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rrrremus: I assume shooting wide open you would need to manually focus every time

Having had an 800e and now an 810 I can assure you they do just work. Some early 800/e bodies had problems but this was quickly fixed. If anything I think my 800e had more accuracy and quicker acquisition than the 810. The D4 through 4s, d5 and d500 are even better. It is far more productive to get the best out of equipment than to blame it.

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rrrremus: I assume shooting wide open you would need to manually focus every time

Why do you assume that? Have you used a modern Nikon body with a good Nikon lens lately? AF will be spot on at 1.4 - no focus peaking needed! These things just work.

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On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (1984 comments in total)
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designdog: I have read this review several times, and have posted this question elsewhere on DPReview, but no one seems to get it:

Based upon the reviewer's observation of ISO 64 tonal range potential, what implications/suggestions to general use of the camera? I.E. set it at ISO 64, not auto ISO, and prepare to recover from the dark tones?

It is one thing to review a camera. Even better would be to tell us how to best enjoy it...

Well done. That is about the best explanation I have read on this subject anywhere.

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On article Under pressure: Canon vs. Nikon in a hydraulic press (295 comments in total)

Clearly part of the ongoing trend to compact cameras.

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On article Motorola Moto X Force / Droid Turbo 2 camera review (50 comments in total)
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situman1: Are you guys seriously reviewing a phone that's been out for more than 9months that was completely irrelevant even before it came on market? And a mediocre phone at that with outdated software? And everyone that was interested in these phones read all the reviews there are out there already and the conclusion is the camera is worse than mediocre

What a marvelous commentary on the (developed) world. This device which ranks 4th highest for it camera (behind Samsung, Sony and Huawei), is shatterproof, has 3 GB memory and fastest processor and frankly to me seems nothing short of a modern miracle gets written off as rubbish after 9 months. Good grief.

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On article Motorola Moto X Force / Droid Turbo 2 camera review (50 comments in total)
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Howard: Motorola smart phones are junk. I'm saying from experience (owned 2 Droid phones which I sorely regret).

I do not share your experience either. I really enjoyed the Motorola phone I owned. This one looks to be a very compelling package too. What is not clear to me in the review is whether it runs pure Android like a Nexus or whether it has additional UI overlay. Having used pure Android over the last year or so, I will stick with it in the future. I really like it as an OS and having updates as soon as they are released is fantastic.

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On article Canon EOS 80D Field Test: Barney builds a boat (220 comments in total)
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bathedinfixer: No one says "wow" like Barney. No one. Karston really out did himself with this one. Does anyone else think about the way he must have held the 80D in his hands and gently racked focus, all the while controlling every muscle in his body to minimize camera shake? Bravo!

A man of many talents no doubt. We can now say too that nobody lashes his gunwales quite like Barney. We are indeed blessed to have him amongst us.

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On article Heavenly bodies: Nikon D810 & D810A field test (111 comments in total)

I very much enjoyed this video. Great job.

I too must confess to being puzzled by the lack of D810 review to date, but withhold judgement until the reasons become clearer in the review!

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On article Readers' Showcase: Giulio Magnifico (78 comments in total)

The work showcasing the plight of refugees is utterly inspirational. Please keep up this valuable and increasingly scarce contribution. Great work!

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On article CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half (135 comments in total)

Strictly speaking Rishi should be cut in half to qualify for appearance in this article.

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groucher: Regarding the comment about Nikon's optional compression curve, there's nothing optional about it nor Nikon's CA processing; Sony are not the only company to do this. NEF's are processed in Capture NX2 to remove CA, to improve noise, DR and to correct exposure BEFORE the user has his input. All of this processing is lossy.

This is easily seen by viewing a NEF in Corel Photopaint which displays the NEF in all its original unprocessed glory. It's evident that the amount of automatic CA removal applied in NX2 for modern electronic lenses is startling. Even pro lenses such as the 17-35mm f2.8 don't fare well. Old metal lenses, which the camera cannot recognise due to the lack of electronic connections, usually show little CA in Photopaint.

Nonsense. Even the use of NX2 itself is completely optional.

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Stunningly beautiful and poignant.

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samfan: Geez, what's your problem guys, so they asked a fashion designer to make a bag and put a white camera inside it. Big deal. It's just a white camera in a white bag. Something you can buy for your wife as a gift if you you know she doesn't appreciate the standard big black cameras. (And while I don't know SmC's work she's probably known enough that the bag itself would cost as much when bought separately.)

It's not like they had to pull firmware programmers or lens designers from their work on your dreamed out Canon MILC to make this.

She may appreciate it. Or she may smash it over your head. Mine would do the latter.

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On article Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania (231 comments in total)

Great images. They really tell a story. But lets not judge as circumstances conspire and fortunes wane. If we look hard then the story is not so different from Detroit, the rust belt, North East of England and any number of places that are going through a change of fortunes.

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On article Lightroom 4 Review (460 comments in total)

Such a thing is simply done in LR a number of ways and of course, unlike doing it in-camera, it can be done to a raw file. Why one would want to a more difficult question to answer.

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Looks like the dashboard of a 1978 Austin Allegro Princess Vanden Plas by British Leyland. What happened to BL? Wait a minute, didn't they........

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Someone in Sigma Germany marketing dept has just got their pension plan statement and thinks the parent company is Greek.

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