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brilliant sunsets: New 5Mkii user; who cannot determine how to set the metering mode while looking through the EVF. Metering can only set within the Gears menu, or from the SCP where it is necessary to click on one of the smaller areas, then a thumbwheel can be used to select metering. Either way, I have lost the composition and the shot I wanted. What am I missing or overlooking? Have been using an E-M1 for 6 months where a rocker button on left side brings up the metering so a change can be made without taking eye from the EVF. If Olympus would allow access to metering when assigning the Fn button that would accomplish what is needed. Am I the only one who frequently changes the light metering when shooting? My shooting techniques must be flawed. Suggestions please !

I dont know if this helps you, but i have assigned AEL to the record button on my E-M10. In the gears menu under point E - Exposure / Metering / ISO there is the option "AEL Metering". I could set it to every Metering mode, which I normally have set to spot metering. Maybe it works as well in the E-M5 II!?

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