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On article Olympus PEN E-P5 Review (500 comments in total)

Loved the opening sentence, "been shooting for SOME MONTHS and have NOW completed the review."
(sorry, I know and appreciate how diligent you dpr guys are, but can't help but chuckle at it...)

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On article Site update: two new forums (32 comments in total)
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akjos: More places for people to complain :D ...

Look at the bright side, more places for people to complain means less complaints per place...

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On article Nikon Coolpix P7800 real-world samples (82 comments in total)
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thx1138: IQ at base ISO is very nice and looked good at ISO 720. How do they get those weird ISO value BTW? ISO 1100 wasn't so good, but not bad.

Simple, conjoin 2 round numbers: ISO 1000 - 1/2 EV.
(Camera under auto ISO, I'd guess; didn't check the EXIF.)

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On article Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century (250 comments in total)

Poor little Lytro, didn't even make it to an "unusual camera list"!

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Another sign that the world needs a digital Nikonos... baaadly!

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Dave Ingraham: "though he acknowledges the industry needs a better way of describing sensor size than the current obscure 'inch-type' naming system."

You think? 1"? Four Thirds? APS-C? Full frame? None of these make any sense to the average person. What would be so hard about simply describing them by their mm dimensions? So a 1" sensor is 13.2 x 8.8mm, but calling it a 13x9 sensor makes a hell of a lot more sense than 1".

I vote "diagonal" as the most telling measure. Besides being an easily visualized single figure that can be nicely rounded to 2 significant digits (7.7mm for most P&Ss, 16mm for 1", 43mm for FF), its immediate relationship to crop factor and equivalent FLs comes in pretty handy.
Ooops it's not a poll...

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David Elliott Lewis: The Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone is already implementing a similar feature with its dual mode video capability. It simultaneously combines its front-facing camera and its rear-facing camera feed for a combined image. It can be shown either picture-in-picture, top and bottom or side by side.

Not the same thing, for the proposed camera allows for two independent points of view rather than fixed back-to-back.

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Francis Carver: I have been doing that for years, aiming the camera at a mirror, and capturing both myself and the mirror. Patent infringement?

Not the same thing; the proposed camera allows for two independent points of view.

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On article Panasonic launches Lumix DMC-XS3 slimline zoom compact (35 comments in total)
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JEROME NOLAS: So much for stunning IQ....

This corner mushiness is typical of zoom lenses that by way of design/cost compromises are plagued by barbarian WA distortions which rely on further firmware-based correction to achieve a minimally presentable photo. (Stretching corners dilutes information.)
You can see that the steeple photo @120mm-equiv doesn't show the same softness issue.

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chrisnfolsom: -Have enjoyed the Lumix brand for many years, and the quality, speed of their superzooms and ois...
-Still though, no articulated rear display - only 460K, and only 202K for the viewfinder? Seems like they lowballed your actual interaction with the image which I believe is important in photography.
-Some great specs 9fps, zoom and such - like the attention to sound and they kept the hot shoe although no touch screen, wifi (Eye-fi support?).
-Depending on the lens quality they might have a nice travel alternative for a more enthusiast client - perhaps not their target seems like with the price point this might give a soccer mom a nice tool to record their children.

Why, they must be saving features such as a higher resolution articulated LCD (hopefully with touch focus, why not?) for the forthcoming successor of the FZ200 -- this FZ70 is meant to supersede the lowlier FZ60.

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JJ Rodin: Finally a cam company using DSP to eliminate the wind noise/etc for video, surprised it not already pervasive.

Hope it works as well as advertised, even the slightest wind makes them mic huff & destroy the usuability/suitability of the audio.

Good news. I read it as a fully acoustic approach rather than DSP-based, though. ("the sealed structure prevents wind from hitting the microphone directly and the draft structure suppresses retention of air internally.")

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Don Karner: It is bad enough that the regular D-Lux 6 is $799.

