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Anyway, the hot potato is rolling now, which 3rd party manufacturer can provide a "good enough or better" lenses with reasonable price against DSLR OEM.

Forget yesterday standard of what is a "good lens" from 3rd party manufacturer (ie. old sigma was quite a notorious "low quality" 3rd party lens in the old day).

Today we want it better than OEM, cheaper than OEM, and more unique from OEM lens.
Tamron 70-300 VC : Regarded as as good or better than Nikon equivalent version
Sigma 35/1.4 : better than any other manufacturer could produce
Sigma 8-16 : Wider (rectilinear) than anyone else
Sigma 18-35 : better and unique FL/Aperture than any other

This will either forcing DSLR manufacturer to reduce their price while trying to remains competitive (somehow I imagine, it was a bad move of Nikon with their "expensive" 18-140mm new lens, not to mention 58mm/1.4 too).

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turbsy: Why the price increase for nikon?

For canon users, get a nikon version then buy proper "Chipped lens adapter", you get confirmation beep on EOS body.
Still, semi AE though in A mode with stop down metering.

{which is still better, compared with fully manual lens on cheap Nikon body ie. Ai/Ai-S on D5300}.

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Kinda reminds me of Imaging-Resouce's test shot of picture of a house. :D

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now, focusing issue, which to choose? using your eyes (and probably a very good focusing screen) or built-in phase detect AF sensor or zoomed 100% Live View?

Thing is, you can't use all 3 at the same time; at most PDAF and your eyes or Live view & your eyes.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (684 comments in total)

Nice 70D, sounds similarly as revolution in IQ as my old D70 :D

Anyway, not really excited with DSLR (canon especially), the only thing keeps me using canon were Magic Lantern does support canon DSLR only.

Now, can Canon makes a rival for likely say Sony RX10 or Oly Stylus 1? :)

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learning photography from 0, I mean zero of anything photography related (camera phone, webcam, etc.)
Really had no idea what aperture, ISO, shutter, etc. was.

Still remember the time around April 2011, bought my 1st camera ever, Fuji HS20. Thought it was so great (got lots of hope).

2.5 years later after tens of thousands of exposures of various digital cameras and thousands of pages of photography literature (electronic & paper), yet I am still learning.

Nikon does provide great imaging tools, but Canon that really helped me learning manual mode easily & quickly, maybe it's like "user friendly apple machines" vs "oh so useful-powerful PC".

Currently honing the very basic skill of exposure like "Sunny 16 rule", be confident & trust ur eyes for manual focus, 10 different POV of a subject, etc.

Indeed, in photography you gotta have ur brain up & running all the time (even) with (smart) DSLR in ur hand, it's the process of learning that counts (and fun), not the full auto snapshot.

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learning photography from 0

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2074 comments in total)

Where is Olympus Pen F with 1/2 frame sensor a.k.a. APS-C sized?

They did it back around 40 years ago, now technology has advanced tremendously, so where is it today?

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Good or bad, you can only get that look of hers when your life and environment does shaped it like that for you (not an easy life).

To those whom thinks that the picture is very powerful, it is because their environment is opposite of her; the more opposite the bigger the impact.

Is it good or bad?
It merely everyone just livin' their part in this life.

Steeve McCurry, I believe he is part of a good life environment background, which he chose to dwell in "God forsaken places" for a "slice" of the moment to be presented to the people in a "good life environment" and feel the impact of "being human".

Is it good or bad?

to the people of his subject, it really doesn't matter nor have any impact.
Go and ask her, she didn't even realize the value of her photo until Steeve made contact again tracking her; yet it still doesn't mean anything at all to her, cause that's her life.

We'd might say with words that her environment is "not good", but still, it doesn't matter at all.

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On article DxOMark investigates lenses for the Nikon D7100 (22 comments in total)
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BlueBomberTurbo: Yeah, as soon as I got my D7100, I noticed it brought out the worst in some of my lenses. The previously regarded "very sharp" Nikon 50mm F/1.8D turned into mush (the 1.8G is supposedly superior). My Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 moved down to just being very good, but was still lacking. The Nikon 35mm F/1.8 was getting there, though.

