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skytripper: A very bad move on Adobe's part that is sure to anger users who shelled out hundreds of dollars for CS6. The only thing holding Adobe up at this point is the absence of a viable alternative to Photoshop.

You have no idea how much work is hidden behind ;-) Adobe is a leader in development and research as well. They buy every young creative brain which they find on conferences. To tune up a single algorithm is 3 years of work for 2 guys.

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Reg Natarajan: Terrible change, and I type that sitting in my office in Vancouver. Copyright law and patent law are destroying innovation, exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do. Before copyright law, we had Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. Since copyright law, we have Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Nelly Furtado, and it's not lost on me that the latter three are all Canadian. This is an improvement?

Excuse me, but are you sure that Bach, Bethoween and Mozart were Canadians? ;-) We had Queens, Beetles, U2, Michael Jackson ...

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Gothmoth: is there a reason why you only report updates and new versions of some software and ignore others?

there are hundreds of HDR apps... yet you report only updates for some... but then ALL updates for these apps.

also i reported that there is a great new RAW converter: PHOTO NINJA.

yet nothing in the news about it.

and PHOTO NINJA is really a APP that should be mentioned in the news....

Nice idea but wrong, trust me ;-) I develop software and I sent them press release many times before a I gave up.

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I don't understand why are people that excited ... the technology, that Adobe presents now is 5-30 years old. There are only two interesting things - automatic PSF kernel estimation (5 years old and patented), speed of the operation. In this time the deconvolution (or deblurring) is slow and needs good and robust PSF estimation, otherwise it doesn't work. If you once have PSF, here is bunch of software, that can do the job. Btw every deconvolution increases the noise or reduce resolution - there is no way how to prevent it.

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