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MrTaikitso: Does not surprise me. I have owned a Note 4, Galaxy S6, S7 and now a Note5, and both the still and video images are OUTSTANDING and tack sharp too. Main difference between the most recent devices is they focus a LOT faster and handle low light better.

It's no wonder Samsung's regular camera division failed, their phone camera tech obsoleted a lot of the models, the NX1 the only exception. All said, the 4K video from my Note5 is hard to differentiate from footage shot on GH4s and the like in daylight. Don't believe me? Hit and click through to the YouTube channel and view the footage shot on my Note5.

All said, I wish they would release a successor to the best camera I ever owned, the EX2F. f1.4 lens took superb pics & video in all conditions. A 4K version with a viewfinder would have got my money. (My only gripe with phones is the lack of a viewfinder for composing in bright sunlight or street covert photographer and tactile controls.)

How does the camera on the note 4 compare with the S7? For stills

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I hope soon they will put at least 2 x 2 camera at different focal lenght

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Hen3ry: Not interested. No built-in flash.

I prefere a tiltable build in flash for this kind of camera!

The could have al leat included one with a titable head!

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Does in-body IS work in video mode?

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Why this over the GF2?

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I just bought the suit and it works.
However I did not get any activation code or license number.
Is it normal?

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It looks the same sensor form SX230HS, from two years ago.
Overall in terms of image quality should be pretty much the same.

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Hopefully they have sorted the focusing issue in video while zooming and improved noise performance

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Osiris30: " At ISO 1600 the HX100V begins to outpace most of its rivals, striking a pleasing balance between noise suppression and image detail and relatively little in the way of artifacts. "

Are we *really* looking at the same output. There's no detail left at all in the medallions on the bottle. For my money the Canon strikes the best balance. Remember those medallions have thin horizontal lines on them....

Also if you look at the travel zoom comparison they seemed to prefer the canon output. All these cameras share the same sensor. I guess different reviewers have different metrics

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I am actually happy that canon is using 1080p 24. It takes less space than 30p and also is more compatible with 50i and European standards

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