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  • We always want trouble free, error free, perfect products. In most cases that isn't reality.

    How many recalls have there been for cars? I remember at one time Toyota, the most reliable of car...

  • @virtual

    Hard to argue with that. I have been looking for a replacement for my D750 for over a year now, and frankly not happy with what I have to give up. I was doing city shooting and someone...

  • I was out there other evening doing night city photography. One in our group has the Sony A7ii with 50mm Sony prime. She was constantly complaining about her focusing issues. We compared to my...

  • @Wye

    Haha.... I can't speak of Wales, but up in Scotland I have taken some of my most incredible shots. It is easy to take boring, grey photos as well, however, and impossible to recreate sunny...

  • I didn't realize they were saying the zoom was the same.

    I thought they were commenting on image quality.

    Silly me. Time for a cup of tea.

  • If you want to state equivalent focal length, then you must state equivalent aperture.

    Equivalent aperture is extremely important as it tells you the light gathering ability of the lens....

  • I made a comment about the Pixel 2, that combined with mirrorless cameras this kind of tech could be mind blowing.

    One thing that I caution is that when shooting with a mobile, people tend to be...

  • Color, color accuracy, color reproducability are absolutely measurable and quantifiable. Arguing against that is absolute nonsense.

    Anyone involved in product development, production, marketing,...

  • Small sensor people - just accept your low light capability is limited and stop nagging and saying we don't need high ISO. Yes, many of us do.

    Full frame people - stop taking the bait. Let them...

  • Fair enough.

    I can't help but wonder if you are unnecessarily limiting your photography options.

    I am off to nanjing road in Shanghai this weekend to photo the crowds and characters. Will need...

  • Ahhh the good old days.

    Should we also refer to excellent fuel economy by the standard of a 1950's American car?

  • Thanks Richard

    I have never had good results recovering from highlights. Shadows - definitely.

    I remember reading something about how film sensitivity lowers as it receives more light, allowing...

  • I shoot ISO 12k equivalent fairly frequently. And I don't like the noise levels pb the best sensor.

    So, yeah, if you shoot anything indoors that's moving, you need this ISO.

  • Add to that, ISO 160 on aps-c is ISO 320 on full frame.

    For a clean photo, particularly if I might crop, it needs base iso of 50 to complete in clarity.

    Then again, on the image quality chart,...

  • I would never have believed I would agree with this focal length.
    I find 50mm too tight, and 30mm too wide.
    In my view, a 40mm is a perfect general purpose focal length.

    As for a sigma art...

  • @Richard in UK

    Did you not read the title? Give them a break. It's a perfectly reasonable article and helpful to see where things might be going. If you are not interested in the future and the...

  • @fish

    What are you even talking about? I have read better arguments from a wounded bear. It's just all noise.

    Love your Fuji, but don't drag down others. It's just a camera for gods sake.


  • I get the impression they are twisting themselves in knots to see positives and look at the best side of this camera.

    Seems like it needs to be pretty heavily criticized.

  • Honestly, I think this is a very solid first attempt.

    Looking forward to trying it and seeing some serious reviews.

    My D750 has a couple more years left anyway, so I can probably survive to the...

  • Henry, you did attack him first. Stop being a d**k.

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