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On article Fujifilm announces $999 56mm F1.2 WR R lens for X-mount (114 comments in total)

Why no LM? Fuji lenses that have LM are smoother and quieter.

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It's August 8 already where is it?? Can't wait to order.

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King of Song: The absolute worst sample images I have ever seen in my life. This time NOT taken by the DPR staff, but in this case by Cosina themselves. Good luck with your $670 manual focus lens Cosina.

*Almost* ALL manufacturers have mediocre sample photos from a new lens release. Nikon and Canon do the same. Anyways, the Corgi pic kinda shows how capable this lens is, if you zoom in on the fur details, you'll see how crisp it is and lack of CA.

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On article Leica M11 initial review (807 comments in total)

Great news for those who want a used M10(R) or (P). Hopefully the M10's become more affordable. It's one of the best most satisfying cameras I've ever owned.

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On article Nikon releases non-'SE' Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8 (235 comments in total)
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Brev00: Every lens announcement is followed by comments from folks who have other design ideas. Faster, more metal in the construction, prettier, a different focal length. Yada, yada, yada. Obviously, no company can please all of the expert engineers on this website. When I go to Home Depot, I tend to choose from the available lawn mowers and don't offer my great engineering advice to the sales people. If I had a Z camera, I would just see if it has the best features for my needs. If I need metal construction, I will look at other options. Is there an audience for this particular lens? The price and size are certainly going to be positives for many.

LOL, I frequent contractor forums and they DO complain about "missing" features on new releases from Dewalt and Milwaukee. (equivalent to Nikon (yellow) and Canon (red)). They also often bash lower end tools like Ryobi (equivalent to Sigma in photo forums). All humans are the same, just different hobby.

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On article Nikon Z 50mm F1.2 S sample gallery (257 comments in total)
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brownie314: $2.5K. Are you serious?

These modern lenses are packed with cutting edge technology and much better performance. I’m ok with them charging for it. I’d be upset if they put out a cheap glass with same mediocre performance. Progress is a good thing.

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mujana: What? No video? No 4k, no 8k?? Love it already.

The LESS features they put, the MORE I love it. Less is more - a concept that Sony fanbois will never understand.

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oleg-k: MSRP: $8295

Ha. Good luck selling that.

People will buy it. No luck needed :)

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