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If it is anything like the 300mm f/4E PF ED VR this will be an exceptionally useful lens. I can see it being sold out for months or even years after release. Makes a lot of sense to take weight and size out of these big lenses where kgs can be saved rather than out of the camera bodies where only grams can be saved but ergonomics lost in the process.
Just hope it is not TOO pricey!

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On article Sony reveals faster, higher-res OLED viewfinder display (378 comments in total)
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IdM photography: The DSLR's are today's dinosaurs...

Actually the current releases of mirrorless will be dinosaurs in about 12 months. Probably updated with this new wizzy EVF.

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On article Sony reveals faster, higher-res OLED viewfinder display (378 comments in total)

Great news for new A9 and A7/A7r Mk3 owners.

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On article Does sensor size still make a difference? (1053 comments in total)
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marcio_napoli: I didn't bother to read the article because it's obvious what is in there.

I just want to answer the headline "does sensor size still make a difference?": No, in a way it never did. And YES, in another way it always does.

Confusing? Ok, here it goes:

To be really honest with ourselves, even a potato can make images. People have been making images (and award winning ones) with any sensor size, from any tech, from any moment in time.

Following that line of thought, everything have always been enough. MF, FF, APS, compact, cellphone, potato, whatever. All of them will make you an image.

The question that really matters is another one: How much does it matter to YOU? That's the real question.

If I shoot DMF (I do), it's not because FF or APS-C are not capable enough (they are).

It's because I prefer DMF, not because I need it.

If you shoot FF, you don't need it, but you prefer it.

We all prefer bigger because we're satisfying what we want, not what we need.

There are any number of images a phone camera simply can't make.

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Really helpful video for those of us that are new to this area.

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Wow, so cool. Don't know what I would use it for though!

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fPrime: Kodak also had a well managed decline in revenue until the party was over. Profits are good but revenue and growth are king.

Revenue and growth are king only for companies in new markets trying to establish a dominant position. e.g Uber, Tesla. But even they have to turn profits at some stage. But for a 100 year old company operating in a mature market, profit matters much more.

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garyknrd: I have been birding in a stat park for the past week. A few years ago all I saw was Canon, this hop I only saw one other guy shooting Canon. Everyone else was shooting Nikon. I was amazed at the change, 200-500, D500, D850, One guy was shooting the D5 and a 600mm FL lens. One was using the PF 300mm lens. Just a few years ago it was the total opposite.
Great going Nikon, keep it up.

How many shooting Sony?

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babart: I wonder what the difference would be if he used the Fuji 200-400 for $1800. Sorry. I guess if you're a pro and shoot this type of image (or a member of the 1%), the $12,000 MIGHT be worth it. It's a hell of a lens, but come on. There are excellent modern lenses for $2000 that would match the image quality. Just call me old school practical, I guess.

Well, the Nikon would gather 4x the light (if it's available) and has double the pixels of the Fuji combo so that is a pretty solid head start. But it would not be 6x better as the price difference infers. But that is never the case, diminishing returns kick in. And then there is the focusing and resilience of these super lenses which are at a different level. My old 600/4 has had 20 years of abuse and looks it. But it still focuses lighting fast and accurate on the latest bodies and its optics are still more than competitive against newer glass. This 180-400 is the same. It will still be a relevant and valuable instrument in 20 years time. Unless of course smart phones get even smarter, which cannot be discounted!

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Looks like a really good all round camera. Keep raising the bar. Well done Sony!

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beavertown: Sony really should concentrate on making third-party bodies and give up future lens development.

@ charrick. Who is this all-knowing lens deity you speak of? You mention it as though we should have heard of it.

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On article Opinion: the Sony a7 III could be the new Nikon D750 (1233 comments in total)
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Nindy5: When is Nikon releasing the update to D750
And D610? It was like 5 years ago these cameras were released?
I read an article today that Dpreview are announcing less and less cameras every year. It feels like an ominous sign that we are at the end of the road

D5, D850, D500, D7500, 180-400, 500e, 600e, 400e, 19mm t/s, 105 1.4, ..... Some slump.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-H1 Review (549 comments in total)
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Richard in UK: I didn’t watch this video, though I did watch the previous one out of curiosity. So my question to the DPR community is this: What do we learn from these videos that we don’t learn from the written reviews? Looking forward to the replies ;)

Not many of us have the attention span to read a review. Just to look at a couple of pictures and then flick through to the summary. We don't even have to read the summary any more. There is a summary of the summary. And if that is too hard we can just read the number score. And if that is too hard, we can watch these two. What's not to like?

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-H1 Review (549 comments in total)
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Greg7579: Nice video and review of the XH-1. I love this camera and have been shooting it all day every day for the past 6 weeks. Like you said, it turns the great non-OIS Fuji primes into monsters with this excellent IBIS. I loved the XT-2, but like the way this camera feels much better. The great Fuji ergo that we Fuji shooters left FF DSLR for is the same really, minus the EC dial (which I don't miss). It is bigger but still less than my Canon FF and L lenses by a good bit. Love the fabulous EVF. The quiet shutter is amazing -- maybe the best of any camera. Nice images, but I have posted a thousand full-size JPEGs taken in the past 6 weeks on this Andalucia shoot if anyone wants to look. The IBIS provides a lot of EV decision-making latitude, and really helps on these hand-held indoor church and museum shots. Good job. Good that Sony and Fuji have such great mirrorless cameras. Gives Canon and Nikon a good technical start-base as they switch from DSLR. Can't wait for the competition.

Canon FF it's still bigger, yes. But not by much when you consider it is FF with mirrorbox against half frame and mirrorless.

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It's this sort of rubbish that has given experts a bad name.

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Great news. I will be able to pick up a used D850 with very low shutter count.

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Yake: Anteaters move rather slowly anyway. This one was just extra, extra slow ... which the ants really appreciated.

Apparently it didn't eat much either. This is what first aroused the suspicion of the ants.

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HeyItsJoel: I have Photoshop Elements. I win.

Agreed Salsguy. Unless it has evolved to support more that 8 bit, it is of no use to me, regretfully.

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HeyItsJoel: I have Photoshop Elements. I win.

Is Elements still limited to 8 bit ?

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On article Sony a7 III Review (2194 comments in total)
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LessMirrored19: All what Nikon needs is sub 2000$ mirrorless with 24 mp , 14 stops of Dr , 93% of AF area , 10 fps and some lenses to go with ...

.... responsiveness, weather sealing, ruggedness, ergonomics, focus wide open, telephoto lens selection, optical VF..... Actually the list is shrinking but there are still unique advantages to both form factors.

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