Lives in Canada Halifax, NS, Canada
Works as a Manager
Joined on Feb 8, 2011

ac146's current gear

Olympus XZ-2 iHS

ac146's previous gear

Samsung TL500 (EX1)
Other gear:
  • Lentar 35F2.8 Really quite nice
  • Minolta X700 Yuck! Why did I give away my Rollei
  • Olympus Pen
  • Olympus SP510 My first digital.
  • Petri 35
  • Praktica MTL 3 & 5 Not a Rollei
  • Rollei SL35 x2 I miss you
  • Vivitar 20, 28, 400. Not Zeiss quality
  • Zeiss 20F4 Flektogon The BEST lens!!!!
  • Zeiss 35F2.8 Distagon Small and sharp.
  • Zeiss 50mm Planar. Enough said.
  • Zeiss Sonnar 135mm F2.8 Great for portraits
  • Zeiss Tele Tessar 200mmF4 I miss you!