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How is the light powered? Built in battery or camera power?

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FLruckas: Aren't the robots already writing DPR reviews???
Just kidding.....
Well just some of them....
Just kidding again.....

at least robots are writing comments at DPR articles.

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I think the future camera will consist of two or three parts:
- a universal, head mounted display that is also used by your smart phone (smart device) in your pocket (which can take photos better than the iPhone 5 can do today).
- a camera body (containing a large sensor and at least a fixed lens - optionally a changeable lens).
- a lens (if changeable)

The camera will look like cameras of today, but without the viewfinder (which mans: totally different…). It might have a TFT screen to show photos to other persons, but that's just optional.
It will be big enough to be held comfortably by the big hands of professional photographs, but other models will be small enough to fit into the bag's of your jeans.

Camera and HMD will be wirelessly connected.

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Hopefully these pictures will show that IS *does* work at 9FPS. I need to protect the honor of this little beauty :)

Look, even with IS, it still looks like Japanese characters to me.

SCNR :-)

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Red123: I'm a newbie but I do know a little about shooting. I've literally spent the last two days weighing up my camera options with the measly budget I have available and was going to get a D5100 next week. Could someone pls give me some unbiased advice on whether I should go for the D3200 with the 24mp or still go for a D5100. Will be using to take urban, street, graffiti photos, so manual settings are cool but I also need to be able to shoot quick, crisp photos many of which will be edited in Photoshop for final use. I do understand that my own ability with the camera is also important to end results. Thanks.

You might be interested in the D5100's articulated screen. Depending on your shooting style, it might be helpful to take photos from unusal points of view.

(I personallly prefer an optical viewfinder, and was not happy with the VF size of both, D5100 and D3000, thus decided for the D7000).

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Mario72: I wonder why some people use their time and energy to lash out at a camera which is not even on the market.
It would be better if people would hold their peace and be still.

... or take some pictures.

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