The sharpest two lenses I have are the Nikon 17-55mm F/2.8 and 80-200mm F/2.8D ED. Stopped down to F/4-5.6, they're razor sharp, showing each individual hair on a dog's head, or every letter on a car's tire. The 17-55mm is especially impressive at the wide end, and I can't see how DXOMark rates it at only 9MP for either end of the zoom.

Either way, it's nice to know the sensor is as massively sharp as it seems vs the D7000, as opposed to what some other people say. Though, it would've been nice if they had also compared the sharpness between the D7100 and D5200, so we could finally quantify just how effective removing the AA filter actually has.

D7100 vs D5200 @24MP for DX sensor AA competition?
The judges will have a hard time, let the computer decide the number regardless image quality.

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On article DxOMark investigates lenses for the Nikon D7100 (22 comments in total)
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CFynn: This seems to prove there are real benefits in having more megapixels - especially with good lenses, but even fairly ordinary lenses benefit too.

A full frame sensor with the same pixel density would be something like 56mp.

think about FX 36mm x 24mm @ 9000px * 6000px :)
Mmmm, 54MP (provided with the same IQ as D800 at the minimum).
Coupled with good Sigma 35/1.4, Nikon85/1.4 Ai-S and 14-24/2.8, I just couldn't stop drolling :p

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On article Ten items you should have in your camera bag (288 comments in total)

let's start with the first and foremost important item you MUST have in your "camera" bag; the "CAMERA" itself, it's a camera bag for pete's sake.

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On article Sony A3000 First Impressions Review (628 comments in total)

Now, could Nikon please do something more competitive :)
Nikon 1 isn't what I want; APS-C is almost like a tolerable minimum for IQ, while FX still considered the best for overall IQ (lens aside).
Sure there are DBMF, but it's from another consumer market league; FX & APS-C could be considered in the same consumer league.

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On article Sony A3000 First Impressions Review (628 comments in total)

look at how many people state their comments here on the new Sony A3000 1st day announcement.
This must be a l33t camera :)

Anyway, I'm thinking to get one myself; provided that it can handle good DR & High ISO Noise.
Sounds perfect & cheap enough for DIY Tilt-Shift lens project (focus peaking would help immensely to get-it-all-in-focus with TS UWA lenses).

Or.... should I go with m4/3? (more leeway to work with tilting & shifting the UWA lens?)

I got quite a lot of Nikon F-Mount lenses.

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", which he took right before everything was snatched out of his hands"

which he is very lucky instead of his hands get "snatched" :)

Anyway, does the gator just fine? how about battery/capacitor poisoning, shock from flash capacitor discharge, lubricants & paints, even some peeling from the lens coating?

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instead of arts, what comes to mind would be a very uncomfortable hamster cage or an overcrowded chicken coop.

Anyway, the photos really convey the story :)

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Back in the day when we could get date back replacement upgrade for our camera; I suppose it'd still be possible with such data backs, thus having enough room for electronics (with some problem for nose area, photog needs to breath as well)
About electromechanical control/sensor, now that's another engineering problem.

2nd hand 6MP APS-C sized sensor DSLR can be bought for about 150 bucks, coupled with some basic lens.
If this device wish to compete with that, it should cost less than 100 bucks and still no more easier than that relic DSLR (and worse IQ).

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On article When Bad Weather Means Great Photography (28 comments in total)

i suppose, theoretically, ur magnesium electrically charged & active dslr body + metal tripod would be more attractive to the lightning; but i could be wrong

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On photo File0135 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

is it misfocus? back-focus?
the pine needle in the background seems quite sharp compared to the girl's face.

O.I.S. issue?
even on high contrast between blue shirt and white skin around the neck area isn't sharp.

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On a photo in the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 Sample Gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

is it misfocus? back-focus?
the pine needle in the background seems quite sharp compared to the girl's face.

O.I.S. issue?
even on high contrast between blue shirt and white skin around the neck area isn't sharp.

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