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On article Nokia 808 Review: Damian Dinning of Nokia Responds (213 comments in total)
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gl2k: Nokia ... RIP. Too little too late.
It took Nokia years to understand how the smartphone market works. It's all about apps.

Most of my friends, at work, feel strong need for laugh, when our american colleges starting to show their new apps on iPhone.

Most of normal people manage with apps which are coming with phone and Nokia have them all - even in Belle not only win based phones...

Link | Posted on Aug 2, 2012 at 07:37 UTC
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SammyToronto: Nokia also announced a couple of weeks ago that they would introduce the same technology on their Windows phones (likely the Lumia). It's probably best to wait for that version to sample that amazing new camera/sensor since buying a Symbian phone costing that much is not a great idea (Nokia stopped further Symbian development last year). Unless you don't need apps, that is, which Windows doesn't have too many of right now but that's bound to change.

I had another Symbian Nokia with a great camera (the N8) and I thought I wouldn't need more apps than what Nokia offered, but then I found some very useful apps only available for Apple and Andriod phones so I switched to an Android phone with a very decent camera (Sony Ericsson Arc S) and I'm happy with the switch. The (slightly) better camera on the N8 was nice, but didn't make up for the restrictions of sticking to an outdated platform like Symbian, imo of course.

"...but then I found some very useful apps only available for Apple and Andriod phones..."

I am just curios - what are those very useful apps which are only available for Apple and Andriod phones?

Link | Posted on Jun 27, 2012 at 11:53 UTC
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Zoltan Varga: "Samsung takes over from Nokia at top of mobile tree".
Maybe they are trying to get on top again.
But i don't know why are they forcing their Belle OS, thats the greatest disadvantage of this phone.
Probably the picture quality better than all other phones, but we all know that phones will never replace a camera. And lots of application will not be available on Belle OS.

Have you ever try a phone with Belle or you believe i-fans stories?

Yes - some apps not working, but i never find in my 701 any of them which is needed for LIFE :-)

In real life Belle is, by my opinion, on same level with droid, ios and win phones. Some features (gps-nav) are even better and faster...

Link | Posted on Jun 27, 2012 at 08:17 UTC
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