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On article Hands-on: What you need to know about the new Leica SL2 (525 comments in total)

this is not a Panasonic camera. it just looks like one.

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On article Sony's new low-priced a6100 is a stripped-down a6400 (224 comments in total)
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mpb002: Most cameras are very good these days regardless of brand. I would like a camera with IBIS, but look at how many fantastic photos were taken before IBIS! I stay with one brand and upgrade when its worthwhile. The reason I stay with the same brand is because the transition to a newer model is relatively seamless. Plus, when switching bodies, I can quickly work with another body of the same brand.

We are all winning as photographers today because of the excellent features. No real need to put one brand down over another. Just my two cents.

absolutely agree.
and a major brand camera just announced their new models WITHOUT IBIS.
I cant see them staying long in a slowing market.

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i cant help wondering WHY a fancy new sensor but
unable to release any

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does he do birthday cakes?

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very impressed with the
non existence sample shots

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PLUS a cloudy day.

the most important factor in the ENTIRE article

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fantastic deal for those of us who hate subscription payments year after year after year

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Panasonic to blame for this....

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LoneTree1: RED's Mini-Mag memory card was a stroke of genius. Re-skin a generic Chinese/Singapore-made $250 512GB (actually, 480) memory card, up the price to $2500 and tell people "it's all done by us in the U.S.A." With the way tech-sites tear-down these products when they come out, I wonder how they thought it would fly that long? Thing is, there is no brag in saying "we" did it when the people who actually did do it are leaders in the field anyway.

truth is Label was 100% printed in USA

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their bodies
their rights.
Nobody can tell them what they can or cant do with their bodies

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bilmenot: Please excuse my ignorance I am not a video shooter, as far as I know those unique oval bokeh and lens flare and light streaks effects are the result of the conversion between wide screen format and standard 'flat' format, is kind of distortion. I actually handled a vintage anamorphic lens so I know how it looks like and how big and heavy it is, but nowadays most people shoot straight with their camera without the conversion, why we still want that oval bokeh ? they paid the big dollar simply to get the 'Cinematic Look' ? sorry I will not do that even if I shoot video. It seems to me this is the trend that many people producing images with their current, state of the art equipment to mimic the 'old look', this is not too wrong but seems 'too much' to me.

these days people ran out of ideas.
what was draw back, faulty is now praised and admired.
We now ADD graininess back hoping to great the old look when all along we worked to smoothen out grains

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love it.
phone cameras are real threat to traditional cameras.
Traditional makers are dreaming of such features for their cameras but somehow can't get pass the technology

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very glad to know Olympus
isnt just going with the crowd.

This is a Good strength and they are staying the course.

So far i hv been delighted w em1.2 and appreciate it for its small size. it fulfill all my needs and is flexible enough.using battery grip when i need it n not when i not need it. I prefer this way.

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On article Is the Olympus OM-D E-M1X right for you? (389 comments in total)

thats almost ALL types of photography.
maybe its easier to talik in terms of which area its NOT suitable....

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / 250D Review (187 comments in total)

please help.
this jerky guy is not getting enough viewer count.
click n then stop watching would help up viewership.

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Teila Day: I wish Wacom would focus on things like better drivers / built-in drivers; where their products were plug/play more easily across the board and allow the user to update the drivers by downloading them to the tablet. I've never run into a problem with Mac, but have had driver issues with PC on several occasions across several workstations.

That said my usage experience with Wacom products have been excellent over the better part of 20 years. So far I haven't found a product that can compete with the brand.

I second HUION tablets n pens.
love even for their lightbox as well

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Revenant: Interesting that a report about the sales of a handful of camera models over the course of a month in Japan has generated over 1300 comments and seemingly a lot of anguish and gnashing of teeth.

i see the dates of that data
and my eyes pop.

does it even worth an article in DP Review?

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On article Review: DJI Osmo Pocket (139 comments in total)

Prefect for holidays videos
Wish they offer a wide angle accessory...

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On article Olympus E-M1X vs Nikon D5: shooting tennis (654 comments in total)

D500 is "$1000" cheaper?

that put EM1X in serious danger.
D500 is seriously capable camera (even without its battery grip.)

of course u will need to do your sums w the lens weight n price.

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Sony sensor division and Huawei breaking out the champagne

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