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SEE DPR GEAR LIST for most of digital cameras, lenses

FLM CP26-Travel tripod, with CB-32F ball head
RRS TVC-24L tripod, with FLM CB-38FTR ball head
Gitzo GT3532LS tripod, with FLM CB-48FTR ball head, Manfrotto 502HD video head
Various Arca-Swiss compatible clamps, plates, brackets, rails
Vixen Optics Polarie Star Tracker

Scanners - Nikon Coolscan 5000, Epson Perfection 4870
Computer - Win10 Pro, Intel Xeon Broadwell 6-core 3.6GHz 32GB, Nvidia GTX1070 8GB
Display - NEC 2690WUXi2 (1920x1200)
Color Management - SpectraviewII (X-rite for NEC)
Printers - Epson P600; Epson WorkForce 7520 large format all-in-one

***Film Cameras***
3D (!) ranging from 1950s Stereo Realists and TDC Vivids to 21st century RBT X4 Stereo SLR w/2x Pentax SMC 24-90mm
35mm - Pentax MX, SMC Takumar 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 100mm f/2.8

Canon HF100, HF G10
Software - Affinity Photo; AdobeCS6 Suite; Avid Media Composer 8.7; Boris Red; DxO v11; Topaz Suite; Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v20.

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  • I always shoot RAW + JPEG.  Occasionally, I may find myself in a situation where I want to get closer to a subject but I can't, and either it is not possible to change lenses or I don't even have ...
  • Glad you could figure the pricing out. Be sure and check out the appendix - if you email your receipt to Tony Phillips he will send you links to his own version of a simplified settings spreadsheet ...
  • Although I don't quite agree with everything which whoisjsd wrote, I certainly take exception with some statements which you made further down, which seem to indicate that you are not so familiar ...
  • You are correct. However, for all of the complaints I've read here about most lens having poorer IQ along the edges, this will only worsen near the left and right edges of the frame as the ...
  • Replied in Higher cost?
    These are valid concerns. There is also the movement of the sensor by IBIS along the X-axis to consider.  Simply put, if there are complaints about IQ falling off along the left and right ...
  • Not sure about the OP's 60D kit, but I have the Olympus EM5ii and 12-40 (as well as the EM1ii and other lenses), and have various ways to pack that combination, but frequently use a couple of ...
  • Outstanding news, Ari!
  • Thanks Paul and all for the information, I'll buy it and report back here after I've had some time with it.
  • Created discussion thread New Friedman/ Phillips guide to EM1ii
    I received an email from Friedman Archives Press several days ago advising of the pre-release of their new "The Complete Guide to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II" by Tony Phillips: ...
  • It will be interesting to see what comes of this, although at present it's just a brand name owned by some unrelated company.

    My first personal 6x6cm camera was the twin-lens reflex Yashicamat D...

  • OK, I understand now - I mostly shoot small creatures at the long end, and you seem to be bracing the camera/ lens well. At 200-400mm and the closer up the more so, the PL 100-400mm OIS is ...
  • Replied in Crop?
    I should stop banging out replies on my small phone whilst  waiting for hours in a noisy drivers license office with constant PA system calling out numbers. You are absolutely correct on the ...
  • Replied in Crop?
    You don't lose pixels, but in response to camera movements the sensor may move so that the left or right edge or corners are further towards the image circle (defined good quality image), and with ...
  • Replied in Crop?
    However, that extra width is at least partially needed by the IBIS, and the additional width of the multi-aspect sensor in 16x9 plus IBIS will start impacting IQ even more so out at the edges.
  • Adrian, Since you did not provide access to the full OOC photos and EXIF data, I can't give precise numbers, but I have some example figures you should consider in your subsequent testing, which is ...
  • Bobby, Looking forward to your feedback on your new Gitzo tripod bag, whenever you get it. Like you, I've been curious about these but have found them to be rather expensive, though not impressed ...
  • Yes, understood and so I first stated the closest the OP could get to his summary requirements, then suggesting it was not all possible at once and there would have to be compromises: quote from ...
  • Only thing is, the OP seems insistent on constant f/2.8 and is looking for a wider equivalent focal range than the Nikon 24-70mm which now translates to 9-40mm in μ4/3 terms, and must be ...
  • Not sure anything exists to satisfy your requirements, certainly not all with a single lens. - If you only wanted a weather-sealed relatively compact μ4/3 body and equivalent focal length f/2.8 ...
  • Clarification appreciated, though when I say "seals" I'm talking about both camera and lens seals, assuming that both camera and lens are weather-sealed, and I'd expect that on my E-3, E-5 camera ...
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