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    Thanks again John - yes, that does make sense. Seeing a 'photo' rather than a bug through the viewfinder is something I'm really bad at at the moment, but no doubt it'll develop if I work on it. I ...
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    Thank you Nick :-)
  • Replied in Aspect ratios
    Why is composition through the viewfinder better? Of course, I'd get the maximum amount of 'info' in the photo, but apart from that, why is it preferable to trying out different crops and seeing ...
  • Replied in Aspect ratios
    I haven't come across edge stretching - does that involve changing the magnification of one side of the photo, so the background is stretched across a wider area? It does sound like something I ...
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    I still find it challenging enough just to get an in-focus well-lit shot of a bug that won't stay still or keeps turning its bum to me to think about composition through the viewfinder... But it ...
  • Replied in Aspect ratios
    Thank you Nick - you've mentioned a lot of the factors I find I'm often taking into account, so I just need to get more practice at playing. I find that square can work for side views of ...
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    I was rather pleased (and surprised) that I managed to see the facets in this wasp's eyes with my relatively humble kit. Though it was very lethargic - probably on its last legs - so posed very ...
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    Thank you. I have to resist the urge to crop as close as I can get away with and tell myself that there's more to a photo than being able to see all the detail of a compound eye or the scales on a ...
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    Thank you Jack - I shall use my judgement, even if I don't trust it!
  • Created question thread Aspect ratios
    I get terribly indecisive when cropping photos - how close can I crop, do I need to adjust so the subject isn't in the middle, portrait or landscape, square? I've just tried my 5th crop of the ...
  • I rather like the second to last, for the dramatic wing placement.
  • Me neither, and I really need to explore this. First impressions of TTL Average are quite good, but it's so overcast today it's hardly a fair test.
  • Thank you Chris :-) I've tried lowering the f-stop as it would help with diffraction, but then I don't get the depth of field I want. Mind, that really just applies to the close-ups of tiny bugs ...
  • Thank you for your reply :-) Yes, TTL with the Speedlite. Though I'm not so sure with the pop-up (it's set to 'Flash firing' automatic - it'd be worth me changing that and seeing what happens). I ...
  • Created discussion thread Recent favourites
    I've been going through all my past threads on this forum to try to consolidate all that I've learned on the way... or rather, to reread the bitsof advice I didn't understand at the time but do ...
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  • Ah, thank you. Though I'm in the UK and can only find LP-E17, so maybe we're an exception to the rest of Europe.
  • Another question - what is the difference between the LC-E17 and the LC-E17E batteries? I can find chargers for the latter, but I can't find any other mention of actual LC-E17E batteries.
  • Thank you Brokenland :-)
  • Created question thread Battery for Canon 250D
    I'd like to buy a back-up battery for my Canon EOS 250D, but have a couple of basic questions I'm hoping someone can answer. 1) The battery is an LP-E17. Online, there are a lot of adverts for, ...
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