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I am a lone ranger. I disagree with a lot of opinions where. For me photography is a amateur hobby. I would buy the Fuji GFX 50R.

It was this photo which did it for me:

I have been looking at camera samples for many years. One thing I noticed, is the the colours are all wrong. Why is it necessary to take a photo, then use a software tool to change the colouring. Why can't a camera take photos, the say I see the world.

Older CCD cameras, seem to be doing a better job (expect they were low resolution).

My humble smartphone, takes more accurate shots (although I know if I zoomed it up, I would see it was fuzzy).

I am still waiting for someone to make the perfect camera for me. A compact camera, with high resolution and accurate colours.

I bought the Fuji XT-100, until the camera industry makes something better. It is heavy.

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I am still waiting for a decent advanced point and shoot camera. They stopped updating them. I want real buttons to be able to adjust settings.

I hate smartphone for photography, as it drains the battery and limited setting.

There is a market for advance point and shoot, but they need to make a super product.

I own a 2 mirrorless camera, but I dislike both of them, due to size. I want a portable product.

What would happen, if they put computational photography in a point and shoot camera?

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Docno: Interesting. I can actually see my condo in Singapore ... and it's not so close to where the shot was taken. Can also see that the image was taken almost exactly a year ago. The Shanghai image is of much higher quality (esp. in terms of dynamic range and colour) ... the tech is moving fast

You are right. I saw the add too.

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It is frustrating Olympus has n't made an advanced compact camera since 2012.

Not all of us want to carry bulky camera, with lenses to change and an external charger for the battery. I did buy the PEN series, but it was n't for me. The pictures were n't pleasing, I suspect they were using third party sensors.

I still love my Olympus XZ-2. It is the right size, but it is has fallen back in technology. Olympus should have refreshed the camera.

Some of the photos I took on my Olympus C-7070 (7MP), still look brilliant today. Olympus does a great job with colours. Many of today's camera, look as you are looking the world through sunglasses.

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On article Tested: Four travel tripods for every budget (520 comments in total)

| Four travel tripods for every budget

Every budget? I bought a Hama branded tripod for about $15 (US). It is smaller then all of those above. Fits into my backpack. About 600grams. The extended height is about 1.2m. However, I bought a cheap selfie, stick, which has a screw connecteor at the bottom, so I can extend even higher.

It is fine for a light mirrorless camera, without too much wind. I have seen some of the most expensive tripods in the shops and they are too heavy for travel (may be designed for SLR camera owners with heavy lens).

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My favourite camera as still the C-5060 (5MP) and C-7070 (7MP). Whilst mega-pixels have gone with all manufacturers, but something has been lost in colour accuracy. It had an articulated screeen. Remote control. You can add filter lens etc...

I do want an advanced camera and I want something, which has more advanced features then a smartphone. When you take a photo taken on a smartphone and put in on a 4K monitior, it will suck.

I did buy an Olympus PEN, but I did n't want to carry about a bundle of lense. Even to charge the battery, you had to remove from camera.

No other camera manufacturer has a decent compact camera. They all suck.

I hope the new buyers, do look at the legacy.....

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I can't comment on Shutterstock, but I noticed this with quite a few tech companies which obtain dominance, do this.

I was on eBay, in the early years and their commissions were small. However, over the years their slice of commission went up and up. They did a few things.

I found it unfair. When selling, I give up my item, I do all the work, of taking polishing the item, photos, listing the item, writing the description, then when it is, sold packing it up, loose my lunch out to go the post office etc...

They have changed their model and seem fairer, but they did some terrible things past.

A lot of this greed, is down to shareholder pressure to increase profits. Rather then help their sell more items....

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Morvegil: Not sure whyd anyone buy a Olympus

I love older Olympus digital cameras. I am still waiting for an advanced pocket camera from Olympus.

I want something better then a smartphone, but I don't want to carry SLR camera or multiple lenses.

A lot of the cameras share the same sensors, so end up with the same flaws.....

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It seems rather petty. People need to move forward.

The other day, I way a South Korean movie "A taxi driver" (subtitled). I was n't aware, South Korea was a dictatorship and the army brutally killed their own citizens in the 1980s. People tend to turn a blind eye.

South Korea was a ruled by China, but I guess it was long ago, no one kept scores.

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So if someone is broke because of the virus and looking to sell their assets. They would have put hundreds if not thousands into Adobe products, but as they were all rented, can't sell them on. Unlike Adobe software of the past.

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(unknown member): I wonder how many people are going to pull the plug on their Adobe PS and Lightroom subscription and start digging out the PS CS6 DVD from their archives?

They are in a contract (paid yearly), so not much choice. The entire Adobe suite costs $700 per year. No an issue, if you are making mega bucks.

