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NancyP: Well, far be it from me to denigrate some other brand. I do like to praise my favorite pieces of equipment for specific purposes. I think that reviews from satisfied or dissatisfied customers can be useful in the aggregate.

David Restes: Leaf shutter mechanisms are indeed more quiet than SLR curtain shutters. My pocket camera Sigma DP2 Merrill has a leaf shutter, and also has an option for a fake "shutter" noise. I kid you not! Apparently some customers were missing the shutter noise.

But in his article he linked that with vibrations due to the mirror. Would have made sense if he was saying a leaf shutter creates less vibration than a curtain shutter, but that isn't what he wrote.

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And why does he equate the shutter being still and quiet (whatever that means) and the vibration added due to mirror movement. Doesn't he know these are two different things? Does he not know about mirror lock-up?

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Crisper images because the lens is closer to the sensor. Really??? Other manufactures haven’t managed to design lenses that focus correctly at the sensor. Or a couple of millimeters of dead, calm air between the lens and the sensor changes the quality of the image. Again, Really??? What about all that air between the front of the lens and the subject?

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I have a problem with writer of the article. This paragraph alone makes me wonder if he even owns a camera: “Unlike D.S.L.R. (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, in which a photo subject is viewed through a mirror, range finders offer crisper images because the lens is closer to the sensor of the camera. The shutter on a range finder is also incredibly still and quiet — unlike the D.S.L.R., in which the mirror flips up and down at the moment a photo is snapped — so little vibration is added to a photo when the shutter is pressed.”

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I don’t have much problem with the Rockwell quotes, I like a lens made of metal more than plastic ones. I have an old first version Canon nifty fifty with metal body and metal mount that I’d never give up for the new plastic version. And I think he’s correct in saying the photographer is more important to the resulting image than the equipment used.

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GarageBoy: Not everyone cares about paper thin DOF. I'm just glad to watch MFT turn into a real, system with a complete line of lenses

Just a question... don't you apply the crop factor to the aperture also, so a .95 would be 1.9 on FF?

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