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On article Sony a7RV in-depth review (2035 comments in total)
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Rob890: Hard to get excited about this. Pretty much the same as before and doesn't do anything significant that will make your photos look wow-like

you're both right.

the problem is, this is a new and expensive camera that has to justify its existence. so if it's all up to the photographer, then why even release new cameras?

cameras are getting more and more expensive and it's getting more and more difficult to justify them.

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Mortal Lion: I'll be impressed if it gets full frame via firmware

I’m still waiting for the a1 to get a firmware update for fully articulating lcd like the a7r v.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony 20-70mm F4 G Review (149 comments in total)
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achillesgr: I don't know. First i was very happy. Then i look at the images and , really, at this focal ranges and this aperture, images from advanced mobile phones are not that much inferior. Longer ranges with (and) faster apertures can give some results that justify holding a camera system i think...

I’ve struggled with this myself but i don’t know if I’m being hyperbolic.

I often can’t hold onto standard zooms for the same reason you mention. Because i prefer to stick to the fringes of dedicated camera to justify my keeping it. Fringes like macro, super tele, super wide angle, wide aperture, action/wildlife etc.

But a standard zoom is so boring. I’ve had many 24-70 f2.8 or f4 and I’ve always sold them. When this 20-70 came out i wondered if I’d keep it or so the same thing. The only standard zoom I’ve managed to keep for any length of time, due to its utility, is the Tamron 28-200.

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ottonis: Talking about the need for small cameras, I found it noteworthy that even many of M43 camera bodies are larger than some competing APSC or even FF bodies.
The only systemic advantage I do see is the smaller lens sizes. But take a Sony A5100 with a pancake 16mm lens and it will be smaller than any M43 camera except for the GM5 of course.

I thought it was just me- a bias as a FF user.

I had a look at some of the Oly stuff. The om-1 is lighter than the FF cameras I’ve used, but not by much. And some of the lenses i was looking at weren’t that light/small either.

The trade-off didn’t seem worth it to me. Especially when you consider that if, in this day, you want to go ultimate cheap/light you just take your phone.

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Sannaborjeson: Topaz' sharpening is really creepy.
Here it's very visible with that cyclist's ear.

it exposed the truth-- that he's actually a lizard person.

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FujifilmXT3: 20mm is not ultra wide

thanks for breaking that down. i was wondering where the cut-offs are the other day, but forgot to look it up.

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On article Sony a7R V sample gallery (DPReview TV) (113 comments in total)
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4Photos: I bet, if you posted images taken with cameras reviewed here during the past 10 years and scrambled them all up, no one would be able to tell which is from which camera. Technology has matured to the point ...

Sadly true. Wars have been waged for a lot less lol.

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Hawkypuck: When chris said that the 150-600S is sharp, does he mean the e mount ir dslr version, or is it the same sharpness for both?

Likely e mount. It looks like a solid lens.

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On article Sony a7RV in-depth review (2035 comments in total)
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ElongMusky: So just like the last one only newer.

Like pretty much every camera released in the last several years, eel on musk.

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On article Sony a7RV in-depth review (2035 comments in total)
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djphil: I wonder if the people who make these products even understand what photography is or if they're just trying to solve random problems with cheapest available technology. Is that what engineering has become? Today there were more articles about the Voyager probes flying out of the solar system. Very interesting. They've been running and running in space for many decades. It appears that whomever made those items understood what engineering was. Would modern scientists scoff and say those probes were overengineered? Probably. They'd also have no idea how to make them because they're idiots.

These are grand unsupported statements.

I used to work in the space industry. Do you want cameras to cost, like, $100,000 per camera for said “proper engineering? What exactly are you taking exception to in modern cameras? All seem more than adequate to me as of at least 10 years ago… just pick your favourite flavour and enjoy.

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On article Sony a7RV in-depth review (2035 comments in total)
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jackspra: Other than a lighted info panel I like the top design.Sony users must be impressed with this one.The gallery’s have high quality shots.A few years back I didn’t care for Sony colors with the messy reds.They sorted that out.

You are right. I’ve also shot with modern Nikons and i found the images to be generally more pleasing. And I only shoot raw fyi.

But then i really dug into my post-processing software. I was using capture one, so i dug into the icc profiles more. And i also paid more attention to WB. I also tried out dxo Photolab 6, paying attention to the same things. Those details + excellent Software really leveled the playing field.

