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Love photography for both documenting and art. Try to use photography to show a place, a time and mood and enjoy 3D, panorama, movies as well as classic portrait photography. A photo is worth a thousand words, or can bolster a revolution as in Tunisia and other countries - power. If you want to talk photography, computers, the internet, technology or politics - drop me a line.


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On article Picasa will be phased out in favor of Google Photos (152 comments in total)
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Photoaddict1: I'm so sad, I have 180,000 photos in Picasa and was getting seriously committed to doing something with them all. Just got a new 2 TB laptop to store them all as my old laptops kept crashing, uploaded everything into Picasa again and got it all organized and just read the news (I have apparently been under a rock). Now I'm looking for a new desktop organizer, not interested in cloud either. Has anyone used Photo Director 7 or Paintshop Pro? It looks like Photo Director only supports 5 formats to upload images and I have more. Paintshop Pro doesn't look for duplicate images, which I have many, so I would like that feature for sure. I'd also like whatever I choose to also upload videos from my camera and iphone, does anyone have any suggestions? I have been using Picasa FOREVER and really want something as simple and as good at organizing so many pictures.

It's not the "cloud" necessarily, but how it's managed. Very sad about google. I have had 500gb of photo's and videos up there for 6 years and now am about to put my photos elsewhere.

Link | Posted on Jul 18, 2016 at 19:02 UTC
On article Picasa will be phased out in favor of Google Photos (152 comments in total)
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Harry Potter: I’m an enthusiast DSLR user taking thousand photos per year. My workflow:
1) I take a lot of shots…
2) I move pics on my local hard drive(s)
3) I rename files with my favorite naming convention: event tag, progressive number…
4) With Picasa, I tag my photos, star them to facilitate future search
5) I create Picasa Album choosing only better/favorite pictures from the many I shot. No physical duplicate will be created by Picasa on my hard drive. No space will be wasted until I’ll decide to export Album.
6) I improve my picture by cropping/rotate them, enhance luminosity… Physical files are not touched by Picasa and I can experiment as I want. This is fantastic for me.
7) If I want, I upload on PicasaWeb just the albums, not entire folders, with only selected photos.
So… do you have some Picasa alternative suggestions covering, above all, steps 5 and 6 of my workflow? I am looking for these features on the web, but nothing seems to fulfill such requirements… Is really Picasa so unique?

Did you find anything - this is just getting worse with google photos. I am also annoyed as I had at least 30 people I had turned onto picasa over the years who's workflow is now impossible.

Link | Posted on Jul 18, 2016 at 18:59 UTC
On article Picasa will be phased out in favor of Google Photos (152 comments in total)

Is anyone happy with google photos from a photography standpoint? This is terrible to me as I used Picasa and had tags - which were not converted, and now cannot even be used in picasaweb (what is left of it). Google has really annoyed me with this photos fluff piece that I can't even force farce tags on in any easy way and has ruined 100's of hours of organization.

I do like the phone integration and auto backup, but still the searching is terrible unless google does it automagically for you. Very sad and looking for an alternative.

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On article Picasa will be phased out in favor of Google Photos (152 comments in total)

This is terrible to me as google photo's gives you limited control and management as far as I can tell. Picasa has worked very well. Perhaps another vendor will work better. Tough after 8 years.... So now I will have to tag images and faces, and organize them and put them in/out of albums and share them using a web application???? WTF!!!

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Hotahseh: welp looks like im selling my soul for this.

A few lenses as good flash some Sony shirts and bags....

Link | Posted on Feb 4, 2016 at 00:47 UTC
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ThomasH_always: I do not think that this is "newsworthy". We have had several jpeg variants presented in the past, with the same claim. For example Jpeg2000. All of these failed due to lack of support. And than we have the png these days, created due to the patent-scavenging practice of a Forgent Networks company, and prior to that, Unisys's attempt to monetize on the patent.

For me the deal breaker is the 8-bit color depth in jpeg. Whoever is used to work on 14bit, or the older 12bit raw files, will not use such file format. The difference in processing latitude is drastic and obvious. Size of the customary jpeg files on the web is these days almost meaningless.

Add animation to alpha and you have a deal - loooong overdue. People need to know that a "proper" site will have images of different sizes based on viewer needs such as cell phones, or just landscape vs portrait, and now with high resolutions screens 1:1 images might not fill some screens. Why would a developers go through all the trouble of re-sizing all those images if data usage, bandwidth (and page load) were not an issue?

Link | Posted on Dec 3, 2015 at 15:49 UTC

Just because you can see a difference means little - did the difference mean anything to you, or other viewers? Why don't we all just attach RAW files if we are so "worried" about quality - this is generally for the web folks, where quality is much less visible, or needed - who publishes full sized pictures? So if you are going to process them, why not use JPEGmini and save space, bandwidth and file space.