What does one get for the extra $400? Not to speak of the extra $600 for this thing.

You probably just glanced at the text as it's pretty clear: for the extra $400 over d-lux 6 you get "a new dot structure on the leather body trim and a leather case with exclusive carrying strap."

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Ed_arizona: buy a RED DOT logo on ebay paste it on my LX5

Good idea, but beware of dire developments such as this,

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On article Canon PowerShot D20 (83 comments in total)
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jaygeephoto: I think I saw this in Finding Nemo. The Pentax WG-3. Better camera all around and doesn't look like a tub toy (at least in black). Lets see that comparison! Canon makes some superb advances amateur and professional equipment; this stuff is beneath them. It's is as if Lexus made a skateboard.

"WG-3 doesn't look like a tub toy (at least in black)."
But hey, there is a reason why black boxes (flight recorders) are actually bright orange, not black. ;-)

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)
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Gesture: I think this is a strong and useful concept. If Sigma could do the same thing with its Foveon sensor, it could an even more compelling camera. But you have to love PR speak: "The Leica X Vario is distinguished by an intensely focused design concept. " No doubt.

Another gem: "in Live View mode, the generously sized high-contrast, 3-inch monitor offers...", as if the camera offered another viewing mode.

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On article Bell Labs creates lensless single-pixel camera (57 comments in total)
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joe6pack: Interesting concept but I cannot see the application of this. You can do anyway with lens and get infinite DOF using pin hole camera as well.

With a single sensor, the camera needs to poll the sensor each time it modify the aperture array, which I believe is much slower than polling sensor.

Military applications, perhaps? According to their abstract, "the architecture can be used for capturing images of visible and other spectra such as infrared, or millimeter waves, in surveillance applications for detecting anomalies or extracting features such as speed of moving objects." Millimeter waves lie somewhere between far IR and the highest frequency microwaves.

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Benarm: Canon definitely won't like Magic Lantern since they're loosing control over what features are enabled or disabled. The 6D is a great example of how Canon purposely handicaps a camera in multiple ways. The question is whether Canon will attempt to block Magic Lantern by a firmware update or make Magic Lantern really difficult/impossible to implement in future cameras. And of course, they can always sue.

"According to your definition of 'handicap', Toyota handicaps the Yaris by not equipping it with a V8 engine."
No. According to Benarm's definition, it would be exactly like Toyota putting a V8 on every Lexus — only to disable the fuel injection to 2 cylinders on the V6 models so they can charge more for the fully functional V8 version.

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Lea5: Besides all the anger, we should see is as a chance.

Imagine....all the other creative software manufacturers are seeing this moment as a big motivation to design photoshop alternatives? I mean real professional alternatives? It would be very interested to see how the whole visual creative industry changes. It would be a change. I don't think Adobe realized yet, that they could feel the Kodak moment of downfall sooner than they expect.

Speaking of Kodak moments, after all Adobe will always be able to auction their processor-intensive-cloud-exclusive motion-deblurring patent.

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Wojtegol: I think this poll is missing one very important option.
Lack of choice between cloud service and ability to buy "hard copy" of PS.
People, and not Adobe, should make decision what is the best choice for them, because thanks to millions of customer Adobe exists.
They ask people to tests new versions of their software but they do not ask us about this dramatic change.
We want to have a choice !

About the poll: I understand that, strictly speaking, yours would be the first option, namely "having to repeatedly pay to retain access" as opposed to paying just once for a "boxed copy" of PS.

Link | Posted on May 9, 2013 at 18:18 UTC
On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)
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Rick DeBari: Corel has already issued a public statement regarding the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription-based model today!

Here's the link to the full blog statement:

Note to Adobe: Your competitors are loving your move to Creative Cloud!!!!

Heh heh, loving it indeed. From the post you referred to: "Give us a try! If subscribing to software from Adobe is not your preferred choice, don’t cloud your judgment..."

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