But i had to do all of that work to convince myself. Because before that i was just being lazy

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On article Sony a7RV in-depth review (2035 comments in total)
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jackspra: Other than a lighted info panel I like the top design.Sony users must be impressed with this one.The gallery’s have high quality shots.A few years back I didn’t care for Sony colors with the messy reds.They sorted that out.

I’ve shot Sony off and on for years. When i go back to old pics taken by older Sony cameras, with newer software, i see that all this “Sony colour science” stuff is complete bupkis. Once you select the proper ICC profile and get correct exposure + white balance, you’re golden.

If anything, i may say that Sony cameras don’t have the best white balance sensor. Maybe that’s the root of it. As most people probably stick to AWB. If you’re lucky to have something white or gray in the image, you can sort it out quickly.

This Sony a7r v is supposed to have a new WB sensor. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s the root of better-looking images.

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On article Sony a7RV in-depth review (2035 comments in total)
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Foskito: Sony as expected is on a quest to win the specs race, sadly also wins in the worst-ISO performance of all full-frame cameras ever made.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you actually worked with higher mp cameras like this and printed photos, you’d see there’s more detail and overall image fidelity. Instead, you’re the ever-present forum warrior judging cameras you’ll never use.

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marc petzold: As someone, who started playing for real onto the mighty Atari 2600, over the C-64, then PCs up to CoD 2, The Witcher III, i must say - the gaming world is being insane, totally !

I meant, look how much energy-hungry, -sucking a current nVidia card really is, same goes for the PSU requirements, CPU, etc. It's for real, that non-pro gamers are going to concoles, because they've a stable platform for like 5-7 years, each generation usually.

A current RTX 4090 is >2k, that's 2 grand, folks ! For a silly graphics card. Which is into few years cr@p from yesterday. Since i don't play for ages anymore, i am fine with my old GTX 1050/4GB, fast enough still to accelerate PS here.

But not only the graphics card prices nowadays from Nivdia and AMD, but especially their energy consumption, which is onto a all time high level, which never was before, since 3D was being created...and i had them all, Voodoo 1/2 &3, Riva128(ZX), RivaTNT, GeForce 256, etc..up to the GTX 1050, but no more...

I’ve arrived at the same conclusion. Consoles for gaming, MacBook for work. I tried to connect the two via a graphics windows laptop and was sorely disappointed. Built a computer with a powerful graphics card a couple of years ago: disappointed. So for me, console all day every day for gaming.

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What an exquisite sample gallery!

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ViMa: I've been using PhotoLab for 2 years now. I moved from Capture One after it started becoming too expensive and the yearly updates not that exciting. I tried a 30 day free trial and was hooked.
I really like its file management system, way more streamlined than the other options I have tried.
I really like how easy it is do to several things with a single click.
It's a great tool, and its price is way more acceptable by and large.
I paid 70 euros to upgrade to version 6 Elite. Even a yearly upgrade is worth it at this price.
The article above gets this relatively wrong. Yes, the first time you buy the software, it will cost more, but their upgrade prices are way better on a year-to-year or every two years basis.

I agree. Since capture one folks started threatening with pulling out of standalone licenses, i immediately downloaded the photo lab trial version. First thing that stood out for me was: it just left my file system alone and didn’t force me into catalogues or whatever crap. Just leave me file system alone and let me work on my gorram files!

In all likelihood, I’ll be jumping on the photo lab bandwagon at some point as well. I just don’t feel doing it yet lol

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On article Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2022 (266 comments in total)
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Magnar W: Everything mentioned here, and much, more, are great tools. Measuring specs is pretty much meaningless, since the differences are small and don't mean much for real world productions.

Having capable gear is good, using the gear to get results is great!

Upvotes for everybunny!

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Indohydra: Are there going to be any direct comparisons of image quality between this and the high MP images one is now getting from full frame mirrorless?

Equal to FF lmao…

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Old Cameras: Leica should introduce a “dentist edition” with a built in floss dispenser. Hit a little closer to their target demographic. Those babies would sell.

You anti-dentite :)!

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Anny Bobanny: 99.9% of the people who will comment here will never need this card in their lifetime.

I don’t know what the exact number is, but i agree with your sentiment

When i still worked in the satellite/space communications industry, we had something called “specmanship”. We live in the age of “spec oneupmanship”. Where consumers aren’t asking if they really need this thing. They’re looking at it from the standpoint of: by golly, it’s better than the other thing, so i gotta get it!

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