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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (712 comments in total)

what about when subjects approach you?

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puzzling why folks continue to use $10 filters on expensive lenses.

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Make fun of his wife, but steer clear of his cameras.

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the Sigma 35 1.4 on the Sony A99 full frame will give you image stabilization. Although you cannot use the full 1.4 aperture for video.

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On article DxOMark examines lenses for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (60 comments in total)

DXOMark says they still have not tested all current pro lens in each line. Two major omissions in the test above which could improve Nikon averages are Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8 VRII and Nikkor 14-24mm.

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Francis Carver: The review is TOO LONG.... and the price of the thing is WAY TOO HIGH.

You must be joking.

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How is it that both Sony and now Nikon has this same lens out at the same time?

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no way the 50 1.4 can be $1500, unless it's a 1.2

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tkbslc: To be honest, I think they need to figure out how to stop prices from dropping so quickly. It's kind of scary plopping down $1300 for a camera that will be worth less than half in only 18-24 months. Plus then your are constantly competing with your own half-price previous versions.

Today at Adorama: GH3 $1300. GH2 $600. That's going to be a hard sell.


That's about what happens to a new car.

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1507 comments in total)

Canon EOS-1DX

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Just watermark everything you post on Instagram and other sites.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review (499 comments in total)

I wish for a Sony RX1 review before the camera is widely available.

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Horshack: Here are samples from my Tamron 24-70 on the D800. All the indoor shots were taken at a shutter of 1/13 and all photos are at f/2.8. The full 36MP images are enabled for viewing...!i=2118494460&k=bxF43Cx

thanks for sharing. what color profiles in the D800 did you use? standard, portrait?

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(unknown member): Cheap compared to a used Leica M series 75mm, that's for sure.

more like 'dirt' cheap.
what? the summicron or summilux is like $6495?

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (210 comments in total)

any of the hairs get onto the sensors?

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the x100? in macro?

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V review (72 comments in total)

some SLT-A77 are coming to market in the US, can we please have the official review? pretty please....

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On article Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database (147 comments in total)

These results are with 4 different lenses in addition to the bodies.
To be fair to the Leica, it uses the 75mm summarit, not exactly the sharpest in the M optics line. At $1595, it's one of the cheapest. of course, it's still considerably more than the canon 50 1.4 used, but equal in cost to the Sony Zeiss 85 1.4, which is probably the sharpest lens used in the tests.

considering all this, the results of the fujifilm x100 with the cheap built in lens is quite good even up against the full frame players.

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On article Sony SLT-A77 studio comparison samples (226 comments in total)
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PopPhoto tables confirmed what DPReview's studio shots showed.
The Canon 5DM2 with over 2800 lines resolution, is a tad sharper than the Sony A77. The noise at over ISO3200 is where PopPhoto showed the A77 start having issues. Still, the utter speed of the A77 in the graphs is amazing.

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