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As a gamer, I couldn't care less. They have too much competition in photography. They should focus their efforts and R&D on their gaming department; the PS5 needs a better design profile.

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On article Sony a7C review: Compact size, big sensor image quality (2219 comments in total)

Damn! $2,400CAD?!? This thing's more expensive than the PS5.

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jkokich: Very expensive.

Everything's expensive nowadays - housing, cars, insurance, mobile phones. Cameras are no exception. If you think these things are these expensive, wait 10 yrs. from here on out. ;)

ps: at least books are still (somewhat) affordable.

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chadley_chad: Despite the naysayers, I can see quite a few uses for a relatively cheap, water and shock proof video camera. I can think of many uses for a camera/video/voice recorder that you can keep attached to clothing or accessories and do some stealth recording come rain or shine.

Don’t mock it; if you don’t like it, just don’t buy the damn thing!

What in Satan's name are you talking about? We're in 2020. Everyone always has something to say about anything, complain about everything, get easily offended about name it. :)

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(unknown member): The end is coming. The general public is not buying camera anymore and use cell phone only to capture image.

and 100 years from now when humans are using Tony Stark-like technology, ancient/vintage equipment (DSLR, m4/3...etc.) will be buried treasures everyone will be seeking to profit off eBay, Amazon, Etsy...etc. just like how vinyls and cassettes are making a come back.

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Class A: These are incredible sad news.

Imaging Resource were always able to understand Pentax cameras as they were meant to be and gave them glowing reviews. The K-1 II, for instance, received their "Camera of Distinction, Best Professional Camera"-award when others couldn't help themselves but nominate it as the second worst camera of 2018.

Sad news indeed.

When I wanted a first DSLR, IR helped me narrowed down my choice to the Pentax K-x.

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Nice digicam. Still very happy with my Canon S95 though. but dear Sony, can you please release more tidbit(s) on the PlayStation5 instead? Will there be a sequel to God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn? Thanks yous!! ^_^

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Spectro: this won't turn out good when captured in China.

and their North Korean and Russian bed-buddies.

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sykkys: I suppose communism and oppression in other countries aren't as much a problem as they once were back then in the eyes of Americans now that China makes their happy meal toys and Iphones.

modern day Nazi-ism at its finest. (and legal to boot)

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(unknown member): We should start boycotting China by not buying their products. Lets start with the largest companies like Volvo. I start first. Who is with me?

Already been doing that since 3 yrs. ago although there are certain things that couldn't helped (ie: clothing) with day-to-day necessities life. I do avoid going to their grocery stores and opt to go to local alternatives even if I have to pay a few more bucks.

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