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  • Replied in another thought
    Are your grand kids going to go through dusty boxes of old prints that are unlabelled and uncategorized? Perhaps a nice digital slide show or web sites with your best photos w/b good.
  • Travel is exploring the unknown, encountering new situations, new wonders. If its the same-old same-old you  know, why bother? (at least for me) So that's why we have travels kits. The best set of ...
  • Lenses don't have purpose. Photographers do. There's no "target" photograph in travel. I don't spend a month on the road thinking I'm only going going to do portraits or landscapes. That's crazy. ...
  • Replied in yes but
    With fluorescent, you tend to see color shifts in the banding so I also lean towards LED. The banding frequency seems high, since there are at least 5 cycles across a 1/200th shutter. Could be an ...
  • You've obviously never even tried RAW. Most RAW convertors default to the JPEG settings, so out of the box RAW looks like JPEG. See above. You get a default JPEG look in RAW (no "heavy editing"), ...
  • Commented on photo The Old Man Of Storr in the HDR challenge

    Well, this is one great photo! Congraduations!

  • Replied in not logical
    Once in a lifetime means you can never duplicate the circumstances. If that's true, wouldn't you want the highest quality possible?
  • That's terrible, horrible image. Having been there, that image is over processed fantasy. I would never want to see that, not even in a travel brochure.

  • Why is "good enough" beautiful? Is the OP amazed he can get a good picture with JPEG? Has anyone ever said you couldn't? The OP claims to have posted a photo demonstrating "why I shoot jpeg only." ...
  • Replied in silliness
    I have never seen anyone push the use of RAW in the way you describe. I'm going to bet you can't post a link showing an example.  Indeed,  most comments on raw versus JPG are replies to an OP ...
  • sensors having much smaller pixels they will naturally resolve much better than the larger pixel on larger formats. Using this exact logic, cell phones s/b the best of all! And you can get 100 MP ...
  • Commented on photo Anastasia in the People Photography 2021 challenge

    Nice photo. In my opinion, the smoothing is a bit too much, you notice that in the thumbnail. And there's a weird effect where the hand doesn't look like it belongs to her. Maybe because it's...

  • Replied in what?
    You're the op  asking if it's worthwhile, and now your claiming you could make $5000 a year? Guess you answered your own question!
  • I guess if they have anything in common it's high contrast shadow detail. But contrast, both big and small, is something that all photographers should keep an eye out for. I would hope everyone ...
  • Paint is wearing off, screen is worn, maybe 250,000 photos. Dropped, swung against hard object, rained on. Never any trouble though China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Europe, Tahiti, ...
  • I mean, press the shutter to wake up, rotate a switch around the shutter to wake up, what's the practical difference? I never turned my Canon dSLR's off.  The batteries are still good after at ...
  • Pretty image, but any camera can take wow images, even my cell phone. At least at the 1.2 MP image size posted and under good conditions, maybe a tripod. So, those photos don't back up your point ...
  • Most people don't care what your lens can do. The key word is "most." In your head, you've justified a certain quality level. No higher, no lower. After all, we're all the same.
  • Who are "most" people? All most people need is McDonalds, some clothes, and a moped. That kind of most people? Most people don't ever need a camera, or maybe just a cell. Are you happy to be one of ...
  • Replied in never
    When they have a weeks worth of battery life, replaceable batteries, memory w/replaceable cards, ergonomics, hand grip, viewable in direct sunlight, flash system, grip, physical knobs and buttons, ...
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