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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (890 comments in total)
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needarealname: I would've said optical myself, that is until I got my Sony a77ii. That was the first evf that I enjoyed using. I'll never ask for optical again.

A good OVF is wonderful. Very few DSLR OVFs are good. And when you compare them to a 6x6 TLR? It is to laugh.

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Richard Murdey: Why was telecentric lens design abandoned with MFT? Was it because sensors had evolved by that point with much shallower pixel wells, microlenses etc. such that it was no longer needed, was it because the distortions induced by non-telecentric lenses could be cleaned up in software, or was it because the mirrorless design somehow made it unnecessary?

It doesn't provide enough advantages to make the size trade-off worthwhile. There have also been improvements in microlens design which compensate for oblique angles of light, and software can compensate for vignetting.

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CortoPA: 1720mah battery doesn't seem like a whole lot.

Its about 40% more than the old battery. And the power consumption of the camera MIGHT be lower, in that they claim low power optimization of the sensor. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the processor is fabbed at 0.14µ, again, resulting in lower power vs the old processor, which is 3 years old and overdue for a die shrink.

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On article Pinnacle Prime: Olympus ED 25mm F1.2 Pro sample gallery (200 comments in total)

Too many dogs, not enough cats.

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Photo Pete: Shhh! Don't tell the Full Frame fanboys that their Full Frame is a cropped sensor.

Cropped sensor: anything less than 8x10.

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Everythingis1: Now if only they added focus stacking also, I would never have to go into Photoshop!!!

The panorama function isn't the same as Photoshops, and I've already had it fail on a set that worked in PS.

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Michiel953: "Our policy has been to make our cameras compact."

Yes. Too compact for my taste. Way back when the OM's came on the market I was lured by their quality (that viewfinder!), but the bodies were just too small for my average sized hands (I'm a six footer), so I went the Nikon FM2n way eventually.

Nothing has changed. As gorgeous as the OM-D's are, they still are an ergonomical failure for me. I was hoping for the Df, but that turned out to be a massive ergonomical failure as well (for me)...

Full frame FM like body anyone?

I use that same grip, but in plastic, not wood, so cheaper :-). It transformed my E-M5.

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Chris2210: So is it antennae or antennas? I'm relaxed about either [no one these days says stadia, do they?]... but it can't be both.

I say we abandon this bastardized tongue we all speak, and go back to classical latin. None of that vulgate stuff, either!

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Chris2210: So is it antennae or antennas? I'm relaxed about either [no one these days says stadia, do they?]... but it can't be both.

Hover vs clover. And I say "stadia".

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Joakim Ekman: I have used Mylar for several solar eclipses and one Venus passage. It is safe and the picture is fine. Just remenber to take the filter off during the totality of the eclipse.

Baader Planetarium Astro-Solar film FTW! Much less color shifting than with mylar.

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Ben O Connor: I would love to buy one, and placed in to a old (60´s, 70´s) 80€-150€ range quality medium format film camera (like old voighlanters or zeiss or even kodaks or agfa´s!) and get the juice of this bellows hood attached camera...

But these moduls are so thick ! They should consider making it a bit thinny. And for mirrorless sake, why it is even thicker than an pen camera ?

All of the electronics have to line up with the sensor, rather than being in a board that extends out to the sides.

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On article Apple reveals Photos beta for developers (125 comments in total)
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guido1953: Apple no longer supporting Aperture and then not providing a quad core i7 processor in the new 2014 Mac Mini was all I needed to jump ship.

Building my own PC was in the bucket list. It was not hard at all to plan and build my new PC.So for $1200 I built a Haswell i7.It was amazing how easy it all has been.The only major difference between the two operating systems is you HAVE to invest in virus and spy/malware software.

So after importing 150 gigs of photos into Lightroom with 50 gigs left I can say Lightroom is ok. I can live with it very well.
Not as stable as Aperture,but Version 6 is supposed to address this issue.

Best Regards,

Choose your parts right, and you can run OS X on the PC that you build. That lets me have a 4790K that's stable at 4.5Ghz :-).

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On article Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1.8 Preview (215 comments in total)
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Albert Ang: It's really a weird focal length. I actually expected fast 17mm f1.8 or f2 (35mm FOV equivalent in 35mm camera).
Also, hopefully m43 manufacturers don't forget that flash system is as important as body and lenses. "Pro-like" body and lenses, should be supported with sophisticated flash system. I would love to see Oly and Pana can compete with CaNikon with respect to lighting.

Pretty much all of Olympus current µ4/3's cameras support wireless TTL via IR flashes, with a very similar feature set to CLS.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview (265 comments in total)
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x73: I have always believed that taking great photo's is not a function of an expensive camera or a camera with lots of bells and whistles, but rather the person behind the lens.

True, but having an excellent camera never hurts.

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