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On article Gorgeous color photos of America in the 1930's and 40's (109 comments in total)
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clicstudio: Gorgeous and amazing photos! They almost look recent.
Makes u realize the "real" photographers were those, 70 to 80 years ago, who shot manual and film and without an LCD screen to help and no photoshop.
I really admire them and the glimpse of Americana their photos show. Color makes the whole difference.
Thanx for sharing!

Do you send all your meals back at restaurants?
Yours maybe the single dumbest and snobbiest post I've read in months. Many magazines, most notably National Geographic, were reproducing color photographs via rotogravure (intaglio process) at the time that these photographs were taken. The 'masses' (just who the hell are the masses anyway?!), were able to look at these images for free at most public libraries. "Holy s**t, where's the the GD Tylenol?!"

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lightleak: That was disappointing, when I read „large sensor“ I was preparing for 6x7 digital :)

I guess the word "large" is highly relative and subjective term when it comes to sensors. But yes, a 6X7cm 200 megapixel would surely reign as the camera from hell. That would roughly translate into a 170 MB RAW file of 12,500 X10,000 pixels. Bring it!

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On article 17 signs that you were alive before digital photography (149 comments in total)

The category is, "Old Photographic Equipment". Bring on the Daily Double Jeopardy question!
Great stuff. I have two shelves above my computer work station devoted to what is (now) known as photographica (including the Speed Graphic in my avatar). I never owned that cool folding loupe but fashioned much more sophisticated looking dodging tools. There's a resurgence of film interest but a decreasing amount of knowledgeable people to pass on the techniques. This site is an indication of that in particular:

DK 50 1:1, LPD 4, Internegative, Bowens Illumitran, SX70, Polycontrast filters....holy s**t, where's the Tylenol?!

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 (50 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: Another unnecessary disappointment. It really begins to look like a conspiracy, because it is simply hard to believe that among all the World's caera manufacturers there is not one designer capable of understanding what an underwater-capable camera should comprise.
Don't they understand that part of the market? Apply all the proper principles, get rid of all the useless crap, and what remains should be an indestructible camera capable of withstanding 10 Atm/Bar, with interchangeable lenses, with IR commands to wirelessly control the lighting accessories, etc. It can be small and coat-pocketable, and it WILL sell. It will be unique like Nikonos III, and usable in the rainy city, in the hospitals, in the depths, on boats, in mines and caves, in ultralight flights etcetera.
But no, they simply have to follow the half-chewn solutions of some "experts" who think they think... and we get products that fall short in every aspect, just to fit someone's idea of "pocketability".
Really sad.

I think there could be a more capable and serious rugged/underwater camera out there someday. The question remains how much are pro-sumers willing to spend before we enter the realm of professional equiopment and housings for them; replete with their astronomical prices?
As for the legendary Nikonos here is a re-post form a month ago:

Seems there was at one time an "Area 51" Nikonos :

For the serious underwater guys there are all sorts of housings for DSLR's and HD video equipment. They may be a better investment that that Hasselblad Lunar:

Personally I would like to see a pro-sumer level camera even if it didn't fit in my bathing suit pocket. Something like an underwater Canon G1X or Sony RX1 or NEX even a Fuji X Pro 1. If one of these were made, it would still be a $3.000 to $4,000 camera. Any takers?

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On article Then and now: Photographing the Bay Bridge (29 comments in total)

Great images! B&W stuff is edgier, both stimulate my vertigo.

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If you made a toilet brush with a teak wood handle and stainless steel wire it would probably last longer too.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 (50 comments in total)

Sound of crickets, tumble weed rolls past, dog looks away bored.

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TruePoindexter: I'm excited - much of the cost is in materials and smaller production runs. Brass isn't exactly cheap after all.

Further not all photography is about absolute perfection - we frequently add vignetting back into our photos despite wanting lenses to have none. We want perfect flat fields of focus at high resolutions and yet spend a lot of time in post softening skin.

