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sportyaccordy: This is REALLY HARD to justify over an A7II, even with the(SLIGHTLY) cheaper lenses.

The "OVF" is a gimmick as well. They should have spent that money on the new 4MP EVF. I hope they did away with the unswitchable high ISO NR too.....

The Fuji EVF has been excellent since the XE2, but it must have enough support for fuji to waste money (IMO) to put it in. The one thing that I found interesting is that the EVF is still a TFT LCD (per Fuji's website). DP Review has that wrong in their specs above. All the Fuji cameras with the combo OVF/ EVF are LCDs.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2500 comments in total)
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The Name is Bond: I want this camera, but Fuji lost me with the 2nd gen of these cameras.

Despite Fujs always having significant and inexcusable deficiencies in their cameras (no RGB histogram in the X-PRO 1, that's *PRO*, FFS) I somehow always get suckered in to getting them because they provide something the others just don't.

But the one deal-breaker of all the 2nd gen models has been the plastic skin textures in the jpegs at higher ISO. Fuji's amazing jpeg engine is one of the primary reasons I got it since it compresses my workflow down to almost nothing. Fantastic for event photography etc.

But the plastic skin textures are so awful that I've avoided upgrading.

It's bonkers that they flatly denied it to dpreview. The reality is that Fuji doesn't respect their customers.

Plastic skin textures are from poor indoor light and use of high ISO. The noise reduction algorithm is too aggressive and cannot be completely turned off. Set your ISO to something reasonable along with the shutter speed and if the picture is underexposed, use in the camera RAW developer and bump the exposure 2EV or so.

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chj: AF is better in a Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Olympus. So basically Fuji has the worst autofocus in the industry. So it's good for stationary subjects and cameras. Just about ANY camera can take good photos if the subject and camera are completely stationary. Fuji's reputation for the best color in the industry doesn't make up for it even remotely. You can easily adjust color. You can't fix bad focus. There is nothing more frustrating than a camera that can't lock on.

I can guess the response from many at DPR. "Use manual focus." Well it seems you have to with a Fuji. P.S. I'll put my money on Panasonic's AF against any experienced manual focuser in a tight focus shootout anyday.

I think the disparity on reviews on how bad the autofocus is really depends on how much the reviewer shoots photos and how much one had grown up being used to manual focusing.

The fuji's AF are incredibly slow. Accuracy has always been there, but many situations are too demanding for the camera's autofocus system. Either you dont challenge the camera and use it within the bounds of what it's good at or expect to get a lot of out of focus shots.

Reading most reviews on the internet you wouldnt get this. If you use the camera enough you can read between the lines and see that it generally is sort of acknowledged in reviews, its just not made perfectly clear that this camera will be frustrating for most users.

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Francis Carver: Bloody hell and back.....

A really small, 1/1.7-inch sensor camera....

With only an amusingly small 4x range zoom lens....

Without a viewfinder of any type..... and without a 3.5mm jack for an external microphone.

That records video clips in only a single frame rate.

And despite of all these shortcomings, the Olympus STYLUS XZ-2 iHS is going to be listed for US$599.99.

I guess I am not getting this one at all, either. Quickly, somebody from the Oly camp pls explain what it is that we must just love with this cutie-pie new baby?

What we love is the lense and sensor combination. Stop living in specs.

Having a large sensor is not everything. Some people have already explained it here, but having a large sensor and constrained glass (like many cameras in this price range) does not work.

I dont know if you've noticed lately, but the camera's in high end phones - like the iphone and the Samsung Galaxy S3, are able to take some really fanastic photos. You are artificially restricting your camera choices by focusing on the sensor. Small cameras do not pair well with big sensors, regardless of what you might think.

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