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ZodiacPhoto: Great image quality, thank for the photos!
But what is going on in Tokyo - why so many people wearing medical masks? Do they have an epidemic, or is it a smog problem?

It's a courtesy thing. If they're ill (cold, etc.), people wear a mask to stop other people catching whatever they have. It's a bit disconcerting but a nice idea, I suppose.

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This makes me wish I hadn't bought a delicious ONA Union Street just a few months ago. Damn.

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)
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NCB: OK, you go out and snap away with the T just as you might with say a Sony CSC, and it's not the same. DPReview didn't like the Nikon Df either, for much the same reasons. I have the Df. It's a dream of a camera and I wouldn't be parted from it.

Not all of us go around with our digicam glued to the eye and snapping at everything which moves. For a start, you miss a lot of good scenes that way. Some of us take our time. I see a scene which has got something and mentally frame the possibilities before ever I get the camera out. I turn it on and twiddle the odd setting, if necessary, before it gets to the eye. There's nothing in the operation of the T which you've run through which would put me off. In the slightest.

I want sharp pics with the right colour and exposure. The JPGs might be a tad flat; seeing what alternative settings could do would be useful. But the colours are superbly natural. The T has distinct attractions.

Expensive? Not for a Leica. Or other options for that matter.

Exactly. I also tend to take my time, even in street photography, but that doesn't mean I'd want to remove the option to speed up if a cycle race suddenly went thundering past.

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On article Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd's Everyday Astronaut (102 comments in total)

I still can't get my head round the fact that he was the only bid. Either it was crazy expensive or a ridiculously obscure website, surely?

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Apologies for the decidedly amateur question, but if, say, I wanted to sell a photo, do I pay 500px for them to market and sell it?

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Steve Bingham: What an insult! Another penny stock socking it to the photographer - with free advertising from dpreview! No thanks. In fact, this does not speak well for dpreview. 30%? My gallery gives me 50% on my prints and I get 100% when I market my images. Preparing and uploading images takes time! And they want me to first kick in $250? This really is a sucker deal.

I'm worrying the same thing here. I most definitely fit into the passing-interest amateur category.

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As a possibly very naive aside, has everyone here received an email asking them fi they want to sign up, complete with a few photos 'Requested' (to quote the name of the tab)? I'm not sure if I've been scouted or jawed, as it were.

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Just a Photographer: The big questions is:

Does it focus?

DigitalRev will probably paint one in about a year.

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Jun2: sickening, people go to Africa to kill animals just like colonial days.

Again with the politics! Why are people incapable of having a purely ethical conversation?

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Camediadude: Every now and again dpreview makes a serious misstep.
(Been lurking here for over a decade) ...
Re-posting this irrelevant-to-photography, politically-charged story is precisely one of those missteps. Learn from your mistakes, guys.

I don't really see how anything in this article is political expect the comments section. They have reported that Nikon received a lot of stick for their advertising, which they did, then opened it up to comments.

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LIGHT SABRE ELTERIBLE: Seriously catch a wake up people. Nikon is a corporation. Their sole aim is to identify gaps in the market and exploit those gaps for financial gain. Like any successful corporation they do this very well. Yes I am completely against big game hunting if it is not regulated correctly and if it makes no provision for proper conservation. Conservation and regulation of hunting practices is not Nikon's Job or any other photographic companies job for that matter. Their job is to produce the best quality equipment that will suit the needs of their different market segments. And that job they do very well. Nikon and many other photographic companies have been making scopes for years and I guarantee you many of those scopes have been used to hunt big game. What exactly is the difference here?!?

My point exactly!

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This was a bit of a blunder in marketing. Certainly "dark continent" was badly misplaced and showed little cultural sensitivity.

HOWEVER Nikon, Leica and many others make 'sport optics' (rifle scopes to all intents and purposes) and have done for years. It's a relatively obvious niche to fill for a optics company and they've been doing so long enough for that sector to become well established. Everyone seems to have become squeamish because Nikon referred to the actual purpose of this scope rather than tactfully avoiding it.
People hunt animals. Regardless of your view on this, I don't think it's reasonable to suddenly become indignant, boycott a massive and multi-sectored company and demand ethical business when all that could happen as a result is Nikon cameras get (slightly) more expensive and hunters buy their scopes somewhere else.

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