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  • If he can't stand closer and wants a fast lens and wants a shallow DOF, and wants longer than his 45 and 60, then there IS no option. The 75mm f/1.8 IS the option. If he can't afford it, then ...
  • Replied in Not to be a jerk
    Not to be a jerk, but can't you stand closer with your 60mm Sigma? For whatever reason you can't, then I notice you have 3 cameras, 2 of those m43, and a couple long zoom ranges lenses like the ...
  • Not sure if you meant the RX10 IV or the RX100 V........ One is cheaper than a 12-100, the other quite more.
  • That makes sense. Thanks for the thoughts.
  • I gots to update
  • Yeah, I can see the "leave the primes at home" part... and that would be another tough one. For wide I can toss the Laowa 7.5mm in a pocket. Not sure I'd not need a 17 or 25mm "brighter than 2.8" ...
  • Replied in 12-100
    Yeah, the "do you want, or are you going, to change lenses" conundrum...... Thanks for the thoughts.
  • Created discussion thread 12-40 and 75 or 12-100
    Another stupid "What would you bring along" thread.... Given the wide to normal prime lens is along for the ride anyway (17 f/1.8 or 25 f/1.8), would you be more apt to leave for a wander around a ...
  • Just get the Laowa 7.5mm... and it isn't a fisheye either. Small, decent built, come in 2 flavors... is manual focus, but with peeking, easy enough.
  • Is it the golden hour of sunset? Or did Emirates move away from white...?
  • Replied in Why...?
    Reality TV at its finest.....
  • They didn't even post here......
  • Replied in WHO CARES
    Yeah, I know. Took about 2 minutes and I'm not getting those back. Join or jump in to a board to announce you're leaving. Some people got something out of it and are swayed. Some people think it ...
  • Replied in Many people do
    Good... hope you got something from her and go to the Sony board too
  • Replied in WHO CARES
    In the last 12 months, this poster has 7 posts, 6 of them are in this thread that they started. The other one is about a Tony Northrup video on crop factor with ISO and Aperture, that NO one ...
  • I agree with Astrotripper. Spot on. If people want to spend their time arguing in here, about how great it is out there, go the heck out there and live. If living in Europe is better than living in ...
  • Replied in Yes
    When people start these, they either do it to start a massive thread that gets locked from fullness, or because they want someone to tell them what to do. So, go buy whatever it is you want to buy ...
  • Replied in but...
    You wouldn't have needed the gas stove flame if you had the Sony A7III. It is so hot, ya know... And I read one post that it makes coffee too, and Olympus can't make coffee. ;-)
  • Replied in GX9 vs A7III
    And don't forget the new lines in bright areas of those images that this site posted because of that backlight sensor... So ya think Sigma and Tamron just jumped on because of this one camera? or ...
  • Well there is where you made your first lie. I implied that it wasn't the best looking lens in the world, and was squished, and that it because I meant it. It isn't professional looking to me, and ...
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