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Why do they keep making camera for vloggers?

How many are there?

How about a decent advanced compact for people who want to do photography with a pocket-able camera?

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LiteRider: Please tell me, what problem does this solve?

Help me get this straight: You take a million dollars, multiply this by a thousand. Then, multiply the outcome by four hundred = 400.000.000.000 (correct me if i'm not) of revenue. And this is what their contribution is?

Their tax situation is terrible. When Apple was in trouble, was the small indepdents who are selling their products. When the iPhone came out, they did n't even sell them via smaller businesses who stuck by them. Instead the launch releases were with buy player onlys, who had multiple shops.

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beavertown: It doesn’t look like an Apple product cosmetically.

There are plenty of copy-cat companies trying to immitate Apple design. Be is airpods to lamps etc.. They alll have that Apple flair.

This product does not have the Steve Jobs Apple DNA. Steve Jobs is probabbly yelling about this product "Why did you launch it?"

I am not an Apple fan boy, but I do know what Apple should be achieving.

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I don't think Steve Jobs would have allowed this product out of the door. He was a design person. This is more like a PC product. Steve jobs would have asked them to come up with something better.

As for the high price, well that is very Steve Jobs.

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On article DPReview TV: The end of DPReview (352 comments in total)

It is strange that Amazon has suported this site, but the information on this site helped me decide to buy a camera on Amazon.

People do need consumer advice and sample images etc....

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On article DPReview TV: The end of DPReview (352 comments in total)

This is a real shame. I do frequently come to this web site to look at the latest camera reviews and look at the Sample Images, to decide which camera is great for me.

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I wish manufacturers would make a good advanced compact camera.

I don't want to waste my phone battery and go through multi-menu to get the shot that I want.

The irony with social media, good photography is important, but not everyone wants carry around lens kit. They are making camera for vloggers, but there is market for people who want good memorable shots without the limitations of a smartphone photography.

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On article OM System OM-5 in-depth review (847 comments in total)
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Reactive: As somebody who grew up with an OM film camera (I still have it), it's sad to see such a long, lingering, death for a once great brand. I hope the dusty old parts bins at "OM System" run dry sooner than later. If only Olympus had chosen FF in the beginning, rather than obsessing over miniaturization.

I bought a m43 Olympus camera. I got frustrated with having to carry different lens. I am still waiting for a decent advanced compact camera.

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On article OM System OM-5 in-depth review (847 comments in total)

Not a bad camera. I stopped buying Olympus, but I like the colours. I like the way it picks up the colours. (I am on a different monitor).

I was hopping Olympus would come out with an advanced compact for portability....

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I don't know why manufacturers keep making camera for bloggers? How many are there?

Most manufacturers have forgetting about those who want an Advanced Compact camera. I don't want to carry a bagful of lenses. I want the ability add a lens filter if needed or flash. I want something versatile for street or travel photography.
Smartphone are getting better, but I can't get the shots I want.

Sony does make some nice advance compacts, but their sensor sucks, a the colour is off. I don't want to waste my life using Adobe software to fix it.

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I won't be wasting my time with Adobe. In the past, I would buy old version of Photoshop. In the same way, you people bought an older used car. It worked for me.

I can't justify a Photoshop subscription. Even there are risks, as they can change anything in their software and you have no control.

I have n't used Photoshop in years. My skills are lost.

These days people are producing amazing content on TikTok. They used the free video tools provided by TikTok. People are finding other ways of doing things.

I have paid for annual subscription for software, only for that company to close down. I own nothing. Gone into the night. Software subscribers don't have any rights. You can put your time and investment in learning new software only for it to disapper. At least if you owned the software, you have security.

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I have an Olympus XZ-2, it is the last best advanced Compact Camera I have owned. It is frustrating camera manufacturers are not updating compact cameras.

I have looked at samples images for compacts from Canon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic..... Their images all look wrong. The output needs to be tweaked in Adobe. There was something wonderful about Olympus colours. They got it right. If all manufacturers are using the same sensors, the output is all the same.

I am using a Samsung smartphone for most of my photography, but I get frustrated at having to go to menu options to change WB / ISO etc.... It is a smartphone not a PASM camera. It is very time consuming.

I bought a Fuji XT-100. I love the pictures and the colour is similar to Olympus XZ-2, but it is heavy camera. I cant carry this with me in my pocket.

Am I going to spend $1,600 on a smartphone for the camera? Probably not, as it does not work like a PASM camera.

