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Ok, this is the camera I should take to my Disney Trip. Or bring it to my ex-wifes' wedding and shoot them (I don't have an ex-wife)

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abe4652: For those who would use the Sony, is there still really no substitute for Canon lenses?

I sold my 5DsR recently, before I did, I had a A7Rii for about 2 months using with Metabones EF Adapter, but don't like the AF performance at all. I bought the A7Riii last month and did the same setup, AF is so much better on the Canon lenses I like to keep. The key lenses for me are: Sigma 1.4 Art, Canon 85 1.2 & 135 f/2. They all work so well.

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rbach44: Has AF has become the new MP race?

Now that we’re all happy with resolution, we need to ensure that we have a thousand AF points/modes that work under all conditions with adapted lenses, etc. Remember in the 90s when even the pro cameras had only 1-5 AF points and people still managed to take great pictures under just as demanding conditions?

I went the Sony A and adapted lens route for a bit but gave it up when I noticed I was spending more time testing lenses and weird combinations than making pictures.

This stuff isn’t so complicated. If you want to take pictures, there plenty of good quality gear out there for much less the $5700. But if you want to test/measure/oggle your gear, there’s no upper limit.

About the demanding conditions, I am only speaking of people photography. My 1st camera was the Nikon N70/F70, I can't not agree with you more that cameras in the old days are more than capable to capture wonderful pictures. However, the change are people's expectations. I was already shooting quite a few weddings & portraits back then where people do associate a cost/expense for every click from the camera. they are willing to wait longer and expect the photographer needs time to capture beautiful pictures of them. (No high speed sync, ISO is fixed, using spot meter for proper exposure settings). People these days often expect the photographer can take pictures as quick as their smartphones. So, less time is available in the same demanding condition an old camera may not be suitable anymore.

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retr01976: I switched to mirroless a few years back and have been using a Canon DSLR again. As much as I like the weight savings of mirrorless nothing feels better in hand then a good old DSLR and as mirrorless lenses continue to get bigger things no longer feel balanced and in some ways the weight savings begins to negate itself.

I gave up the idea that I purchase a FF ML for the size, what I like are:
EVF, Eye Focus, face detection and zoom in + focus Peaking in manual focus mode.

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Richard-on-Thames: The question remains - why this "review" site is putting a Canon lens on a Sony body? All of these photographs would have been just as achievable with a 5D or 6D or 1Dx.

But no, the Sony promotion continues.

I think that this site is a lost cause, but will continue to post until the inevitable ban, because this was once a really significant resource., and we do miss it.

Amazon apparently want to sell Sony cameras...

After shooting Canon DSLR for 12yrs, I finally sold all my Canon DSLR and kept my Sony A7Riii. In fact, I am very interested on the AF performance of the 200 f/2 on Sony

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Samsung and Apple actually work together. The Note 7 battery problem sent all their customer to buy new phones from Apple, the new Apple performance/battery issue will send those people back to Samsung. The total sale in combine increases and they both win..

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I think this lens overpriced for what it is, but consider the average household median income in the US is about $59,000. The household income for 2 person both above the top 10% income level = $160,000. That's 32.3 millions people. I think many can easily afford it in the US alone.

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On article Incredible microscopic close-ups of a peacock feather (108 comments in total)

Beautiful Nature and an amazing creation from GOD.

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I fully understand Solar Eclipse Filter, but I am hoping not to have to spend $100 for a single event.
I have a 82mm ND1000 which is about 10 Stops. I also have a 82mm Hoya Variable ND which is approx. 1.5-9 stops. Would combining both be sufficient???

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On article Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review (130 comments in total)

I bought it for my trip to Vegas back in April, and I like it. It looks compact, yet relatively roomy, and I like the fact they have side pocket just like my other messenger bags.

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On article TriLens triple lens holder coming to Kickstarter (165 comments in total)

I think this is a good idea. It may not work well for everyone who's going to use it with a regular pants waist belt, but for those who prefer a backpack that has a waist belt, it can goes there, I think that would allow changing lens much simpler.

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Mateus1: Is it me or the bokeh is quite boring and overall rendition is flat?

I loved my Zeiss C/Y 135/2.8 rendition, same with Canon 135/2... but this 135mm Art dissapoints me...

I have to agree with you on this. The Canon 135 f/2 has better Bokeh, and it is also sharp at f/2. It's one of the few lenses which I didn't think I need to upgrade a version 2, etc.!

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Awesome Pies, and very enjoyable to watch! Thank you!

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But it boost the HP on your Porsche for another 10%. I think it's a steal =P

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panchorancho: LOVE Nikon, but how the heck can anyone spend that kind of money on camera gear nowadays? Those new prices are ridiculous. Sigma is now the bang-for-buck lens line-up for photographers!

Rather or not this is consider expensive is all relative. Apartment in HK is at about $2500us/ sq ft. Sell a 1000 sq. ft, and move to the US and pay $250us/ sq. ft. for a 2000 sq. ft. house. One still have 2 million dollars left. I am not that lucky to have that opportunity, but there are many people who do.

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On article Photokina 2016: Canon EOS M5 quick look video (259 comments in total)

I like the M5, I think it is the camera I have been waiting for. Aside from my 2 large cameras (5DsR & 645Z), I have been wanting a slightly smaller camera that has decent AF capability (Ability to change AF Point location, Face-detection & AF Coverage). I tried an A7Rii, but I don' t like it. Difficult menu system, large heavy native lens, and don't work well with my existing Canon lenses. I purchased a SL1 for it's size, but the tiny viewfinder and AF Coverage just isn't sufficient for me. (Gave that camera to my dad).
Provided the M5 can addressed some of the weak points on the M1 & M3, I think I'll pick one up.

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On article Top tips for composing great landscapes (130 comments in total)

Here is my friend's awesome Landscape Photography:

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On article Under pressure: Canon vs. Nikon in a hydraulic press (286 comments in total)

Should have used a Leica M instead.

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Ken Aisin: I don't get this. Whichever way you look at this, it is still a small light source. When your subject is a person standing 5 feet away, it is just not large enough to give you any soft light.

Don't even mention those tiny flash diffuser from Gary Fong, they are even worse than this.

Why do people insist on buying these useless gadgets for portraits?!

Here is a wide angle shot I took inside a Limo. The GF Diffuser helps filling the flash light inside the limo, while I use high ISO to pickup the ambient light.

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Ken Aisin: I don't get this. Whichever way you look at this, it is still a small light source. When your subject is a person standing 5 feet away, it is just not large enough to give you any soft light.

Don't even mention those tiny flash diffuser from Gary Fong, they are even worse than this.

Why do people insist on buying these useless gadgets for portraits?!

For outdoor during day time, most mini-diffuser wouldn't do much. However, it does help when the ambient light is low enough outside that you actually want to cut down the flash output in close enough with your subject while using your lens wide open.
When I am doing some fun portrait photography without an assistant, I like to do off camera flash (light stand + Westcott Rapid Box)
Here is an example photo I took using the (Rapid Box)

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