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MDNL35: It's one way to get rid of some old stock,
do they know the M11 is out?

The M10 is from 2017(!), sure the P came later, but still an M10.

The M10-P has the classier shutter, right?
(over the M11)
And the touchscreen to accommodate menu-diving etc.
(over the M10)

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nex7user: I love the simulation modes but my problem is trying to memorize which letters represent what.

With his review of the GFX 100S & 80mm/1.7 Jonas Rask posted an updated version of the rastered graph that Fujifilm hang their profile labels in (though lacking Eterna just outside the bottom left corner.)

Memorizing that has proven a useful 'starting block' to me when confronted with challenging light, even if I don't feel it's 100% accurate. Like, I've found the Velvia contrast in no way so extreme as to scare one off.

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Spectro: lots of artsy shots

If they're entertaining at power-artsy, that's good. And yes, @^timccr, the Guardian website is a nice spot to check on regular. They listed Willy Spiller's Amsterdam Bildhalle xhib just before it opened. I loved to see the '83 Night Cruiser in Manhattan, and then some.

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Bigsensorisbest: I’d like them to speed up the image preview, when you’ve taken a picture it’s a long two seconds to see it come up on the screen to see how you’re doing, slows the flow a bit..

Not real experienced on this but aren't these embedded JPGs at some 50% scale usually, ≈1/4 of total surface? And therefore much less suitable for any on-the-fly comparative pixelpeeping for sharpness/detailing?

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Prasad Naik: Are the out of camera JPEG images shot in full auto mode?

@ Barney Britton
Appreciating your explainers here and I'd love to get some more. In the Studio Comparison Tool's (SCT) 'daylight' scene, how do you go about setting/matching WB for different brands, and intra-brand models & 'generations'? The SCT info says it's a 'manual' setting. And I get the impression that the real noticeable or huge differences even only start to show up in the artificial light stage where WB is set to auto. So would you, in the daylight stage, set it to a factory-default 'fine weather' choice, or is that a 'calibrated' custom WB that you'll set for each and every camera you test there?

(wasn't it an Olympus TG-5 manual suggesting they'd take even 5000 K for 'fine daylight'? — mite cool)

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Attamice! I wonder if you could go dig for most every brick that Ignatz ever hurled at Krazy?

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