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Yawn. If you want to use an phone or a tablet, great. Want to use a P&S, bridge, mirrorless, or DSLR, great. Film? Perfect.

This just goes on an on people. Same argument. And arguing about it is senseless.

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Have to say I really love my em-5. Menus from other brands ARE hard at first. Funny thing is that is not a fault of the platform per se. Guess i'm glad I got on board with epl2 and EPL3. Easy now. Two ff and an mu43. Guess we know where aps-c stands.

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In the early 70's my first camera was a Pentax (1957 Asahi Original) followed by a Spotmatic. I shot Pentax digital from 2007... so I effectively shot Pentax all of my cognitive life.

I had transitioned to all primes pretty much. I waited for their mirrorless entry, and in the meantime played with an E-PL2 just to see if it was doable. As soon as I saw this I sold everything and moved on.

Oly is doable. This is NOT. Pentax has lost their way.


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