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SushiEater: This review to say the least is inadequate. There are no pictures inside the chamber. Why is it so important? Good third party grips have a metal plate running all the way to support tripod socket so camera can be hanged with a strap like BR. Bad grips have small plastic strip for socket support.

As far as "Weatherization" none of them are, even OEM regardless how much they advertize it. Regardless how sealed all of the compartments are the biggest opening is the wheel. If water gets though it the whole grip will flood. And those who carry cameras upside down should be aware of it because that is the worst entry point there is.

Mike, I was wondering, inside the battery chamber, you mentioned that it does have the metal plate. I'm wondering if it also has the metal housing around the tripod thread inside the chamber like the OEM grip too? The Vertax has a round/circular shaped metal housing around the tripod socket inside the chamber and the OEM is square. The Mieke grips have the metal plate but the housing on the plate for the tripod socket is plastic! Can you tell me about that housing for the tripod socket inside the Phottix grip?

I have Phottix Odin Wireless Triggers, so I'm a Phottix fan... hoping that little housing is metal too on top of that metal plate! Is it possible you could show an image of the inside of the battery chamber??

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Jacques Cornell: Why is there no facility to control the amount of tonal range affected by the Highlight and Shadow sliders, the way there is in Aperture? Makes these tools look pretty crude by comparison. The ability to target, say, just the bottom 30% of the tonal range with the Shadow slider, or the top 20% with the Highlight slider, and to adjust midtone contrast as well, makes these tools much more useful. Heck, even Photoshop CS3 offers this flexibility in its Shadow/Highlight adjustment tool. Too bad Lightroom and ACR don't provide it for RAW processing.

Use the brush with the highlight slider and it only affects the 10% you want affected...

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