I used to buy an older versions of Photoshop, in the same way people buy an older user car. I only need to use Photoshop time to time, so nice to have professional tools if you are a hobbyist.

My Adobe Elements does n't work well on Windows 10.

I am looking at Affinity, who want $25 for lifetime (at 50% discount due to the virus).

Young kids are turning out really creative things on their smartphones (I am a dinosaur) and still like using my PC. They can't afford Adobe, they are finding noname alternatives....

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Bigsensorisbest: Even I can’t afford this one. Prettier than a GFX though

I like the GFX 50MP. series.... I have seen the samples and they look really great.

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When the samples come out, we can see if it justify's its price tag.

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adegroot: Leica is for the 1%-ers of humanity. It's snob appeal, but one thing is true: generally Leicas hold their value and the really old film ones are worth a lot. I once made a ca. 600% profit from old Leicas and Japanese copies bought at action for next to nothing.. So, perhaps as an investment?
But no one knows yet if digitals will be as valuable down the line, percentage wise, as old Leica film cameras let's say 50 years from now. But that also means you can't really use it, as you like to keep it in pristine condition.
In terms of IQ, I seriously doubt any real advantages that the end customer or even discerning photographer will notice. Or the differences are so tiny that arguing over them ad infinitum is truly a waste of energy and time.

And what about these camera's batteries? Will they still work or charge in 50 years? And if they do, how many times can you recharge them? Will the software still be around to process the RAWS?

> Leica is for the 1%-ers of humanity. It's snob appeal

It is because of you we have high taxation. It is to deal with a social problem of human jealousy and envy.

So no, I won't be drolling over someone owning a Leica, just because of the price tab. I won't be getting on my knees sucking up to a rich person with a Leica.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's Leica.

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Impressive job. On a large full screen monitor, it almost felt I had travelled back in time. The scene of 1911 New York. I doubt anyone in the movie will be alive today. Even the 10 year old boy, would have been 110 years old , if alive today. So not probable.....

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imac76: I work in a camera shop/photo lab here in Nova Scotia. Canon recently changed their policy regarding small businesses and their product availability. Essentially, we would have to buy any Canon products from a third party with a limited selection (no full-frame cameras or pro lenses) and then deal with their mark-up. In order to compete with places like Henry's or Best Buy, we'd have to take a loss on every Canon product we sold. Needless to say, we made the decision to no longer be a Canon dealer.

'Unfortunately that's what the business world is often like for smaller retailers.'

It was n't always like that when we had fixed pricing (which was good for retailers, but had for consumers).

When Apple was struggling, their dealers stuck by them. However, when the iPhone 1 came out. A the killer product, Apple only sold that phone via big players. In the UK, it was Carephone Warehouse. Only big players got a slice of the action. The Mac dealers who had stuck by them got nothing for their loyalty, they were cut out of the biggest killer product in recent history. I lost respect for Steve Jobs over his action.

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Most cameras suck, because they are using Sony sensors. All the images look the same. Colour is always way off and it does n't look like real life.

I wish Samsung made cameras with their own sensors, so there can be more choice in the market place.

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OliverGlass: "Adobe gets rid of subscription model and goes back to retail for their 30th birthday. Announces 30% off on PS" --- then I woke up from the wonderful dream I thought I read in the article.

'£9 per month I can afford/justify. £1,000 in one hit I cannot.'

Better to take a bank loan to spend £1,000, which is still yours. It is an asset, which you can re-sell if you don't need it anymore. Used software sells for 50% of the original price.

The entire package is around $50p/m. Professionals can write it off as business expenses, but the consumer does not get a tax break.

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NikonD2X: 30 Jahre Photoshop? 30 + x Jahre Photoshop!
30 Years Photoshop? 30 + x Years Photoshop!

Please enjoy the screenshot of a working Photoshop 0.63!
(Sorry for the monster-link)


I liked when buttons and background was white.

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PhotoKhan: Not that I believe it will help much but here's a thought:

Adobe and we, happy users, couldn't care less about what you think of the subscription model. Don't subscribe. Enjoy your alternative software. Be happy.

You guys are becoming the vegetarians of the photography world: We always know when you're around because you make a point of relentlessly telling us so.

'Adobe and we, happy users, couldn't care less about what you think of the subscription model.'

Some of like to use professionals tools. Long ago, it took me a considerable amount of time to teach my self Photoshop. I invested my time and energy into learning it.

I never bought new, as I was n't a professional graphic designer, but I did like to buy older editions. I could have downloaded a pirated copy, but I did n't. Adobe has n't paid back that respect to decent customers who paid for their products.

Today, every penny you put into Photoshop subscription is money down the drain. If you stop paying, you have nothing to show for the thousands you would have put in over the years.

You could decide to travel the world, so can you afford to pay your Adobe subscription and have no income coming in?.

Or if you retire, can you afford to pay a subscription?

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