Link | Posted on Dec 3, 2015 at 15:41 UTC as 82nd comment | 2 replies

You can see the photographer in the eyes btw - incredible resolutions, lighting and quality. Beautiful pictures btw. Thank you.

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Daryl Cheshire: Like Kolchak of the Night Stalker TV series where he takes a hurried picture with a 110 camera and later in the dark room is looking at perfect poster prints.
(who remembers 110 cameras?)

Nothing beats kodak's disc film... I have scanned some - what terrible quality although I guess still better then nothing... kids are so spoiled these days...

btw, has anyone used the new Epson's with the ink tanks? Any comments?

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On article Samsung introduces PM1633a, world's first 2.5" 16TB SSD (121 comments in total)
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dwill23: I read some comments and the same ol and ol comes up again and again. "Too much capacity is too risky to use". I call HOGWASH on that.

When I sold 32MB (yes mega byte) CF cards for $100 at Ritz camera NO ONE DARED to buy the 64MB cards and the 96MB cards for the exact same fear. "I might lose everything if the card fails".

Now a days we have photographers not wanting 128GB when they USED to be scared to dead of 64GB. This is an endless silliness that I'm so sick of.

There is a reason why pro cameras allow for duplicate card usage. We all are terrible at figuring out risk, and sure, people know about risk, but the tech industry has done a miserable job educating about risk - better to spend on selling.

Link | Posted on Aug 21, 2015 at 14:31 UTC
On article MIT proposes new approach to HDR with 'Modulo' camera (115 comments in total)
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Retzius: I applaud the technological advancements but this is really more of a matter of taking poorly composed photos in harsh mid-day light.

Yes, I often take out my pin hole camera from jr. high to keep my skills sharp, but I can't get my wife and kids to do it. Whatever works, I have a hell of a time getting my wife and kids to bring a compact camera, much less getting them to pose while I set up the SLR, flashes and lighting system...much less lug all that crap around.

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On article MIT proposes new approach to HDR with 'Modulo' camera (115 comments in total)
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Lassoni: I'm sorry to say this, but the results look terribly bad. Only the first image looked interesting, but the rest are terrible.

For a simple proof what in the hell do you expect, or are you joking?

Link | Posted on Aug 21, 2015 at 14:01 UTC
On article MIT proposes new approach to HDR with 'Modulo' camera (115 comments in total)

With sony stacking chips and putting processing on the CCD itself this might be easier then in the past where the circuitry for each pixel would take up quite a bit of the sensor well area.

Ultimately you wouldn't need a well at all as each pixel can just count photons and tally them up - perhaps using the Foveon technology you could eliminate color filtering and those artifacts....

The new Sony Tech seems to be a real game changer - and working well. it will be interesting to see what Samsung and other come up with to remain competitive.

Link | Posted on Aug 21, 2015 at 13:59 UTC as 12th comment
On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review (892 comments in total)

For the soccer mom or dad who wants full range, video with zoom and manual when needed it's so much better then the slr they all have and barely use. Yes it's big, but smaller then an slr with a 400mm lens and still flexible with great video support.

The only issue might be indoor sports and speed which I would like to see some examples of.

I could give this to my wife and have her take pictures and not worry too much - not so for an slr and two lenses, or even a long zoom lens and non with have power zoom which is much easier and similar to most compacts.

With the new Sony though - love that sensor..... Any chance on a FZ2000 any time soon?

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On article Google to phase out Google+ Photos (36 comments in total)

No one has mentioned the new google photos also does searches based on OCR, objects and faces. I put 'cake' in and got images of cakes, and put castles in looking for images from a trip to Europe and I got those castles as well as others of my children building sand castles at the beach - quite a surprise. I also buy extra space at $10/mo for 1TB and have 500gb of images and videos. I have had a few problems sychin over the years using Picasa, but overall it's worked well.

Link | Posted on Jul 26, 2015 at 10:37 UTC as 5th comment
On article Flasher smartphone flash launched on Kickstarter (73 comments in total)

Much better at kickstarter was the Ember which was a case with more light, battery and filters set at $79, but only funded 2/3 of the way and a bit big....

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2015 at 00:41 UTC as 6th comment
On article Flasher smartphone flash launched on Kickstarter (73 comments in total)
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Danny: Is there something wrong with me saying that the photo without flash is better?

NOTHING wrong at all - admittedly this is not the best example, although as mentioned there is no flash for the front camera (selfie) on most phones, but there are instances where there are few other options, and this can be useful - there are lights integrated into cases, and light's you can also use for flashlights, but will diffuse. You can also use this for help in video's. Is it perfect, no, and there are other options, but this will work for many and at $15 is not ripping anyone off.

To annoy more purist - ;)

Link | Posted on Mar 11, 2015 at 23:48 UTC
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