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AI may be conscious, but it knows know conscience. This applies to the leadership at the organizations that foster the platforms as well. But, apart from that salutary circumstance, why is it that the female of our species tends to seek out the riskiest conditions in social contexts? We hear of them falling in love with convicted felons and marrying them while they're serving life sentences for heinous crimes. We find that they can't escape the flames of social media, and circle closer, if endlessly in most cases, returning hourly, if not after each five minute interval, to see what anyone might have said about them. No, it isn't social media that is the enemy of teenaged girls, it is their inherent narcissism.

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On photo Such a pretty view until THAT arrived! in the man made objects spoiling nature challenge (6 comments in total)

Very nice, despite your 'antipathy'. :-)

Just my opinion, but the two greatest inventions have been the pipe organ and the steam locomotive. Few things more visceral and compelling when they begin to act their parts.

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DiffractionLtd: The fact testosterone levels have dropped by half in the male population in 30 years should help out in this regard. Pretty soon, every male will be a metrosexual eunuch so no more problem. But I wish people would remember the old saying, "be careful what you wish for."

Yeah, I was too lazy to look it up because I knew it wasn't true. Thanks for the link confirming a 17% loss. When I went to school that was less than a fifth. What was it when you went to school? A 'half' apparently. Look, let's stop kidding me. Find something academic in nature...something that shows between 35-65% and we'll talk. Stop being lazy...and insulting.

Oh, and not to put too fine a point on trashing your thesis, you suggest the loss of testosterone makes men want to be nice to women. Source, please. Then you infer that low testosterone is something leading to 'metrosexualism'. If those afflictions mean you would be nicer to women than you apparently wish to be, wouldn't that be a GOOD thing?

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DiffractionLtd: The fact testosterone levels have dropped by half in the male population in 30 years should help out in this regard. Pretty soon, every male will be a metrosexual eunuch so no more problem. But I wish people would remember the old saying, "be careful what you wish for."

Would it be okay if the metrosexuals you sneer at perpetuated the same behaviours? IOW, it's the act, not the actor. It matters not who does it, or why, but THAT they do it. I guess that was a stretch for you?

Oh, and while I'm here, please help me out with a citation of those dropped testosterone levels. I could use some facts...well, both of us could really.

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Mike FL: Olympus is the KING of this kind of cameras, and it has two of them,

One has UWA zoom starting from 21mm with flip up LCD, and the lens is little faster than this, and the price is little more than this.

The other one has the much faster and 25mm zoom lens, it is TWO stop faster than this while zooming out. BTW, some Pentax/Ricoh has the same lens system.

For almost twice the cost.

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Hugo808: It looks like something went badly wrong with the Street award winner.

Yeah, they stood out for me as well. What's with that green sky???

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princecody: Probably replacing humans with robots like ALL Greedy Corporations are doing over the next few years. Its a sad day in America when robots have taken jobs from humans. #BiglySad

Oh, please....

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Loser. Pathetic.

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Not an old man: off the record, its very fashionable these days for snowflake "wimminz" to accuse any one of rape and destroy their careers. Its a kind of vendetta and revenge for "Patriarchy". never let any feminist come anywhere near you.

Fashionable, or in view of your attitude, necessary? There is a difference.

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Sounds nice 'n safe. I can 't comment because my accusers want it all confidential.

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Now that I am north of 60 years of age, being taken for a dork comes with the fried eggs in the morning. So, it's among the least salient of my insecurities or anxieties. I don't happen to think there is anything dignified about recognizing that you've ruined either a photo opportunity or the camera simply because you didn't want to be taken for a dork. Long after everything is forgotten, I have the images, the dry and functional camera, the dorky sombrella, and my pride. A much better bargain, don't you think?

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I saw this on a model train forum. It's not mine. Wish it were, it's that good.

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Holy smoke!! From near death to "Yeah, we'd like to be taken a bit more seriously suddenly," Olympus is starting to fight for some market. This is a really good start.

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On article AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer (163 comments in total)

Sometmes a half-truth is worse than a whole lie. I don't know if this qualifies, though. I agree that the videocam spoils an otherwise dramatic photo, and I understand that it adds nothing to the meaning of the image. Most would agree that the cloned version is an improvement, surely. However, the AP wants unaltered images probablly so that they don't have to answer for publishing them.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (618 comments in total)

Yippe, I'm totally not going to jump at this offer.

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On article Leica invites entries for 2014 Oskar Barnack Award (63 comments in total)

It would have been an appreciated courtesy had the announcement above made it plain early that the competition is not open to amateurs.

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The crime for the victim has already taken place, so there is no 'crime prevention' done by photogs who look on 'professionally' snapping photos while injured people bleed to death at their feet. Professional behaviour is necessarily a service. What service do the snappers do for those whose images they capture...while they bleed to death?

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It is a very good response, although I am confused by his reference to a DVD printer that uses $200/annum on ink? Am I forgetting something?

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