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Just a Photographer: GOLD!
Are you serious????

- Autofocus can be slow in low light
- Its autofocus system nails focus MOST of the time...
- Long viewfinder blackout time
- Longer-than-average startup times
- Short battery life
- Camera 'locks up' while buffer is clearing after continuous shooting
- Menu arrangement poor
- Limited selection of FE lenses

These are really BIG issues not something to be overlooked by serious photographers. Still giving this camera a 'gold' status seems to me like Sony paid DPreview to give it this status.

Serious photographers use $5000 MF lenses, so AF speed in irrelevant in that category. You want a high speed AF? Just buy a freaking 7D. Also, good luck with nailing focus on it with a 50/0.95.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R Review (809 comments in total)
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McJ: If this was a dslr, it would have been panned as the worst performing camera of the last 10 years. But since it's mirrorless, it magically gets "gold".

I will probably buy this camera myself as a slow digital back for my 30+ year old primes, but I feel sorry for those that buy this as a general purpose camera because it got "gold" in this test.

The world's most expensive lenses are not autofocus. I guess you think they exhibit bad performance too?

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Unbelievable! This camera deserves way more than 80%!

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felix-nadar: When can we expect the next step: thetering on tablet through wireless connexion ? That will be really great !

I just finished developping exactly that. I am posting video demos soon.

Oh, and its Open Source. :)

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