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Michael Piziak: Interesting that DPReview didn't even mention the real reason why Apple is dong this. Apple didn't do this because they wanted to help their consumers:

"Wednesday morning, Apple announced that the company will soon make parts and repair manuals available to the general public, reversing years of restrictive repair policies. The new policy represents a seismic shift for a company that has fought independent repair for years by restricting access to parts, manuals, and diagnostic tools, designing products that are difficult to fix, and lobbying against laws that would enshrine the right to repair.

But Apple didn’t change its policy out of the goodness of its heart. The announcement follows months of growing pressure from repair activists and regulators ..."

Source: "The shareholder fight that forced Apple’s hand on repair rights."

You may be right, they want to put the independents out of business. Apple will never stick up for the little guy.

When the very first iPhone was launched, they did n't sell it via independent phone shops, but rather big chain phones. Cutting out the little guy.

Not even the small computer shops, who were loyal to Apple and were Macs get a helping hand, got first dibs on the new iPhone.

Apple has no loyalty to the little guy. They are a trillion dollar company. Is their product overpriced?

Apple became no better then IBM, they kept warning about. They are just like all the other corporates.

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I am a lone ranger. I disagree with a lot of opinions where. For me photography is a amateur hobby. I would buy the Fuji GFX 50R.

It was this photo which did it for me:

I have been looking at camera samples for many years. One thing I noticed, is the the colours are all wrong. Why is it necessary to take a photo, then use a software tool to change the colouring. Why can't a camera take photos, the say I see the world.

Older CCD cameras, seem to be doing a better job (expect they were low resolution).

My humble smartphone, takes more accurate shots (although I know if I zoomed it up, I would see it was fuzzy).

I am still waiting for someone to make the perfect camera for me. A compact camera, with high resolution and accurate colours.

I bought the Fuji XT-100, until the camera industry makes something better. It is heavy.

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I am still waiting for a decent advanced point and shoot camera. They stopped updating them. I want real buttons to be able to adjust settings.

I hate smartphone for photography, as it drains the battery and limited setting.

There is a market for advance point and shoot, but they need to make a super product.

I own a 2 mirrorless camera, but I dislike both of them, due to size. I want a portable product.

What would happen, if they put computational photography in a point and shoot camera?

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Docno: Interesting. I can actually see my condo in Singapore ... and it's not so close to where the shot was taken. Can also see that the image was taken almost exactly a year ago. The Shanghai image is of much higher quality (esp. in terms of dynamic range and colour) ... the tech is moving fast

You are right. I saw the add too.

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It is frustrating Olympus has n't made an advanced compact camera since 2012.

Not all of us want to carry bulky camera, with lenses to change and an external charger for the battery. I did buy the PEN series, but it was n't for me. The pictures were n't pleasing, I suspect they were using third party sensors.

I still love my Olympus XZ-2. It is the right size, but it is has fallen back in technology. Olympus should have refreshed the camera.

Some of the photos I took on my Olympus C-7070 (7MP), still look brilliant today. Olympus does a great job with colours. Many of today's camera, look as you are looking the world through sunglasses.

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On article Tested: Four travel tripods for every budget (516 comments in total)

| Four travel tripods for every budget

Every budget? I bought a Hama branded tripod for about $15 (US). It is smaller then all of those above. Fits into my backpack. About 600grams. The extended height is about 1.2m. However, I bought a cheap selfie, stick, which has a screw connecteor at the bottom, so I can extend even higher.

It is fine for a light mirrorless camera, without too much wind. I have seen some of the most expensive tripods in the shops and they are too heavy for travel (may be designed for SLR camera owners with heavy lens).

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My favourite camera as still the C-5060 (5MP) and C-7070 (7MP). Whilst mega-pixels have gone with all manufacturers, but something has been lost in colour accuracy. It had an articulated screeen. Remote control. You can add filter lens etc...

I do want an advanced camera and I want something, which has more advanced features then a smartphone. When you take a photo taken on a smartphone and put in on a 4K monitior, it will suck.

I did buy an Olympus PEN, but I did n't want to carry about a bundle of lense. Even to charge the battery, you had to remove from camera.

No other camera manufacturer has a decent compact camera. They all suck.

I hope the new buyers, do look at the legacy.....

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I can't comment on Shutterstock, but I noticed this with quite a few tech companies which obtain dominance, do this.

I was on eBay, in the early years and their commissions were small. However, over the years their slice of commission went up and up. They did a few things.

I found it unfair. When selling, I give up my item, I do all the work, of taking polishing the item, photos, listing the item, writing the description, then when it is, sold packing it up, loose my lunch out to go the post office etc...

They have changed their model and seem fairer, but they did some terrible things past.

A lot of this greed, is down to shareholder pressure to increase profits. Rather then help their sell more items....

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