Appreciate this lens for what it is - a modern recreation of a classical lens design made with quality materials and generates a unique look. It's not for everyone but I find it quite attractive and will add it to my collection.

Glad to see some of the people here get what this lens is all about!

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Dimitris Servis: I never want to hear complaints again about Cassegrain donuts.

Did you own one of those 800mm mirror lenses too? So nice to think I'm not alone.

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I think it's always cool to combine old and new technologies. The Petzval lens represents just one part of the time line in lens development; Double Gauss, aspheric and ED glass may seem prehistoric someday. It's interesting too how we all clamor for the sharpest of the sharp but want to soften things up as well. Two that come to mind were the various Softars I bought for my Hasselblad system and the 150mm Mamiya lens with insertable soft discs. Neither were cheap!

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I was thinking of a really good April Fool's camera parody after reading about the Lunar and the Vario but alas, pathetic reality trumps fiction. Again.

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ABM Barry: I have a good solution:
A web site should be established containing a list of NAMES of those shallow sods that have been stupid enough to be conned into making the purchase of any RE-Badged Stellar priced fashion accessory. (I don't class them as cameras)

The HusselBlunder Lunatic has a BODY ONLY price of $8,300 in Australia !!!
For those that aren't aware: "IT'S JUST A SONY NEX-7"
I'm told that it also just ships with the very ordinary Re-Named SONY/SUNY Kit lens!

And the HasselBlunder Stellar is, ... Wait for it! :
"IT'S JUST A SONY RX-100" priced at USD$3200 !!!!!!!!
Now, "Off you go, it's time to take your Yellow pills"

I think you're onto something here - I don't think that revealing their identity would be appropriate (or interesting). Rather, I would suggest sightings, complete with photographs of these "partnerships" in the wild. Something similar to what birders do.there's a website called people of Walmart along similar lines.

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What would Victor Hasselblad say about all of this? An inventor, entrepreneur and a gentleman. Shame on them!

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chillgreg: *includes exclusive Hassleblad iron-on transfer for your t-shirt!!!

I'll settle for a stencil and a can of spray paint - think versatility.

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fuxicek: I wonder, if they include Allen key for unscrewing the hand grip?

Hammer and chisel will work just fine. Be sure to use a bench vice and wear safety glasses (safety first, you know). Also, please record the entire grip-ectomy for our viewers. I hear Sony makes some excellent video cameras.

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aerorail: i have a grip like that on my .357

May I borrow it? My reply would be flagged however.

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Clint009: It is one of the most beautiful camera design I've ever seen is this pocket camera sized.
Same specifications as the 20.2-megapixel Sony RX100, which features a 1-inch sensor behind a bright 3.6x (28-100mm), f/1.8 Zeiss-branded lens in a compact body.
If the the mirrorless Hasselblad Lunar compact system camera, which went on sale last month for $7,000, is also based on a Sony camera (the NEX-7) and features wood or carbon fiber handgrip options, this Stellar Hasselblad would be at around $3000. ?!
It is looking it is the new tendency for high quality pocket size camera. Think also at Lumix DMC LF1, etc...
Leica with Panasonic, Sony with Hasselblad, etc...

Vinyl "alligator" shoes , Schmolex watches.

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white shadow: Those travelling to Australia with this camera are sure to have their camera confisticated to be destroyed if they forget to declare it.

In Australia, they are very paranoid of allowing anything made of wood to pass through without quarantine.

Good luck if you have one.

I hear you have world class termites in the outback. Why not just leave them to nature?

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Here we go again! Well, let's be nice; some people just feel more comfortable dressed in drag no matter the cost. I'm thinking about press on decals of all sorts (licensed of course) that we can paste on our favorite gear. The crowd that buys grills and fascias to make their Chrysler 300's look like Bentley's will surely go for this.

Stellar, eh? Stellar bad taste perhaps. The only Stella' I like is from this clip (wait through the advert.):

Other exciting news. Lexus has placed it's decals on Colnago bikes. Great cars, great bikes - not so sure if it will do for me until I see a bike rack on an LFA:

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