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On article 'No Future in Photojournalism' Interview: Dan Chung (267 comments in total)

I totally applaud the new age of photojournalism which realises the potential to illustrate a story much more effectively through video than purely stills. The headline should perhaps have been "The end of photojournalism as we know it".

Dan Chung is absolutely right about the benefit accruing to amateurs as well. I find my self shooting video as well as stills at family events or when doing long walks in the countryside.

The beauty of video, as realised by Nikon, is that excellent stills can be captured from high quality video, stills which capture more accurately a moment in time that even a very experienced pro would have difficulty capturing with a stills shot.

Photo-books are an excellent way of showing stills captured from video. The same applies of course to news media.

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On article Nikon V1 and J1 - hands-on first impressions (245 comments in total)

Superb products from Nikon. If the actual real life reviews are as good as I expect them to be, I will be getting the V1 plus the 10mm pancake for every day shots, the 10-100mm designed for video lens and the new mini strobe. When it becomes available I will also be getting the converter attachment so that I can use my 70-200 VRII plus teleconverter for a fast and inexpensive solution to wildlife and sports photography (equivalent to 1080mm).

The V1 will be outstanding for photographing my great nieces and nephews who never stand still and for macros of insects. I can just see now the photograph of a bee or a butterfly taking off from a flower captured with ease using the V1's AF capabilities and motion snapshot stills. Brilliant design from Nikon if it is as good as Nikon's publicity suggests and I love the plain design even though I will have to use a sub menu to access Aperture priority etc.

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On article Street Photographers test freedom to shoot in London (184 comments in total)
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samyb123: Also from what this video shows they just took photos of the buildings with security guards, which would be suspicious to a security guard.

Can't say I know anyone who can tell a terrorist form an ordinary citizen. I don't think security guards are blessed with such powers either.

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On article Street Photographers test freedom to shoot in London (184 comments in total)

Common sense prevails. The security guards are within their rights to ask photographers why they are filming a building. Thieves, industrial spies, terrorists, anarchists could be doing the very same for different reasons. To ask questions is not paranoid or unreasonable, just good sense. The security companies should supply their staff with cameras so that they may photograph the photographers.

With street photography, you will always come across folk who do not want themselves or their proerty to be photographed. I don't see why that should be a problem for photographers and it is easy to explain what and why you are taking photographs. Be reasonable and you will find others reasonable. Be unreasonable and you will meet with opposition. Sadly those who collect intelligence on people and buildings for mailgn purposes like terrorists, anarchists, thieves and paparazzi have tainted photography.

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