release a premium phone under the Surface brand late this year or early next. I think it will be Intel based and not a traditional mobile chipset.

while what you saying is correct and welcome, it is not really about camera... And for big corp./companies GOOD Works so far is t 'standard' ... for encryption & multi-platform...

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Steve in GA: My goodness. If the rest of the camera is as good as that zoom setup, I'm running out of excuses to keep using my DSLR.

@LFPCPH I am living in the corner

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Lil g: How can the earth rotate when its flat?

Earth of course flat & square. But this known only to astronauts and folks living in corners

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Donnie G: Olympus makes great lenses. It's too bad that these lenses are being made for a dying system. Micro 4/3 will be laid to rest alongside 4/3 because both Olympus and Panasonic together can't generate enough sales volume to keep the standard alive, and 3rd party lens makers are swallowing up the few chances at profit that are left. R.I.P. M4/3.

I got my camera. I got few lenses. According to my current like. Why would I care is this dying - not dying brand much - unless I am gear freak-most people quite conservative. Once they settle on hardware, they focus / enjoy photography, not permanently scrolling forums, comparing new hardware, counting pixels etc. Most were buying SLR and staying with that camera for decades... Digital now good enough to be a keeper.
And I am afraid cameras we own now, cam outlive us.

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On article Olympus PEN E-PL7 compact mirrorless camera announced (80 comments in total)

EVF absence is natural for THIS camera. This is PEN after all. And there are add on EVF. Strange they did not add build flash. After E-P5 it was expected as extras moved from more expensive models to cheaper ones. Was waiting for build in flash - have zoom waiting for the camera. Will vet GM1 OR GM2 if it show up.

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alexzn: this is one of the iconic images of the WWII. It may not be so popular in the West but it is rather well known in Russia. Depite all the poor taste sniping on DPR this is a real piece of history. Khaldei, Baltermantz and other Soviet war photographers left behind a treasure trove of powerful images documenting a titanic event of the 20th century. Have some respect (maybe a hopeless cause at DPR forums these days).

I think visitors of this site are adults who deserve some respect as well and not to be lectured / mentored. It is poor taste to lecture who dont ask for

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because it framed into wood, it can float!

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On article US Judge rules for Eggleston in dispute with collector (284 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: Both collector and artist are the reall winners.

Without the media making them news fodder, they just carry on with their obscurity.

They are rich and make lots and lots of money, so no problem.

Case closed.


You probably work for government. Too easy decide on someone else money.

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On article US Judge rules for Eggleston in dispute with collector (284 comments in total)

I guess, when I am ( or anyone) buying a copy of limited edition, and paying well, I want protect my investment by means that artist ,while still has legal right, e.g. allow publish the image in magazine, web etc., shell NOT make more limited editions of that, no matter what size it is. the judge, to me, is fundamentally wrong. Or what I am paying for?

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On article Olympus m.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 first impressions and samples (255 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: People criticize this lens for not being razor-sharp. Well, that's one of the reasons I like Olympus lenses: they're sharp, but not clinically so. People tend to like exaggerated sharpness nowadays, but Olympus has struck the right balance with this lens.
However, tone has a somewhat recessed quality that reminds me a lot of the 17mm-f/2.8 Pancake lens. Colours are pleasing and accurate - just like the Pancake -, but not deliriously vivid as the OM primes I use. These pictures are inconclusive when it comes to chromatic aberrations, which is the Pancake's Achilles' heel, but I read at lenstip it has high levels of geometric distortion.
Speed and build aside, I don't see much to differentiate this from the Pancake lens in terms of image quality. Of course I must qualify it by saying I could think differently if I actually tried it on my camera, but that's the impression I get from these samples.
(n. b. I'm one of those who believe "bokeh" isn't so important with wide-angle lenses...)

given the time Olympus took to offer some alternative to Pany 20/1.7, given the fact that Olympus had Pany 20/1.7 as a benchmark to beat, given the fact that it cost well above 20/1.7, Olympus did a miserable job to develop alternative optically better offer...

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look ugly to me

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