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PhotoKhan: The touchscreen is laggy...?!?!...LAGGY...?!...Oh, Rishi it so shows you don't use an M camera...tsk, tsk, tsk...

So that users here are not misinformed, let me put the record straight.

Canon touchscreens are extremely responsive and precise, making them one of the best, if not THE best in the industry.

Being able to partially map the touchscreen for AF point selection and then swiftly and precisely choose the required AF point with my left thumb (...yes, precision with a thumb... that's how good Canon's screens are...) is my single most valued atribute on the M5, operationally miles away from the imprecise and difficult to operate joysticks on my current (5DMKIV) and previous DSLRs.

My only concern was that the solution wouldn't be migrated to the R line and, now, I can be at ease about it.

Rishi, it is unclear what you mean about AF point selection with EVF does not make DSLR users transition to ML right at home. Can you clarify?

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anticipation_of: "the AF point isn't illuminated when you move it, often making it near-impossible to see where your AF point is"

Really? At least on the RX10-IV, when you move the AF point (with the touchscreen, since there's no joystick on the RX10) it goes from gray to orange, then back to gray again when you stop moving it. It's green when it finds focus. The a7 III doesn't do this?

Really.. That sounds like a bug, if that is so obvious. Seems like it could be a deal breaker if you use EVF most of the time.

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JT26: This and some Sigma lenses will be without doubt the best value FF system you can buy... Fair play to Sony.

I am wonder mirrorless AF would eliminate all fussing about using Sigma Dock to adjust AF points on Sigma lenses too?

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mwitasz: In 2021 all the photo contests will be decided by AI to avoid subjective judgement inherent in humans. How about that? ;-)

That is one application. It could be use to evaluate your own pictures so that you could potentially consider them as throw away, keepers or good enough to put them out for public etc. You still be the final judge for your own of course. Some pictures may not be that great look in term of artistic but could have sentimental value.

I would like to see this sort of thing integrated into photo editing tools (LR, etc.). You can tweak pictures to get the highest score? Perhaps, the next step would be to have tool that suggests to you that say -- need to be a bit more saturate or different hues etc. ?

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Mephistopheles26: The bad thing is that Capture One Pro has a tendency (or is it a rule?) to break with OS updates on Macs. And they do not offer patches but want you to put some more euros or dollars in. I find it hard to stomach such a steep price tag when the next OS update will surely force you into an upgrade, whether you need the new features or not!

I hope that Darktable will become more useable on the Mac and that the former Macphun DAM will be a winner!

Of course you can do so but that would be very inconvenient and would potential be losing out on security updates etc.

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They sound very good but I am not sure anyone feels that the camera looks a bit uneasy (it raises some kind of phobia).

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I would like to know how AF performs accurate and consistent?

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