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The best older film cameras...? Olympus OM-1 and Trip 35 for me, but we have missed the point here...
Which of the "Big 5" will be brave enough to be first to release a Digital Insert for their Pentax ME Super or Olympus OM-1 bodies of old...?
Think about it.
Open the back, remove take-up spool and see a large space on one side for a rechargeable battery pack - where the film canister once was. On the other side is a space for the microcircuitry and memory card - with both bits connected by a thin plate that contains the (large), sensor.
Add "Low Battery" & "Card Full" beeps, audible when the camera is closed, allow mechanical connection from winder to insert for "winding-on" and make the Sensor instantly reactive to shutter opening for automatic image retention.
The only problem is cowardice in the accountant-led CEO's of the CanNikOlyPan Corporation... Who will be first to go truly retro and regain old custom - but lose sales of as-yet unreleased future inventions...?

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I've bought a TG-1, but it has 2 flaws - one of which has prevented its use since purchase. The First is its lens, which has clever coatings and is F2 too - but which has NO PROTECTION. Solution: buy an Olympus TLA-CO1 Converter Adaptor and fit a Lens cap - or a 40.5mm UV filter AND a lens cap - but WHY did I have to buy one from fleaBay? WHY don't Olympus include one in the box...?
Second: It is a well-sealed camera and I will buy a PT-053 housing (also on eBay), for deeper dives. But WHY only provide an "On-board" charging system? Having one latched & locked cover open to charge it - for 2 hours at a time - allows moisture & dust ingress past all the O-ring protection - thus negating it. Why is there no separate charger & spare battery, in the box? Unlocking the baseplate for a swift battery change WOULD allow less nastiness to invade the innards - so I've had to buy these items separately. Guess where...?
But WHY should we have to buy all these (essential) extras?

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