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Greg7579: I think I'm going to get this backpack. I don't like pure photo compartmentalized and padded backpacks. I'm a travel photographer and don't use backpacks to shoot from - just to fly with my gear and then move place to place. I pack an empty canvas Domke 803 in my checked bag to walk around with and shoot from once I arrive somewhere. On the airplane, the bag is small enough not to get gait-checked on smaller planes, and I can pack all of my Fuji gear (XH-1 and usually about 8 or 9 Fuji XF lenses) in the insert, along with the Dell XPS 15 and 10-inch tablet, plus other carry-on travel necessities. My only problem will be that I often need a hiking day pack because we hike in National Parks a lot and I normally use a hiking backpack (with water bag) as my carry-on and fill it with photo gear. But for trips where I am not hiking, this might be the answer. Don't like padded compartmentalized photo backpacks.

Nice photos. I really wish I can spend 7 weeks in Chile :) - I was only there for 2 weeks. For hiking to Mirador las Torres, I took my Brevite backpack. It fit a mirrorless camera with 2 lenses, tripod, water, snacks and a puffy jacket.

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Stollen1234: i would like to buy my first gitzo..manly for landscape and general photography like people and street photography and urban videos..

Canon 7D mark II canon 50mm 1.4 canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

it should be light because i would like to take it on trips..
how to choose the right Gitzo..which points need to be considered.. how to tall should be the tripod
thank you

Gitzo 1 traveler but get the ball-head from different manufacturers with arca-swiss mount like RRS, Markins, Sirui etc.

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Larry A45: I am interested in the removable protective insert for use in my back country and overnight packs. Are there other products of this nature?


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It's a beautiful photo. Great composition and timing.

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Congrats. It's a wonderful photo!

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Andy Westlake / Admin,
In page 1 you mentioned the weight is 665 g but on second page it's 815g. Which one is correct? Thanks

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Dave C 150: Peevee said:-
"Pentax K-5"
not a bad camera. Of course, no hand-held shooting with long teles for you, and AF tracking is not up to Canon/Nikon standard.
Eh? The opposite is true. In body SR for all lenses going back to the sixties. Which other camera can say that. I have easily shot at 1/200th second hand held with the Sigma 150-500mm. With its brilliant high ISO performance high shutter speeds are easy to get. It is true AF tracking is poor compared to Canon/Nikon though.
Also someone said K-30 has better sensor than K-5. I think you will find they are the same Sony one.

Rftb: Peevee1 just pointed the weaknesses for every single camera in the list. It's not an unreasonable bashing imo - it adds a more balance view from the article above. It's just a proof that no camera is perfect for everyone.

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Do you mind to share how do you do this?

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It's nice to see 5 out of 8 photos were taken at my parent's birthplace, Lombok that means the tourism is growing fast there. Hopefully it encourages the local government to invest more on the infrastructure.

There are many places I was told are still unexploited like Pink beach (named because the sands have the pink colour) that requires 4WD to get there because the roads have so many potholes.

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If Nikon's camera is voted to be the best, Canon fanboys will bash it.
If Canon's camera is voted to be the best, Nikon fanboys will bash it.
If non-Nikon/Canon camera is voted to be the best, both Canon and Nikon fanboys will combine their forces and bash that camera :)

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How much the film cost?

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It's really a weird focal length. I actually expected fast 17mm f1.8 or f2 (35mm FOV equivalent in 35mm camera).
Also, hopefully m43 manufacturers don't forget that flash system is as important as body and lenses. "Pro-like" body and lenses, should be supported with sophisticated flash system. I would love to see Oly and Pana can compete with CaNikon with respect to lighting.

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syakirzainol: if this system provide good flash system with wireless and high-speed sync, i can see myself jumping ship to this...

+1. If Fuji is committed to develop X-mount system fully (wireless flash system, on-going addition of lenses), I will be strongly tempted to jump the ship too from Nikon. For now, it's just a nice expensive toy.

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