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On article BOOMR camera strap features unique bungee design (53 comments in total)

pHysics and metallurgical chemistry take a holiday . Yes the elastic material (rubber bands) inside of the bungees doe does increase the weight endured over a longer period of time through the expansion and contraction cycle but the net weight is the same. mOst professionals prefer to have the equipment they're carrying close to their bodies and not have the weight load shifting or bouncing about; weather it be a heavy camera or large weapon.

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Two hundred and fifty thousand miles away, two thirty-nine year old men, were in a fourteen by twenty foot spacecraft, covered in gold plastic, called the LEM. With the help of a sixty-pound computer that had seventy-four kilobytes of total memory they were making their descent to the lunar surface, upside down, at about twenty-five feet per second.
With FILM cameras.

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JackM: This is a joke, right?

I was hoping it was; checked the publish date and it wasn't April 1st. Maybe it's one of those, "joke-a-day" columns.

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My computer just dope slapped me for taking time out of my life and wasting electricity for reading such nonsense. I guess it works.

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On article Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X (322 comments in total)

If this camera were weather proof it would be everything. How much do you suppose it would add to the cost?

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narddogg81: lot of effort to get something thats not terribly interesting to look at

A lot of Europe is that way; your told (on tours) that the process is equally if not more important than the product.

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christom: Aerial camera? Military?

A more interesting story would be the ultimate aerial camera ever made, the one that was on the SR-71.

The all black finish would indicate at a mil-spec theme. I'm sure a branch of the military could order enough of them w/o any white lettering as well. I wonder how/if it is set up to be remotely controlled by a one pilot or if I dare say it, a drone aircraft? Otherwise information I have found on the black bird's K38 camera have been spotty at best. Aerial Ektachrome anyone?

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christom: Aerial camera? Military?

A more interesting story would be the ultimate aerial camera ever made, the one that was on the SR-71.

Yeah I guess that a 9-inch roll film camera with a focal plane shutter able to depict objects less than a foot in diameter at altitudes over 80,000 feet and able to withstand a 500 degree temperature range...did I mention the polished beryllium mirror?
Pretty tame stuff I guess. I'd write more but the folks from the Government are at my door at the moment.

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Don't fret over being spied on; people using this camera will be using it to record images of interesting things from above, not monitoring quacks.

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Mssimo: A serious optical company would post transmittance charts. I dont see any charts.
Here is one from zeiss.

Koreans couldn't possibly make a decent or innovative optical product. Yes, Only serious German companies make decent glass; that must be why all serious professionals are shooting with cameras made there. Right? Comments here are so arrogant they border on being racist. Seriously!

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I seem to remember that Leica had a sensor built just for their needs; that is, one that somehow angled the outer chip pixels towards the sensor's center? I know that both CCD's and CMOS's do best with more collimated light. Leica's and their ilk were made in the days of film; silver halide crystals don't particularly care at which angle the photons come from.

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On article Ricoh WG-5 GPS updates rugged series (46 comments in total)

I love my 3 year old WG3. I've taken it On every a type of adventure from sailing to snow shoeing and It's truly a remarkable camera.
I would trade off a camera that was slightly bigger for one with a larger sensor and RAW capability. And it certainly looks better than Canon and Fuji's tub toys.
People have told me it resembles a carbon fiber dog bone; I'm good with that.
Minor gripe is that the buttons are too small to,operate with gloved hands. Also, invest in a good float strap because it sinks like a rock.

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On article CP+ 2015: Canon shows off new EOS 5DS and 5DS R (124 comments in total)

If it's as reliable and robust as my 1Ds' it will find a place in my studio. It looks like a serious camera for skilled professionals.

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On article CP+ 2015: Canon shows off new EOS 5DS and 5DS R (124 comments in total)
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otto k: See, it's not expensive, these guys are barely getting by, even the chief executive needs to save up to buy one, that's how low his salary is, all to keep the price down...

More snarky remarks from silly people.

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neo_nights: Is it me or does it have more of a Medium Format look?

It'd be nice to see if Pentax could make a small camera (for fullframe standards of course) like they did with the K5.

Old trusty, worn 6x7 with it's wooden handle sits atop my shelf in my studio along side other relics. Sometimes I catch it leering and snarling at my digital equipment like Cerberus.

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Wm Leddon Studios: I photograph Architectural Interiors & Exteriors, Fine Art Landscapes, and Environmental Portraits. I own a Canon 5D11 that does only an acceptable job for what I do. I passed on the 5D111 and will be passing on the new 5DS & 5DS R they do not address my needs.

There was an article posted by Nic Granleese's Blog headlined with the question is the Canon DDS R architectural photographers have been waiting for? Well not for me. I always find myself in precarious positions in order to get the prospective I want. One never photographs landscape or portrait compositions from a full standing position. Almost on every shoot I'm on, the camera is in a position where I can't see the LCD screen. The defiance to incorporate a fully articulating rear LCD screen on any professional camera is irresponsible.

Would love to see this camera mirrorless, converters made available for prime major brand lenses, a no AA filter option, w. Sony-Like dynamic range & low light performance AT MINIMUM.

That would be nice. Why not a 1DX with a 17mm and 24mm TS lens? Or an Alpa (mortgages available)? http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2458339852/phase-one-and-alpa-release-official-details-and-pricing-of-a-series-medium-format-cameras

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Like it. Looks like a professional camera which means that if it doesn't play video games the whiners will be here in droves. The styling is a bit reminiscent of the 6x7 (look it up). It will be interesting to see how it compares to the new Canon 5Ds which is already in production.

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JIMIX PHOTO: On a more serious note though, this clearly shows us what today's world is all about: marketing, hype, brand, re-brand and ultimately - as usual - money, and all that powered by sheer greed. Ever wandered about the origins of the financial crisis? The numerous wars, terrorism, hunger, unemployment, degrading natural environment, arms race, greenhouse effect, pollution justified by progress, crumbling economies, all nations going bankrupt? Well, it's always been because of greed, and the photo industry is no different in any respect.

Conspicuous consumption and narcissistic excess have always found their place when things have gone to hell.

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I guess that's what a head on collision between a camera and a tree looks like.

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Finally! Neiman Marcus can now sell cameras unabashedly. I would display it right next to the Beatles White Album and photo of john Lennon's all white room. Ob-La_Di, Ob-La-Da! Or maybe just Oy.

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