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footnote 1 ("[1] Contrast AF with DFD Technology works only with Panasonic Micro Four Thirds lenses") seems to indicate that the authors of the press release were too busy cutting and pasting between their various releases to check for accuracy. I wonder what other errors there are?

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rlent120: How would this compare with the GM5? That's also a nice camera, and very compact.

review says it has dual IS: that's IBIS plus (where available) in-lens OIS.

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The problem I have with units like this is that it is wrapping a lot of functionality around a single hard drive. I recently completed a trip in southern Africa without a laptop: instead I used a verbatim MediaShare Wireless device to back up my SD cards to multiple disks and USB thumb drives (so that each file was on at least three separate devices). The battery-powered mediashare device does not have any internal storage, just a USB slot and an SD slot; Android and iOS apps allow you to transfer data from one to the other pretty quickly, and also to upload to your phone or tablet - this was slower as it went over the air. Unlike the MyPassport Wireless I was not tied to a single (vulnerable) hard drive: for my trip I used a USB3 SSD drive for the main archive, and a separate USB hard drive as a second backup; I could put individual files on USB sticks for sharing.

A big point in favour of the MyPassport is incremental archives! The Verbatim lacks this feature.

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emilclick: Ineresting here that the title of the article is about G6 review and I don't see something like this. Article have few informations like comon anounce about G6 And the comments is all the world around about but not G6. It is a Olimpus fan group. About Fujifilm vs. Olimpus. Something about Canon Eos M and many others including Sony NEX and Samsung NX but nothing about G6. Is a big disappointment becose I come here to find something new, interesting or triks about G6 and I read with much ptience all 205 comments for nothing.

(and now that the article has been revised to review different cameras, the brief 'review' of the G6 in the 2013 version of the article is inaccessible. it would have been better to have had a new article, and left the earlier one 'as is' for historical purposes; it would also mean the comments would be separated.)

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Shiranai: Whats the difference between using this or just using a normal LED video light from say Yongnuo with 291 more LEDs and at the same time 12 times cheaper?
And don't tell me the only difference is, that it "flashes" instead of being permanently on.

Also, for cameras with shutter in the focal plane (rather than in-lens), the effect of having a fast shutter is normally simulated by having a narrow slit that moves over the sensor. So with fast-moving objects, the results can be 'interesting'!

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captura: Panasonic fanboys rejoice! This article completely ignores the 'other' competition; the Sony RX100 trio, and the best-value Fuji X-30.

@captura, I think you missed the point of this article - which is not to laud the LX100 but to question whether how it compares with a close-equivalent in the same manufacturers line-up: if the IQ, features, size etc are roughly the same as an interchangeable-lens camera, why go fixed-lens? Obviously, the fixed-lens version can be smaller and optimised for that lens, moisture- and dust-resistance becomes easier, and in-lens shutter can be much more discreet (though this will become irrelevant when global electronic shutters become the standard) - but is this enough to balance the lack of flexibility offered by a system camera? For the present, I think the market is large enough to support both options, and wish Panasonic success with this new model.

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RStyga: The sooner we accept that m4/3 is not designed for very shallow DoF the sooner we will be able to enjoy shooting using this system without obsessing about its limitations. Stop squeezing it; no more DoF juice will come out... it is what it is. You want to maximise DoF control, shoot large format (if you can) and be merry.

I'm glad to see that others want good DOF (without sacrificing fast AF, good IQ and good low-light performance)! I 'moved up' to m4/3 for the latter reasons, but I sure miss the good DOF of my old FX50...

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Digitall: For this kind of tripod I already have a carbon fiber one.

I'm looking for Mini tripods to pack in my backpack or something similar.
For those looking for Minis, The Varavon have the Baby Tripod T1, very sturdy and can take a large head if necessary. Will not be the lightest, but certainly the toughest, in the class of Mini tripod thats I know.

I like my Velbon Ultra MAXi Mini - very sturdy, very compact (20cm) and can extend up to 50cm. They claim it can take 2.5Kg, much more than the 3lb weight Mark was experimenting with!

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John Miles: I repost to the top just so it is clear that the FZ1000 is not "much bigger" than the FZ50 as stated:

FZ1000 136.8 x 98.5 x 130.7 mm (1.76L box volume)
FZ50 141 x 86 x 142 mm (1.72L box Volume)

The FZ1000 is half an inch higher than the FZ50 to get the lens diameter in but is otherwise smaller than the FZ50.

One thing to remember is that the FZ50 is not a Pinoccio camera: the zoom is internal.

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John Miles: FZ1000 and FZ50 are pretty much the same size. The FZ1000 is not "much bigger" as stated.

FZ1000 is MUCH bigger than the FZ50! My FZ50 is pretty similar in size to the G6+14-140mm I bought to replace it, but if you look at the G6 alongside the FZ1000 in you will see the difference is significant.,556.

And yes, I am still waiting for a FZ50 replacement; while I like the G6, I miss the silent operation even without an electronic shutter, the internally-adjusting zoom and focus - and that in good light conditions I seemed to get a higher proportion of 'keepers'. Of course my G6 has a great touch screen, wi-fi, and very much better low-light performance. The FZ1000 might be the replacement for me, but the increase in size is offputting. Panasonic, please put a better sensor in the FZ50 for improved autofocus and low-light performance, add a touchscreen and wi-fi, but leave the rest more or less alone!

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