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  • Whoever he is. Youtube videos are a dime a dozen. No credibility. Really, read what people are telling you. You need a document, repeatable test method. Not some slight of hand video with a whole ...
  • It's about shooting in difficult circumstances. Example. A pro photographer doing indoor portraits with a model sitting stationary and nice lighting set up doesn't need a high frame rate or high ...
  • Love the colors, the contrast, the form. Great photo!

  • Heard of the uncanny valley? A robot doesn't bother us. Obviously not human. That's are like your (nice) photos. You obviously didn't mean to take blurred photos. A human doesn't bother us. ...
  • Replied in I don't get it
    Chair is in focus at the start of sequence. Chair is in focus at end. Bird is slightly out of focus. I don't think the camera even changed focus. But whatever.
  • Replied in not a fallacy
    The two stop advantage is a theoretical consideration. Whether you can actually see it depends on the sensor, processing, and shooting conditions. Same for DOF. Crop tighter and a larger system ...
  • Just because you've made up your mind doesn't mean others shouldn't have a discussion. Or, if you truly believed, others opinions shouldn't matter.
  • If the R5 had no video, would people have complained or been overjoyed? Funny situation here. The people who complain the most probably shoot the least.
  • Replied in none
    Oh, you mean video?
  • Having an Huawei P30 pro with 50X zoom, I can say that the long zooms simply don't work well above 5X. Much too difficult to hold stably and the IS isn't good enough. Besides, they need bright...

  • Replied in it's over
    Petalpixel has announced there won't be a successor. Sad but expected. I wonder how low the price on the IV will go? That might be a smart move.
  • Replied in okay but
    I watch animal videos and other stupid stuff on my phone when bored. I don't need 2k, 4k, 8k, just a waste of my bandwidth. Videos are content driven, not quality. Hey, check out my latest 8K video ...
  • BEFORE: I want a camera without video. I don't want to pay for it and don't use it AFTER: Why won't it outperform dedicated video recorders costing three times a much? Gotta love people for ...
  • And validation from friends and family doesn't count, so there is no validation at all.
  • Replied in for Olympus?
    Why not for you? Unless you think Oly has some unique feature suitable for rhinos :)
  • You must have a lot of time on your hands to do all this waiting. A confident forum shows off their skills and trades useful information. An insecure one makes strange pronouncements based on ...
  • Canon IBIS has already been tested by DPR as best in class. HILARIOUS!!

  • Replied in not at all
    I can't believe how people repeat this. High quality EVF's and display drivers and touchscreens are expensive. Mechanical is cheap. High quality silicon is expensive. Look at any appliance from ...
  • Even if you see a difference, why does it have to be due to "microcontrast" and not something else, something as simple as sharpness or "macro-contrast"? What you'd have to show is that those ...
  • Replied in summary
    No myth. 1.) sensors don't gather light, lenses do. Which means that a smaller sensor with a larger lens could offer better performance than a larger sensor w/a tiny lens. You think astronomers buy ...
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