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On article Throwback Thursday: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 (220 comments in total)

I still have my R1. It was fantastic at the time. Mine has an intermittent shutter fault and I haven't used it for years. I replaced my R1 with a Canon 40D then 5DII,III&IV.

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On article Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 (582 comments in total)
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Ignat Solovey: Have it on my hands for the following 1,5 weeks or so.
AF is REALLY decent, quite unexpectedly it's on par with other upper-level ILCs, Fuji X-E2 at least. if not better... Will have some speedy wildlife to put AF through paces. Ultrasonic motor remains ultrasonic when conventional EF lenses are used via original adapter. Mind to switch lens IS switch off, though, because when it's on, gyroscopes are engaged all the time the camera is on.
And, well... EOS M4 (yes, I'm already thinking of it) MUST have built-in EVF (instead of built-in flash, for instance), because with two-decade long SLR habits it's very hard to handle such miniscule contraption attached even to 70-200/2.8L IS, not to mention anything more substantial (400/4DO IS in my case).

I am really pleased with mine, although as a landscape photographer I liked the original M when I was backpack camping. For the first time I had DSLR IQ while camping! The M3 is much more versatile. The AF in movie mode is really quite good. Noise of the M3 is very similar to the M1, but there are more pixels. I do like the manual controls but I found the touch screen on the original M1 was OK for landscapes. In Australia the electronic viewfinder OR the converter for EF lenses is free with each M3 body or kit. The body alone thus cost me $550(Aus). Great support for my 5D II & III.

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On article Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 (582 comments in total)
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CNY_AP: Saw it on ebay (I think from Japan), so we could buy one, but not sure if it's NTCS and 30FPS or 25FPS. M2 is on ebay too, of course.

My M3 bought in Australia does both PAL & NTSC.

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Darren Pearson: Ok after, more playing I STILL HATE THIS DAMN PROGRAM. How is it possible that Apple is shutting Aperture down and continuing on with this turd of a program. Aperture is still still pretty awesome, and requires so little maintenance to keep it on par with Lightroom, and they are killing it. iPhoto was OK, but also just needed a little polishing.

And what do they do with two great class leading programs...... KILL THEM.

And give us the "american stoopid" version of a photo app that is pretty much good for nothing other than putting some idiotic filters onto iPhone photos, for people that don't want to think about organising anything for themselves.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

There is a lot of editing control if you look more deeply. Don't just use this program for 5 minutes and discard it as crap. It is in a different league to iPhoto when you look under the hood.

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clicstudio: Is this a Joke? Replacing Aperture with this crap? It's worse than iPhoto and can't even compare to a professional solution.
Basically, it's Photos for iPhone on a big screen. A disgrace of a App.
They should remove it and apologize or at least leave Aperture and iPhoto on the App Store.
Really disappointed and mad..

Its a lot better than iPhoto - you just have to look under the simple menus. A lot of this editing stuff is really good. I used to use Photoshop and iPhoto. Now I am much happier using Photoshop and Photos.

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On article Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (209 comments in total)

Physics decides the resolution and size of lenses. That's why then best astronomical telescopes have the greatest aperatures. No camera manufacturer or set of its fanatics can change the fact the resolution scales with the inverse of the diameter of the objective lens.

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (566 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: It's funny to look back at the older comments. As I write this, Canon is blowing out the EOS M at $300 with lens. Why? Because they made some horrible "fail"? Because they are embarrassed and humiliated? Because they are a really big camera company and they can afford to unload the first model, if that's what it takes to build a consumer base eager to get more lenses and better bodies. How successful is this strategy? Right now, the slow focusing, viewfinder-less EOS M is the #1 selling camera on Amazon.

I bought one to use as a doorstop but it's turning out to be sort of fun with the finger squeezing thing on the LCD. If I keep it, I'll get the wide angle zoom and Canon will make their money back.

I got an unbelievable deal on both lenses and the flash. Half the price of Olympus body only but the IQ is better. Touch interface is very intuitive!

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I'm a physicist. Resonance doesn't sound like a good idea for photography. Highly frequency selective. It was used in early short wave radios but abandoned shortly after - superheterodyne. Maybe they can patent these old ideas for photography! Everything old is new again!

