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Prognathous: Too bad the battery is not removable anymore.

Bad move

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Why are we comparing to an 80D? it is more like a rebel T6i or T7i the max shutter speed is 4000. The 80D goes to 8000.

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Jim Salvas: Publicity stunt. He could easily have developed a random sample of rolls to see if this is worthwhile. The few images he has shown look like rank amateur snaps. On the other hand I recently saw a gallery show of similar quality.

You're so right

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live view shooting is more accurate than the optics.

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DYoda: After reading the optic review, I fear I made a huge mistake buying this camera. I hope to be proven wrong.

optic do sucks.. you just have to work around it.

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Jake64: Photos of the homeless and dirty impovrished people from other countries is a personal pet peeve of mine. Photographic skills aside, I think photos such as these are very exploitative of the poverty some people, especially children, live in. I understand that this photo brings into light what life is to some people but it mostly just has us privileged folks feeling pitty and sadness

MarkG07 : Print your entire collection and mail it to the UN.

so true

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the quality of the image looks very soft.. that's not good

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StephenSPhotog: What happened to learning a craft and mastering it? I heard someone down in this tread say "Haven't you ever missed focus and wanted to correct it?" Well, yes I actually have. But you know what I had to do? Learn. All I could do was learn to pay closer attention to focus next time and nail it. If I missed a shot a missed a shot. It's my fault.

I never shot film. I've only been into photography in the digital age. But even so, I miss film. I would love a film SLR to take around and better teach myself to pay more attention to composition, focus, and lighting.

I don't mean to sound like someone who is afraid of new technology. I love new tech. I eagerly await the next Nikon and Canon cameras. But I can't help but see this as photography being taken over by laziness. Don't be lazy people.

Take a shot and correct focus later? Do they even hear themselves when they say that?

I feel the same way Stephen. Strongly agree!

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