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  • My desktop PCs (Asus Z690-E, Asus X570 Tuf) both warn about needing to keep a copy of the Bitlocker key (in the firmware TPM) when updating the BIOS. I don't use Bitlocker, so I mostly ignore it.
  • Is it lens flare, or due to sunlight being refracted (and dispersed) by the beveled edge of a window? That's mostly irrelevant, in regard to how it would need to be dealt with.
  • The firmware TPM's data are stored on the motherboard. (I believe in the CMOS that retains the BIOS settings. Not in the eeprom that holds the actual BIOS.) Its execution is performed by the CPU. I ...
  • In the "Then let them eat cake!" line, you could consider buying one of those inexpensive Windows keys that are widely available on the Net. There is almost always some offer here: . ...
  • As far as I know, a free upgrade from 10 to 11 is still available. Not through Windows Update, though. The path would be getting the download, perhaps using the Media Creation tool. Personally, I'd ...
  • Recent AMD and Intel motherboards both offer built-in firmware TPM 2.0. AMD calls their fTPM. Intel, PTT (platform trust technology). Getting a discrete TPM is supposed to be superior, but I don't ...
  • Impressive. I suppose there's a question as to whether it's a photograph any longer, or if it has become a piece of digital art. (Not that there's anything wrong with digital art.)
  • Thanks for the post. It seems like a good demonstration of what a skilled photog can accomplish with a cheap(ish) lens.
  • I wonder whether "davesurrey" has tried the Activation Troubleshooter . There's a provision for a hardware change. It may suffice in transferring a digital license to a new machine. I admit that I ...
  • I see that some of the musicians were wise enough to use hearing protection. ;-) I like bagpipes, but they aren't gentle on the ears.
  • BitLocker overview - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn There are security measures that protect against issues when miscreants have physical access to the PC. I don't use them. No one else has ...
  • Original link: Photo Friday: Monitor Calibration Tool I don't know where the second image is from.
  • Just to be clear, the "retirement" date for Windows 10 is October 14, 2025 . Procrastinators may rejoice. ;-)
  • There are a variety of ways of installing 11 on an unsupported PC. I used one on a Windows 10 laptop that meets all requirements, except it has a Gen6 Intel CPU. (With a few exceptions, Gen8 or ...
  • I don't see a similar model at Dell. There's an XPS model with somewhat similar specs for $2.2k US. Its 3456 X 2160 OLED display probably boosts it price a wee bit. ;-) The Costco item is a little ...
  • I rarely use it. I just tried it with a CR3 (from a Canon R5). Converted it to a JPG without any problem. Version is 4.18 .0.0. I9-13900K, Asus Z690-E, RTX 4090.
  • I live in SW Connecticut. I doubt that there's a "good PC store" nearer to me than Manhattan. (I used to go to computer shows in White Plains, NY. I'm not sure whether any survived the pandemic.) T ...
  • Replied in 800mm
    In my opinion, its utility is a little limited because its close focus distance is 6m. If you wish to take pictures of small birds, you'd want to get closer. The fixed f/11 thing and the reduced ...
  • Replied in Canon "R5c?"
    The R5 C name is already taken. It's a variant optimized for video. EOS R5 C Body ( I didn't check the specs, but it's probably less compact than an R5.
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