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (379 comments in total)

So I have changed my view: your website is basically useless to camera purchasers.

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (379 comments in total)

If DP "review" wants to remain useful to camera buyers, the HAVE to get the 1dx review out ASAP. Otherwise people like me will go elsewhere. It's simple stupid!

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (379 comments in total)

Or are you just a preview site? Reviews need to be prompt to be useful. You have become far too slow. If I was a pro wanting to upgrade my Canon gear what use are you to me? I need the camera fast and your reviews are soooo slow. So what is your purpose? Do you just want to pass judgement on cameras when they are discontinued? That is a useful role but it doesn't help the purchaser. So make your mind up about what you want to do and just do it!

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (379 comments in total)

By the time this review is complete, there will be a new 1d. Come on guys!

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On article Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to (272 comments in total)

Dxo is hopelessly pro Nikon. You cannot trust anything they review.

Link | Posted on Oct 4, 2012 at 11:36 UTC as 15th comment | 2 replies
On article Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to (272 comments in total)

Keep dxo's biases out of the camera reviews. If dxo has any influence in the camera reviews, I will never visit this site again. Dxo is a blight on the industry!

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2012 at 21:11 UTC as 20th comment | 9 replies

Is this for 2011 or 2012? Absurd.

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On photo ISO 25600 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (18 comments in total)

Seems to be 2 stops better than the 5DII.

Link | Posted on Mar 3, 2012 at 05:58 UTC as 4th comment
On a photo in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III low light ISO samples sample gallery (18 comments in total)

Seems to be 2 stops better than the 5DII.

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On article Book Review: Vivian Maier, Street Photographer (151 comments in total)
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ryan2007: What is strange is you have photographs of people in need. I hope the photographer gave some money or offered help. It's like smile your homeless and I'll make money and a living on your plight. I am not questioning the photography part of it at all. It strikes me as taking advantage of a bad situation. If the editors or those who are going to the bank with proceeds from the book something should be done or simply don't buy the book.

America doe not look after its poor. End of story. Glad I do not live there.

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On Article:5055350146 (57 comments in total)

However the camera is far from perfect. It took me half an hour to figure out how to set the date/time! I missed it when I fired up the camera and the manual didn't help. It seems the Fuji software doesn't work with Lion. I have searched the web and not found a solution. However Fuji software is so crappy - does it matter? iPhoto sucks up the jpegs just fine - raw is a problem. We have to wait for Adobe camera raw and Apple to update their raw receivers. I cannot understand why ALL camera manufacturers don't use Adobe DNG. In my work flow my first step is to convert raw to DNG (which then gets archived). In 20 years time no one is going to be able to read this myriad of raw formats. Have you ever tried to open a Word Perfect doc lately? I convert everything to DNG as fast as I can. The world is full of RAW madness and it will lead to the loss of valuable photos. BTW the review above is full of numerous typos and grammatical errors. I'm not sure who was drinking the sake?

Posted on Nov 23, 2011 at 11:06 UTC as 16th comment
On Article:5055350146 (57 comments in total)
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danaceb: Okay, I may not be a 'real' photographer by your definition, but I have made money off of taking photos and currently own an Leica M9, Nikon D7000, Sony Nex 5n and now this X10.

I bought this camera (like most will) to have a premium point and shoot with a versatile fixed lens. After a week, I can say this camera blows the S95, G12, XZ-1 and GR Digital IV out of the water in resolution, dynamic range and low light performance. Its even significantly superior to the 1/1.6 sensor F200exr, which up until now was the high watermark in outdoor actual resolution and dynamic range of all P&S. The X10 is securely on another class of its own between EVIL and premium P&S.

About whinings over raw; thats valid if this is your only camera, but the fact that Fuji jpeg engine aint bad helps. I just leave it in manual mode with max auto ISO400 and the screen off. Its OVF and AF is so fricken good that it really is a -settings be damned, just take the picture and know it will be good- camera.

I have just bought this camera. I too have owned v many cameras over 40 years. On the X10 I totally agree with this post: manual, max iso 400. The lens is awesome in a camera this cheap (I own a 5DII). Build quality matches the 5DII! So when I go hike camping this is the baby that will be with me. My last camping camera was the Sony R1.

Posted on Nov 23, 2011 at 10:49 UTC
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