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Attending the wedding as a guest. What do you guys bring? Open Talk Nov 6, 2013
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Should I add a covert watermark to eagle photos? Open Talk Nov 3, 2013
Can anyone with a k-3 confirm AF or peaking during video? Pentax SLR Talk Nov 2, 2013
Considering ordering A7, good idea? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Nov 1, 2013
Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why. Open Talk Nov 1, 2013
Pondering moving from FF to m43 - two concerns and two questions Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 1, 2013
A*1200 F8 Pentax SLR Talk Oct 31, 2013
If you think the same way about the new Sony FF mirrorless babies... Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Oct 31, 2013
HD DA 15 Pentax SLR Talk Oct 30, 2013 doesn't show Sony A mount adapters Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Oct 30, 2013
Time for an honest discussion about being a fan of a camera company Open Talk Oct 30, 2013
Seen this? - Ricoh-Kodak patent dispute Kodak to get $76 Mil Pentax SLR Talk Oct 29, 2013
Interesting article on the future of the dslr. Pentax SLR Talk Oct 29, 2013
Does this camera without the blingbling exist? Should it? Open Talk Oct 27, 2013
Poll: What will be Pentax line for the retro camera? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 26, 2013
CS6 Eating RAM Like Crazy PC Talk Oct 26, 2013
Canon 6D Flexizone AF (Live View): Aperture Steps Down Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Oct 26, 2013
Full frame? Open Talk Oct 24, 2013
Sony a7 full size samples Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Oct 22, 2013
Why no E-mount FF road map? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Oct 21, 2013
Does the GM1 make any sense to you? Micro Four Thirds Talk Oct 20, 2013
Why do so many people post about Sony in the Pentax forums? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 19, 2013
Tripod tripping. Myth or Fact? Your experience? Open Talk Oct 19, 2013
I'd Like A Tiny m4/3 With EVF But No Rear Screen Micro Four Thirds Talk Oct 19, 2013
A7 design, the good, the bad and the ugly Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Oct 18, 2013
What bugs me the most of Pentax not having a fullframe camera Pentax SLR Talk Oct 17, 2013
Q portrait for C&C Pentax Compact Camera Talk Oct 17, 2013
What will the Sony A7 Full Frame do to the K-3 Pentax SLR Talk Oct 17, 2013
Pentax K-3 = Olympus E-7 Olympus SLR Talk Oct 16, 2013
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V1-Disaster Nikon 1 System Talk Oct 14, 2013
Why the K3 Should Have Had an Articulated Screen Pentax SLR Talk Oct 13, 2013
Dumping full-sized SLRs. Open Talk Oct 12, 2013
Counterfeit lens caps from Amazon Open Talk Oct 12, 2013
Wiki on Flucards (since I didn't know, either) Pentax SLR Talk Oct 12, 2013
Does Sony A-mount make any pancake type primes that AF? Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk Oct 10, 2013
"If it ain't perfect at 100% it ain't perfect"... Open Talk Oct 9, 2013
With K3 due, I doubt you will be interested in this, let alone comment! Pentax SLR Talk Oct 9, 2013