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paul13walnut5: Ship has sailed. Vimeo & youtube level users shooting on consumer cameras migrating from iMovie love FCPX, folk who need any engineering monitoring, tape ingest or timecoded tape out, omf export & otherpro functions were never going to early adopt.

Apple should have launched FCPX as FCE5 this level of user is where the price and functionality is pitched at & should have launched FCP8 as an FCP7 upgrade in 64bit and able to use all the RAM and be backwards compatable.

Apple have decided that tape is dead. Unfortunately the clients who pay for my living have not.

I could buy FCPX and hope that A) it gets to a professional level, and B) that Apple just don't drop it anytime soon.

Or buy a computer that lets me work the way I did before: Adobe Premiere even has FCP shortcuts!
With FCPX apple has finally given me a choice- run premiere or a mac or PC.
Apple and Apple fanboys have often chanted the mantra "FCP7 still works" Yes it does. And FCPX still doesn't. Not for pros.

You almost behaved like an adult.
Until the condecending remark regarding Vimeo cropped
I'm in the midst of editing a two hour documentary on that
"shifting spanner" as you call it.
It's fast, effective, and (so far) crash free.
I don't like everything about it (Poor support for tape, fairly weak
support for sound), but working with multiple sequences, fairly
robust color correction tools, and how it handles keying and compositing appear fairly professional.
Mind you this project may have a presense on

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