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Zakzoezie: It appears that off sensor PDAF is more performent with existing DSLR mount glass than on sensor PDAF, and there is technically no way around that. So using your current DSLR mount glass, DSLR bodies will perform faster & more accurate, while mirrorless bodies (via any adapter or via native DSLR-mount support, this is not relevant) will perform slower & less accurate but will add some goodies like removal of black-outs, silent shutter, etc. When both, best performance and extra goodies, are required on a mirrorless body, current tech will require dedicated lenses (with dedicated AF motors on the lens) designed for a combination of on sensor PDAF & CDAF, which will force you to invest in new mirrorless designed lenses ! Your current DSLR mount glass does not comply with that, please take this into account and accept this technical limitation. This limitation is there for all Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR lenses, so there was no way to avoid this technical limitation as a photographer.

Zakzoezie, you clearly don't know what you are talking about, do you?

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blink667: If I can't use my f mount lenses with Nikon mirrorless I'll buy the 850 instead.

You'll be able to mount your F-mount lenses. It'll just require an adapter.

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justmeMN: Just because Nikon patented a Z-mount doesn't mean that they will use it. They may decide to use their current F mount, so they don't have to create a whole new set of lenses.

@justmeMN - "Then why do owners of Sony FF mirrorless cameras use (with adaptor) Canon DSLR lenses?"

You need an ADAPTOR to do so. But you can still use mirrorless-specific lenses specifically designed for the short-flange mirrorless mount. I don't know of any Sony user who is entirely using adapted DSLR lenses. It's an option, but it's certainly not people's first choice. It's an OPTION. Just like some Sony mirrorless users use Leica rangefinder lenses: it's an option. And these are options that many Sony mirrorless users will NEVER use because many would prefer to use lenses specifically made for mirrorless, as opposed to adapting lenses that weren't made for mirrorless. Nikon will want to make a purpose-built from-the-ground-up mirrorless system. History tells us that that's exactly what Nikon will do. Just look at Nikon's 1 system: a clean slate, built from scratch, from the ground up, all new mount, all new lenses. It's astounding how much in denial some people are.

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justmeMN: Just because Nikon patented a Z-mount doesn't mean that they will use it. They may decide to use their current F mount, so they don't have to create a whole new set of lenses.

Nikon is not going to use their F-mount for mirrorless. Every manufacturer that offers a mirrorless camera has or will use a new mount specifically for mirrorless. It would be stupid for them to continue to use their F mount for mirrorless.

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vFunct: Just say NO to mirrorless. They're terrible and only for casual amateur users due to their weaknesses and limitations compared to much more superior dSLRs with actual mirrors.

Right, because mirrors are sooooo important. Hahaha. Not. I would be perfectly happy if I never used a DSLR ever again. I still own DSLR gear, but I don't plan on ever buying another DSLR in my lifetime. For me, mirrorless does it all and more. Huge focus point coverage, face/eye AF in the viewfinder, quieter shooting, real-time exposure feedback, histogram in the viewfinder for ETTR "Expose to the Right" method, being able to shoot video through the viewfinder, etc. All of this is better and more valuable to me than a flapping mirror.

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CallMeAlan: Maybe I'm rather old fashioned, but I've never understood why people have the urge to share their every waking minute with the world. Hey world, I hope you just watched me take a really good d%mp!

Yeah, you are old fashioned. Most people are not "sharing their every waking minute." The same idiotic, ignorant mentality can be said about people who enjoy photography and carry around cameras: "Why do you have to take photos all the time?" Just because you enjoy photography, does that mean you are taking a photo of every waking moment, including when you take a dump?!?

I've been in plenty of situations (like when I am traveling) where I would have loved to have shot video of some moment I was experiencing, but I didn't want to be distracted by holding a camera. Does that mean I am going to shoot video of when I go to the restroom? No! Only ignorant people think that.

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sibuzaru: 100% this over selfiestick

You can't take selfies with these.

I love selfie sticks. I have so many travel photos (with me in the photo) that I would have never been able to have if it had not been for a selfie stick. That's priceless. So many of my photos look like someone was taking a photo of me, and you couldn't tell that I was using a selfie stick. Obviously, there are places you shouldn't really use a selfie-stick, like crowded environments. But if you're away from the crowds, it's a tremendous convenience. I can take a selfie shot with a selfie stick in less than 20 seconds easily.

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If it's fast and the quality is good enough, I think I'll pick one up. I used to scan slides and negs years ago on a Canoscan FS4000, but it was just too SLOW and tedious. This Kodak device looks very simple and fast. Simple setup, no motor drive, and an instant shot of your slides/negs. That's all I really want.

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NOWHITELENS: Lets take an outstanding $5700 Canon lens!
Put it in front of a tiny camera that was not designed for it and take average pictures of a guy with a baseball cap backwards!
How does that convince people to buy a Sony?

Seeing as how I can't get face or eye AF through the viewfinder with this lens on my Canon bodies, and it CAN do that on a Sony body, yes, I think it does help convince people to buy Sony. And the very fact that you CAN use this lens on a Sony body will help convince people to buy Sony. I think that's a pretty big selling point: that this camera can be used with lenses that weren't "designed for it." It broadens your lens options. The only thing better would be if there was a good smart adapter that allowed you to use Nikon AF lenses on Sony bodies too! That gives you even MORE options. I don't see anything wrong with allowing us to have more options.

