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  • I'd really like to see evidence that there is any reason that a mechanical zoom could not produce the same "ballet of glass groups" as you put it. Certainly there are other high quality zooms that ...
  • Thanks Steve, just the info I wanted. You make a fair point about staying on subject, though I don't generally find it a problem.  3 seconds isn't too bad - but  when trying to photo a flitting ...
  • Exactly as you say Steve.  I am aware of the button, which is obviously a  useful facility for my purpose - but it's the speed of that zoom that I'm concerned about.  It obviously doesn't need to ...
  • Very slightly off topic - I asked on a previous thread about zoom speeds on the rx10iv. When photographing wild life in the wild with dense foliage etc it is often necessary to zoom out to locate ...
  • I find that hard to believe. To zoom from 200-800 takes about (I estimate) a quarter of a second or less with the nikon . If the iv is as fast as that I won't have an issue.
  • Created discussion thread Power zoom and birds
    I'm just returning from a holiday in Costa Rica photographing birds and wildlife. I'm using a nikon v2 and  the cx70-300 (190-810). It's a good combination, the lens is sharp and very fast ...
  • When the light isn't good I'd use shutter priority and auto iso with a higher upper limit. You can then balance shutter speed against iso according to circumstances. If you need more depth of ...
  • As you say the n5 isn't very powerful - but a guide number of 8.5 vs 5 of the built in flash is a useful advance and the n7  is much more powerful.
  • Created discussion thread Nikon v3 evf and flash
    Price apart (and that may ease now the system is dead) my problem with the v3 is the impossibility of using the n5 or n7 flash and the evf. Has anyone come up with a cost effective alternative.
  • I'm in Costa Rica at the moment sharing similar joys and frustrations. As you say the lack of auto iso to 1600 is a pity as you are often juggling shutter speed and iso in dappled shade and 800  ...
  • Hard to stomach paying as much or more for the evf alone than a complete v2.
  • The ii has a higher resolution evf and faster continuous shooting so is a bit better. However it costs a lot more new or secondhand which you might find difficult to justify.
  • Replied in V1 in 2018
    Fotodiox grip certainly makes a very useful contribution to camera handling. It does, however, cause the tripod Bush to be offset - a pain with longer lenses.
  • Replied in V1 in 2018
    Having owned both a couple of v1s and a v2, I'd find it hard to make a case for the v1. The user interface of the v2 is so much better that I can put up with the loss of the interval meter and 2nd ...
  • Replied in Nikon 1 prices
    I'm talking about sold prices - as I say having been doing quite a bit of buying and selling or Nikon 1 kit I have been following prices.   As you say, asking prices are all over the place.
  • Replied in Nikon 1 prices
    I'm looking on ebay UK.  I've been keeping tabs on prices since I recently sold a couple of V1s and some lenses and bought some V2 kit with lenses.
  • Created discussion thread Nikon 1 prices
    What is going on?  Since Christmas prices of Nikon 1 kit seem to be on a strong upward trend.  V1 bodies could be picked up for around £80 before Christmas - now they seem to be well over a £100, ...
  • You are perhaps making assumptions about my competance - there are clearly more knowledgeable and capable photographers on here than me! But to answer the question. Flash sync speed comes into the ...
  • I think your pictures answers some of your questions.  Clearly there is nothing wrong with the sharpness of your lens.  Focus issues (possibly related to shakey hands) may be an issue but  depth ...
  • Replied in RX10 IV Flash
    A number of people have reported deterioration of the factory screen protector and, as Shutterbug says, getting the old one off is a bit of a sod.  It takes care and patience to remove it. So I ...
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