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I a n: This seems like a bad thing for any parliament to be sticking their ores into.

Oh I am all for regulations. The government's job is to ensure safety, property right, labour rights etc. etc.

I do not think that they should be choosing technology winners and losers though. A great example of regulation done right is setting limits on the gas mileage of card allowed to be sold. That left the car manufactures to choose their own path to achieve better mileage. This is like saying to the car manufacturer's you need to all use the hybrid car engine designed by Toyota for all your cars.

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This seems like a bad thing for any parliament to be sticking their ores into.

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On photo Mother and Children in the A big year - birds 2020 challenge (7 comments in total)

Nicely done and congratulations.

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MarcusS25: Hey guys! If we keep giving Adobe more money... maybe they will eventually give us what we want! right?! That's how this works right?

LOL good one. On the other hand there do seem to be a fair number of people who are going to stop / not give Adobe their money. I would be surprised if it changes anything but hey it is all we can do. Well that and make our voices heard.

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winkalman: From an official Adobe blog entry dated May 6, 2013

Q. Will there be a different version of Lightroom called Lightroom CC?
A. No.

Q. Will Lightroom become a subscription only offering after Lightroom 5?
A. Future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely.


Yep, I was worried this would happen even back then. But I like the product and so kept using it taking them at their word. Frankly I figured if they ever did change their minds they would at least offer the next version as a stand alone version release and say that will be the last one. That's what I was expecting. So I am actually a little more disappointed than I figured I would be.

The worst part of this is loosing any of us as customers was completely unnecessary. All they had to do was keep releasing a stand along licensed version. I was, and am, happy with the product. I like using it. So, it is solely there business decision that means I will be leaving as a customer. That's what competition is for though - so we have choices.

Now I just have to decide what to choose.

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Prairie Pal: How many people filing for divorce from Adobe today, are the same people years ago who said they would never subscribe to Adobe?

LOL I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I never subscribed and said if they stopped providing a stand alone version I would go elsewhere.

So here we are as you said "filing for divorce".

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falconeyes: > It’s not hard to look ahead and contemplate how the two Lightroom paths move into the future.
So true: LR Classic will be obsoleted by Capture One, and LR CC will be obsoleted by iPhoto. Well played, Adobe ...

LOL that's hilarious Rielly. I will happily pay $300 for a top notch product that I can use for as long as it works for me. I'll even pay for upgrades if I am happy with the product and the upgrade offers something I am looking for.

I do not have a complaint about the cost. I have a complaint about control. Control of when I spend and how much I spend. Control of how long I want to use a product. Since I have no use for the items that actually warrant a subscription fee (i.e. the cloud storage and web access) why would I want to pay more and lose control of how I run my machine.

Answer I don't - and more importantly I woun't.

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Arca45Swiss: I'll never use Lightroom in any form

1) Capture One is better

2) I hate having a cataloging system forced on me

3) C1 lets me work in sessions not LR's forced organization

I am looking for a new home but that home needs to include a catalogue system. I want the search-able flexible organization of a catalogue so for me that will be a big factor in what I choose to switch to.

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TheDman: Cue all the people ranting about leaving Adobe because they don't want their photos 'in the cloud'...

Exactly. It is truly a sad day.

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vpaereli: Here, I found it: Adobe has 'no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future.' (Tom Hogarty)


LOL and now that link leads to a 404 error

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steelhead3: Are you using the best lens available for each system? Tough to do comparisons of resolution since lens and cameras are a unit.

Perhaps I am missing something obvious but now do we actually get to the place where we can examine and compare cameras using this tool?

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Willi3: As a longtime user of Photoshop and Lightroom I am more than angry. I will never accept this dictat of Adope and it is not a question of money, but I don´´t like the dependence on Adope and I really don´t trust them. I really like CS6 and especially ARC 7. These programms are very useful even for amateur photographers like me. So I am very sorry to say Good bye Adope.

Yeah, I laughed out load at the part about not deleting your files and you will always have access to your files. Totally missing the point that your PS files will be of no value any longer. Take about skipping the most important issue.

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Adam L Productions: Irrelevant. Not buying any Adobe products ever again. I know this may come as a shock to Adobe, but I use Photoshop for - get ready - PHOTOS. And I sure as HELL will not pay a subscription to do so. The version of Lightroom and CS5.1 are the last things I ever buy from Adobe. Adobe you screwed up big time on this subscription garbage.

This is the thing that bugs me. They keep talking like LightRoom is their only product for photographers - not true. Ideally I would like to keep my LR PS pair going as stand alone products. I am *never* going to rent software.

This drives me nuts. Come on Adobe PhotoShop is for photographers too. I am so pleased that corporations are happy with the subscription service. That is great, truly it is. But I do not spend $ on software that way and I am not alone. All you have to do is let us continue to buy your products as stand alone installed products. It is not hard you already know how to do it.

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