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2018 at 03:07 UTC
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Richard-on-Thames: The question remains - why this "review" site is putting a Canon lens on a Sony body? All of these photographs would have been just as achievable with a 5D or 6D or 1Dx.

But no, the Sony promotion continues.

I think that this site is a lost cause, but will continue to post until the inevitable ban, because this was once a really significant resource., and we do miss it.

Amazon apparently want to sell Sony cameras...

"The question remains - why this "review" site is putting a Canon lens on a Sony body?"

Your thinking is outdated. We're entering an era where smart adapters are allowing us to move beyond being locked into a particular camera/lens system. For old-timers, that might be a bit incomprehensible and even threatening to their idea of status quo. But for the rest of us, we welcome it! For stodgy people like yourself, you still want to cling to the notion that we should all be locked into particular camera/lens systems.

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sandy b: Gee, here is an idea, how about reviewing it on a CANON camera?

Gee, here's an idea: the Canon 200mm f/2 has been around since 2008, and there have already been many reviews of it on Canon bodies. So yet another review of this lens on a Canon body is redundant. It's much more interesting to see it being tested on a Sony A7R III.

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abe4652: For those who would use the Sony, is there still really no substitute for Canon lenses?

The point is that we're no longer locked into using one particular system's lenses. Pretty soon, it won't matter which camera lens system you are using, since smart adapters for mirrorless cameras will allow you to use any lens from any camera system.

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Magnar W: A renewal of the never ready case ... ?


I think these rubber caps would be a lot easier to pull off. Besides, it's not as of these rubber caps stretch over the entire camera! And you don't necessarily have to keep the lens you are using capped. I never cap lenses that are in use on my lens.

Link | Posted on Dec 18, 2017 at 21:21 UTC

I can see these being great for stretching over lenses with hoods attached because the front element is protected by a large air gap between these rubber caps. But I would be less excited about putting these rubbers over a lens with no hood attached. As for the rear of the lens, I would rather just stick with plastic end caps because, unlike front caps, the rear caps are all the same size and totally interchangeable for a particular lens mount.

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On article Rokinon AF 50mm F1.4 FE: sample gallery and impressions (143 comments in total)
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chshooter: Buy cheap, buy twice. Third party lenses are rarely up to the first party offerings.
In case of Sony, their offers are ridiculously overpriced though which drives people to flawed options from others.

I don't think that's true at all. There is sample variation across the board, even with high priced OEM lenses. The new breed of third-party lenses are very good. Manufacturing technologies and processes are very advanced these days and are being used by third-party manufacturers. It's not like the old days of third-party lenses. But third-party lenses just don't have the huge mark-ups that the OEM's have.

These days you can definitely "buy cheap" and be very satisfied.

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Not only pointless, but also too thick. It looks like this thing is as thick as six or seven SD cards. So basically you are using something that is as thick as 6-7 SD cards to hold only two SD cards. Pretty inefficient space utilization. It's much better to just stick those SD cards into the credit card slots of your wallet. That's what I do. I always carry a spare SD card in my wallet. I've never had any issues, never any damage to my SD card.

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J A C S: A mirrorless fan kicking a dSLR shooter. Happens everyday here.

What kind of buffoon makes this into a mirrorless vs DSLR issue? Geez, how childish and insecure are you?

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Terry Breedlove: She is about to make a lot of money. Way more than what she was being paid to shoot.

Have you considered the long-term consequences of a neck injury? No, you probably haven't. Whiplash injuries can haunt you and cause pain for many years.

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audiobomber: The headline could have read, "CIPA figures show disappointing October sales, but DSLR's still dominate the market." I guess that wouldn't be news and wouldn't reflect DPR's Mirrorless bias.

"I disagree. Pentax currently has four mounts: Q, APS-C, FF and MF."

That's the problem. Pentax is clinging to the past. Look at Canon. What did they do in 1987? They dumped their old FD mount and bet on the future with their Electro-Focus (EF) mount. They were forward-thinking, even as they were criticized for doing it. They chose not to cling to the past. And it paid off for them. The same goes for Sony today. They switched their priority from DSLRs to something entirely new: the E-mount system. And like Canon, it is paying off for Sony. Sony is now a significant player in ILCs. And they are just getting started, too. The Sony FF mirrorless system is only 4 years old!

As for Pentax, I think they'll eventually pay the price for not getting into mirrorless. Even MF mirrorless. Fuji's GFX mirrorless was a smart move. Better technology, smaller size. GFX as a DSLR would have been big a mistake. The future of MF is mirrorless too.

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audiobomber: The headline could have read, "CIPA figures show disappointing October sales, but DSLR's still dominate the market." I guess that wouldn't be news and wouldn't reflect DPR's Mirrorless bias.

@audiobomber - You're clinging to the past. DSLRs will eventually become "the past" technology. Yes, 1/3 of the market is mirrorless right now. But that's a huge rise from what it was in the past. And it continues to rise. The older generation, like yourself, may still be in love with the DSLR. But that's not the case with the younger generation. For them, looking through an OVF with a few focus points in the center, no face detection box around their subjects' faces, no WYSIWYG exposure feedback seems downright primitive compared to an EVF. The younger generation will decide which ILC type will prevail in the future. And in the end, it's always the newer, digital, less mechanical, more solid state technology that wins out. That's basically what mirrorless is. Newer, with digital viewfinders, less mechanical, more solid state. And cheaper to produce, too.

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