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Lately Nikon is not trying to compete with $ 50 cell phones. Good for them,

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The x2 jpegs are not good yet. Please fix them, Apple

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Jefftan: The best pocket camera is Ricoh GR II
not this

Or get a Panasonic GM1/5 with 14mm F2.5 pancake lens
or get a A5100 with Sony 20mm F2.8

there are lots of tricks like slow motion video
but bottom line in terms of IQ , it is a very small sensor camera

Those 3 cameras provide inferior portrait skin tones. Panasonic, Sony A5100 and Ricoh GR II makes people look leathery, grey, old and unhealthy.

If you want great skin tones, get the Canon G7Xii, of the prime Fuji X70 (or any other Fuji, the X-A2 is the size of the Sony A5100), or a Nikon. Those have true to like colors.

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On article UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples (285 comments in total)

The light in those pictures is stage light. Poor setup to evaluate.

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Does this fix the 7 Plus problems?

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princecody: While the iPhone 7 looks like a Great phone I feel like the screen is too big! iPhone needs to perfect drop proof glass. The bigger the screen the more chances it is too shatter. iPhones are becoming tablet size.

This message would hace made sense before Samsung and the Plus Apple iPhones made the Plus the most popular size of all. The fonts are readable, the comfort of reading is twice. I've used a Plus now for over a year, and think that the 5 is for little children. And the 6 (or 7) look like the same size as the 5. On a desk, a 5 alone or a 6 alone (or 7) look like a 5. Its like a normal size for a European is truly the Smart car, and for Americans the Smart car looks like a car for little children. An American expects a Toyota Camry size, not a Mini.

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Carsten Thomsen: It's interesting to see all the whining on this forum. I've just returned from a weeks vacation shooting the 7plus exclusively, and can only say, it nails exposure and color incredibly accurately. White balance uncannily good. Sharpening is tastefully done, and can handle a tad more in post-processing. The 2x zoom lens is a huge plus. And the digital zoom, if used moderately, is surprisingly good. Panoramas are superb, video stabilisation excellent, 10 fps better than most DSLRs. Only niggle is some autofocus hunting at low light levels. And yes, it's not a D750 which I shoot extensively, but for getting the shot of the moment, also underwater, it does an excellent job.

Also a note to DP Review!!! When you show 100% you over-expand for the iMAC 5K. I'm sure that makes the pixel peepers even more happy ;-) (p.s. I used to be one myself.)

Ok OK I will keep it I was just packing for the Apple Store to downgrade to the 7 from the 7Plus.

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photofan1986: Wow! Anything above base ISO looks awful. My 250$ Mi4c is MUCH better than this shlt.

From the horrific comments I get the feeling that the software can be upgraded to improve things. Surely the lenses and the sensors can do better, it is the software implementation that is not quite there yet.

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On article iPhone 7 Plus real-world sample gallery (288 comments in total)

So should I change my plus to a normal 7? I bought the plus cause of the camera. Is the 7plus worse than the 6plus?

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Biowizard: Why does the twin-camera 7 plus look _substantially_ softer than the single-camera 7? Were these images actually in FOCUS? Methinks a careful re-shoot is in order ...


can that be fixed with software?

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Its like the 7 is prime and the 7+ is a zoom, not as sharp as primes

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noirdude: Knowing iPhone battery life, I prefer taking picture or video with my P7800 and send them through wifi to iPhone for editing :)

What are you talking about the Plus goes for 2 days easy with no recharge needed.

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PKDanny: Camera DSLR is BEST!!

yes and noon. billions of people are now into taking pictures, whereas decades ago it was less than 1 million. Now the opportunity for the camera companies is to educate these iPhone photographers and show them the benefit of the other cameras. My first car was a $ 2000 corolla. It didn't stay there, once i got into cars, my average car today is a $ 50,000 to 75K car.With your logic the bycicle would have toppled Detroit. OK the japanese cars did.

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I recently took some pictures in a dark restaurant with the 7Plus, and was not impressed with the loss of detail. I'd like to introduce noise but sharpen the picture. Any ideas? And how to take pictures at my preferred speed, the phone is choosing very low speeds.

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Konstantin Mineev: DxOMark's Scores:
Iphone7 = 86
Iphone6s plus = 84
Iphone6, 6s = 82
Iphone5s = 76
Iphone4s, 5 = 72
Iphone4 = 50

Only two points better than its predecessor, and slightly worse than competitors, but tone of words like "awesome, great, best"

Maybe DXO is not linear but logarithmic

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ekaton: This one or the 12-35 & 35-100 f2.8 Pana duo is the question.

the 35-100 f4-5.6 is tiny and the silver is $ 159. Great sharp lens. Same results.

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I was surprised to learn from an Apple Genius that the matte black was the older iPhone black. I didn't really want the glitz of the jet, but I didn't want an ugly matte. For years the older iPhone was just great, looked great, casual, no fingerprints, and a little grippy. I feel much better now with the matte.

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Scottelly: O.k., so Apple added a telephoto camera to their already image stabilized, wide-angle camera, so now their iPhone 7 plus has a second camera . . . but the second camera doesn't include image stabilization. Big deal.

It is a focal lenght that compliments the subject. Noses and arms are proper size, not large. A 50mm portrait is acceptable, whereas a 28mm portrait is deformed. Thus you can take a great picture across a restaurant table now, with no flash at f2.8, and that really replaces most cameras you are bound not to have at the time.

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meanwhile: Nice. Hopefully more competition like this will force Sony to add touch-to-focus as well, eventually.

the Sony 5100 has it

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I carried the 6 plus for a year. I'm done with the weight, the size. My pants fall down, nothing else fits in the pocket. I'm going for the 7 normal. Jet black, neve sen s matt black car. Can't live with white border, love the black front. Never used the size of the plus, no app made a difference. While the camera is intriging, I find pictures of small groups (the social pictures) are great for the first camera. Portraits with the iPhone...will rather use a Fuji and get barbie doll skin tones.

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